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French journalist Antoine Galindo of Africa Intelligence

French journalist Antoine Galindo detained in Ethiopia

New York, February 26, 2024—Ethiopian authorities must immediately and unconditionally release French journalist Antoine Galindo, who was unjustly detained on Thursday under alarming circumstances, the Committee to Protect Journalists said on Monday. On February 22, at 3:55 p.m., Galindo, who reports for the Paris-based privately owned news website Africa Intelligence, was detained by security forces…

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Belay Manaye

Ethiopian authorities detain Ethio News chief editor Belay Manaye without charge

Nairobi, December 4, 2023—Ethiopian authorities should unconditionally release Belay Manaye, chief editor of Ethio News, who has been detained without explanation for three weeks, the Committee to Protect Journalists said on Monday. On November 13, a group of uniformed police officers and other security personnel in civilian clothes arrested Belay in the capital, Addis Ababa,…

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Tipping the scales: Journalists’ lawyers face retaliation around the globe

The smears began the day Christian Ulate began representing jailed Guatemalan journalist José Rubén Zamora: tweets accusing the lawyer of being a leftist or questioning his legal credentials. He began to fear he was being surveilled.  Ulate had taken over the case in August 2022 from two other lawyers, Romeo Montoya García and Mario Castañeda,…

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Three journalists detained in Ethiopia, transferred to military camp

Nairobi, October 5, 2023—The Committee to Protect Journalists on Thursday called on Ethiopian authorities to immediately release three journalists detained in late August and early September, and expressed grave concern about a pattern of detaining journalists amid an ongoing state of emergency. On August 26, 2023, police arrested Tewodros Zerfu, a presenter and program host…

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A screenshot of Teshager Tsigab, a reporter with Ethiopia's Yabele Media.

Three Ethiopian journalists beaten and detained while covering protest in Tigray

Nairobi, September 21, 2023—The Committee to Protect Journalists on Thursday called on Ethiopian authorities to hold to account security personnel who assaulted at least three journalists and to desist from harassing and detaining members of the press. On September 7, security officers in Mekelle, the capital of Ethiopia’s northern Tigray Region, beat and arrested Teshager…

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Yidnekachew Kebede of Negari TV (left) interviews Abay Zewdu of Amara Media Center in August 2023.

Three more journalists arrested under Ethiopia’s state of emergency

Nairobi, September 6, 2023—The Committee to Protect Journalists on Wednesday expressed deep concern about the arrest of three journalists only weeks after Ethiopia declared a state of emergency and called on authorities to promptly release all members of the press detained for their work. Abay Zewdu, chief editor of the YouTube-based broadcaster Amara Media Center…

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Ethiopian authorities detain Alpha Media founder Bekalu Alamrew

Durban, South Africa, August 9, 2023—Ethiopian authorities must immediately release journalist Bekalu Alamrew, founder and chief editor of Alpha Media, a YouTube-based news channel, and ensure the protection of press freedom, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. On Sunday, August 6, at approximately 2 p.m., three uniformed police officers and two other people in…

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The skyline of Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa, in January 2017. Press freedom conditions remain stark, with journalists jailed or facing legal action, internet shutdowns, and reports of surveillance. (Reuters/Tiksa Negeri)

DRC police attack Congolese journalists Louis France Kuzikesa and Will Claes N’lemvo in Ethiopia

Kinshasa, August 4, 2023—Authorities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo should investigate and hold to account police officers who assaulted journalists Louis France Kuzikesa and Will Claes N’lemvo in an Ethiopian airport, and stop law enforcement officials from intimidating the press, the Committee to Protect Journalists said Friday. On July 30, a dozen men…

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CPJ calls for swift and credible investigation into burglary of Ethiopia Insider office

Nairobi, July 20, 2023—In response to the recent burglary of the privately owned news outlet Ethiopia Insider, including the stealing of video production equipment, the Committee to Protect Journalists issued the following statement: “The burglary of Ethiopia Insider, an outlet with a reputation for critical and independent journalism, could have a devastating impact on its…

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Journalist Gobeze Sisay facing terrorism investigation in Ethiopia after arrest in Djibouti

Nairobi, May 12, 2023—Ethiopian authorities should immediately release journalist Gobeze Sisay and cease harassing members of the press at home and abroad, the Committee to Protect Journalists said Friday. On May 6, Ethiopian authorities announced that Gobeze, editor and founder of privately owned YouTube-based broadcaster The Voice of Amhara, had been arrested in the neighboring…

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