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Ten Journalist Murder Cases to Solve

April 29, 2010 12:01 AM ET

CPJ challenges authorities in 10 nations to bring justice and reverse culture of impunity New York, April 29, 2010—In the Philippines, political clan members slaughter more than 30 news media workers and dump their bodies in mass graves. In Sri Lanka, a prominent editor who has criticized authorities is so...

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Audio Report: Ten Murder Cases to Solve

April 29, 2010 12:00 AM ET

In our special report, “Ten Journalist Murder Cases to Solve,” CPJ challenges authorities to solve these news media slayings and reverse the culture of impunity. Here, CPJ's Robert Mahoney explains why each of these cases can be solved if governments demonstrate political will. Listen to the mp3 on the player...

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Deadly News

September 20, 2006 12:00 AM ET

By Mathew HansenHundreds of journalists have been killed over 15 years, many on the orders of government officials. Few cases are ever solved. In the Fall/Winter 2006 edition of Dangerous Assignments...

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A Flickering Flame: Norbert Zongo

September 20, 2006 12:00 AM ET

By Tidiane Sy...

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Dangerous Assignments: Refuse to Forget

April 3, 2001 8:17 PM ET

Burkina Faso's ruling clan has endured two years of unrest sparked by the murder of a leading investigative journalist....

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CPJ Briefing: Gueï 's Way

December 28, 1999 8:17 PM ET

Cote d'Ivoire's new dictator pledges to respect press freedom -- up to a point...

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African Journalists Strategize at WAJA Conference

July 2, 1998 8:17 PM ET

For some delegates, just getting to the West African Journalists Association (WAJA) regional conference in Dakar, Senegal, was an impressive achievement. While his colleagues used more conventional modes of transportation, Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) president Frank Kposowa navigated his way out of the country by night in a...

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West Africa's Independent Radio Broadcasters Targeted

May 1, 1997 8:17 PM ET

Six months after the coup in Niger led by General Ibrahim Mainassara, during the July 1996 national elections, Radio Anfani managing director Gremah Boucar faced down numerous attempts by Mainassara's military regime to force the station permanently off the air, including a one-month period where soldiers stormed and occupied the...

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