Resources for protecting against online abuse

For most journalists, working online is an essential part of the job. But too often, journalists are at risk of being harassed in an attempt by hostile actors or groups to intimidate or force them into silence. Online abuse often includes attacks on a journalist’s credibility and smear campaigns, identity-based attacks, and even threats of violence against the journalist and their family and friends.

CPJ has created a series of resources intended to help journalists better prepare for or cope with manage online harassment and abuse. The most important thing you can do is take preemptive steps to improve your digital safety.

Are you currently under attack?

I’ve been doxxed and need immediate help 

I’m being trolled on social media

I’m having a problem with my accounts

Resources from the Coalition against Online Violence

Artwork: Jack Forbes

CPJ Emergencies can also provide digital security workshops and individual consultations. 

If you would like to speak with someone about a workshop, about online harassment, or your digital safety, please email [email protected].

The Committee to Protect Journalists is a member of the Coalition Against Online Violence, a collection of global organizations working to find better solutions for women journalists facing online abuse, harassment, and other forms of digital attack.