Safety Kit

The world is increasingly dangerous for the press. To stay safe, journalists and their editors need appropriate training, equipment, and other resources, such as insurance and access to psychosocial support services, as well as timely, accessible information. CPJ’s four-part Safety Kit provides journalists and newsrooms with basic safety information on physical, digital and psychological safety resources and tools.

Journalists requiring further assistance should contact CPJ via [email protected].


Security Guide

Information for local and international journalists on issues such as risk assessment, physical safety, and digital security.

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Safety Notes

CPJ’s security advice, in a simple to read and share format, on everything from risk assessment, dangerous assignments, and digital and psychological safety.

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Safety Advisories

Tailored, crisis-specific safety information for journalists on assignment.

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Resource Center

Look here for additional information on journalist security and other resources and contact information for international agencies and nongovernmental organizations that assist journalists at risk.

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