Journalists for Mexico wey wear Equipment for Personal Protection because of COVID-19 disease to report protest wey workers for General Balbuena Hospital dey do for inside Mexico city on April 16, 2020 (AFP/Pedro Pardo)

CPJ advise for safety: How to report de Coronavirus disease

We update am for May 20, 2021

World Health Organization (WHO); de join-body of sabi pipo wey dey torchlight all de health mater for dis world don declare say COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) disease na world-wide pandemic. Na him be say de disease dey nearly everywhere for dis world. WHO talk dis tin on March 11, 2020. De situation everywhere for the world still dey change, and kontirs still dey increase or reduce de blockade wen dem put ontop travel and/or all de matta wey dem dey use take keep pipo safe as dem don notice new type of coronavirus  and as de vaccine program for COVID 19  dey spread gradually, according to how dem take report am for news.

Journalists dem, everywhere for dis world dey do better work to give pipo de informate wey dem need to know about everything wen dey happen with dis virus and wetin govment dey do to fight de virus, despite de plenty bad bad tins wey govment for different kontris dey do to reduce independent reports them, and how to get de informate for de reports as CPJ don write down. Media pipo dey face plenty plenty hardship and stress wen fit make dem dey exposed to sickness as dem dey travel to go interview pipo and because of de kind place wey dem dey work sometimes as CPJ take gather for interviews with journalists. Journalists dem don face censorship, detention, face-to-face harassment, even online harassment join; dem don loose deir work because of dis Corona disease,  as CPJ take report am recently. 

To stay ontop de informate as de latest torry dey break and de blocade as dem dey announce am, journalist dem wey dey cover dis sickness suppose dey follow informate wey dey comot from WHO and de public health pipo wey dey dia kontri. For new torry ontop wetin dey happen, de Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center go help wit correct news wey persin fit trust


Blockade wey dey untop travel wey dey cross one kontri enter another kontri and/or all de matta wey dem dey use take keep pipo safe dey change all de time, dis one mean say assignments fit easily change or dem fit cancel am; wit chikini informate or even wit no informate at all.

Pipo wey dey work for media house dem wey don collect the vaccine for de virus suppose put for mind say dem still fit carry de virus give other pipo na so the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) take talk am, dem come add talk say de vaccine wey dey, dey give pipo different kinds of protection from de different types of de virus, as Yale Medicine take talk am.  Pipo suppose still continue dey  follow all de matta wey dem dey use take to take stay safe from de COVID 19 sickness, like physical distancing and to dey wear face mask.

Pipo wey wan report about dis COVID-19  disease make dem reason dis informate wey fit kip dem safe:


  • If e dey possible, consider to take de COVID 19 vaccine before you comot go any assignment, if e dey safe for you, especially if you dey work or travel go place wey de infection dey well-well.
  • Based on de level wey de sickness don take affect pipo for where you dey or where you dey go, make pipo dey do interview wit phone and ontop internet, instead of face-to-face to reduce de risk wey person fit take transfer de sickness give another person and/or wey person fit take catch de sickness.
  • As  CDC take talk am   pipo wey don old and pipo wey been get some kind sickness for bodi like diabetes or obesity dey inside de pipo wen de sickness dey catch pass (high risk). If you dey any of dis category, based on de level wey de sickness don take spread make you no follow do any assignment or work wey fit carry you go touch pipo or near dem for outside. Workers wey get belle join pipo wey dem suppose consider too.
  • Wen dem dey select workers wey go report about dis COVID-19 disease, management suppose put for mind de risk wey fit happen wen some pipo attack other pipo from some kontris because of de color of dia skin; wey oyibo dey call-racism,  na so The New York Times take highlight am
  • De blocade wey dey on top to travel from one kontri enter another kontri fit change wit small informate or no informate at all, talkyou’re your management make you know de kind plan wey de management get for you, if you begin sick as you dey work; dem suppose consider say you fit need to separate yourelves from other pipo and/or you fit dey locked up for one place tay. Na dat kind tin oyibo dey call quarantine.

How to make sure say you and your pipo no think too much come sick

  • Even Journalists wey don tay for dis work still fit dey think too much as dem dey report dis COVID-19 pandemic mater  na so Reuters Institute for University of Oxford take talk am. Management suppose dey ask of dia journalists from time to time to know as e dey be dem and so dat de management fit advise dem and support de Journalists wen dem need help.
  • Make you reason as you fit take dey affected, if you dey report from place wey de COVID-19 plenty well well, especially if you dey report from hospital, health centre or where blockade dey. Correct informate for media pipo wey dey cover dis kind hard situation dey de DART Center for Journalism and Trauma Make you check CPJ emercy page for safety materials wey come from outside: professional guidelines to help journalists wey dey report COVID-19 manage their level of thinking join

How to avoid make you no infect yourself and make you no infect other pipo

Plenty-Plenty kontris still dey practise social/physical distancing, even though de way weh dem take dey do de social distancing fit no be de same for different kontris weh you fit dey. If una dey report about any places weh get big-big risk, like any of de following, make una find out well well about de steps wey dem dey use to take stay clean. 

If una no sure about dis steps, make una no go der.

  • Hospital or health centre.
  • Place wey dem dey take care of old pipo.
  • De house of any persin wey dey sick, persin wey don old well-well, persin wey get belle persin wey hin health system get problem.
  • Any Place where de risk to take catch disease fit dey high (for example where dem dey prepare meat for sell)
  •  mortuary, any place wey dem dey keep dead body or where dem wan burry who don die
  • Place wey dem don separate from society- dat is quarantine area.
  • Ghetto or town wey pipo too plenty (for example where dem dey call slum or favela).
  • Refugee camp or prison/cell wey get pipo wey get de COVID 19 disease

De Ogbonge steps wey sabi pipo dem recommend to avoid dis sickness na dem be dis:

  • Make you continue dey observe de social distancing with everybody, de social distancing fit different according to de way wen de local authority for dat area take advice. You suppose dey very careful wen you dey near pipo wey dey show say dem fit get de sickness wey cold dey cause, like cough and sneeze, wen you dey interview pipo wey don old, pipo wey get sickness for body, anybody wey dey close to pipo wey show say dem dey sick, pipo wey dey walk for hospitals wey dem dey treat corona patients, or pipo wey dey work for place wey get big risk.
  • Try make sure say na for open places you dey interview pipo all de. If you must do de interview for place like room, choose area wey fresh air fit enter (like where get open window) and make you avoid rooms weh dey tight and small {Bullet moved up}
  • Make you avoid to dey shake hands with anybody, even to dey hug and kiss anybody.
  • Try stay for de side or angle area of de persin wey you wan interview, instead of to face am and always make sure say you dey follow de correct social distance from pipo, from de persin, as dem don recommend for you. 
  • Make sure say you wash your hands all de time and wash am well well for at least 20 seconds at once, wit hot water and soap. Make sure say you dry your hands as you suppose dry am. Very important steps wey fit help you wash your hand and dry am well well dey for WHO website
  • Make you use gel wey get anti-bacterial or wipes if hot water and soap no dey, but as soon as e possible, still wash your hand wit soap and hot water. (CDC recommend say make pipo dey use hand sanitizer; wey get alcohol inside wit more than 60% of chemical wey dem call ethanol or 70% of chemical wey dem call isopropanol to clean dia hand.) Make sure say you no replace regular washing of your hand wit de work wey dis hand sanitizer or hand cleaner dey do.
  • Cover your mouth and nose anytime wen you dey sneeze or cough. If you use tissue cover mouth or nose wen you dey cough or sneeze, make you throw-way de tissue immediately for de right place wey dey safe. And no forget to wash your hand after you finish.
  • Try no dey touch your face, nose, mouth, ears, and other places
  • Make you no drink or eat from cup, plate or spoon and fork wey other pipo don touch or use.
  • Cover all your hair. If you get long hair make you tie am and make sure say all de parts dey inside your head tie
  • Remove any jewellery and wrist-watch wey you wear before you start work, because de virus fit dey ontop different types of surface for different periods of time.
  • If you dey wear eye-glass, try clean am gently from time to time wit hot water and soap.
  • No dey wear contact lens wen you dey go for assignment if you fit avoid am because of the way wen e fit make you touch your eyes come make am  easy for de sickness to catch you. 
  • Make you think well before you choose clot wey you go wear because some clothes easy to wash pass others. You suppose remove de clothes weh you wear small-small and den wash am inside hot water and plenty detergent after de work.
  • If you fit, try make sure say you no use physical cash wen you dey do assignment. And make sure say you clean your ATM card and your purse from time to time. Try make sure say you no put hand for your pocket 
  • Reason as you go take go work, come back; which kind transport you go use. If e fit dey possible no enter public motto, wen pipo dey rush and make you use sanitizer wey get alcohol inside take clean your hand wen you come down from de motto.
  • If na your motto  or company motto you dey take comot, make you know say if any persin wey get de virus dey inside de motto, de persin fit give other pipo inside de motto, As you dey go where you dey go, make sure say you wind down your windows make air fit enter de motto well-well, then reason say you suppose use face mask or anything to take cover your face as you dey inside de motto
  • Make you pause, take break from time-to-time make you for no lose strength; because persin wey don tire fit make mistake wit de steps wey e suppose take to stay clean. Remember say persin fit need to drive far before and after dem finish dia work.

Equipment for Personal Protection (EPP) wey medical or health pipo dey use.

Based on how de assignment take dey, pipo wey dey work for media need to dey wear de different type of medical EPP wey dey, to do dia report safely. Dis one fit include gloves wey dem fit throw-way, facemask, apron wey dey protect pipo/overall cloth/suit wey dem dey wear for body/ and shoe cover wey dem fit throw-way and other things like that.

To dey safely wear (donning) and to dey safely remove (doffing) any medical EPP require say make you follow de strick observance and adherence to de best safety practices weh dey. I beg click here for general guidiance from de CDC. Make you take special care wen you dey remove (doffing) EPP as na this time de risk for cross-contamination dey high well well. If you dey doubt anything, make you ask experts dem for guidance and training before you go for any assignment.

Put am for mind say for some kontris better medical EPP fit no dey plenty for market or e even dey hard to find am buy. so if you come join those wey dey use am, to get am for market fit hard. 

  • Make sure say any EPP wey you dey use na de correct size for your body. EPP wen no stay fo your body well-well fit tear or e fit make you no waka well (if e too tight), and e fit hook for some kind place, like door handle wey go make am tear (if e too loose)
  • Use de brand of medical EPP wey you trust and concentrate on de smallest important safety steps. Try dey noticeotice equipment wey no good or wey be fake. Some of de top brands wey dem trust pass dey here
  • Make you use protective hand-gloves if you wan visit or you dey work for place wey de infection dey like hospital or health centre. Notice say Nitrile gloves dey protect pass latex. To wear two pairs go increase your safety.
  • If you dey report from place wey de infection fit plenty like health centre or medical treatment centre more medical EPP like complete bodysuits go dey almost necessary, for sure. 
  • If you go wear complete EPP wey go cover all your body make sure say you go use toilet before you wear de EPP
  • Based on de assignment, you fit need shoes wey you go throw-way after  use or you go use nylon cover your shoes. You must wipe de two of dem and rinse dem as soon as you leave de affected area. If you dey use nylon ontop your shoes, you suppose throw-way am safely before you comot from de area. 
  • Dem don recommend say de removal of medical  EPP suppose happen wit de help of pipo wey dem train, because dat time fit be de period wen persin fit catch de disease. Dis dis video wey show how dem take dey wear and how dem take dey remove  EPP from CDC fit help you. But de video no suppose replace training and supervision.  
  • No ever repeat EPP wey you suppose use one time like hand-gloves, bodysuits, aprons or shoe covers. Make sure say you decontaminate any equipment wey you dey use and sanitize am well-well before you use am again. Make sure say you throw-way all de contaminated medical EPP as e suppose BEFORE you leave de affected area.

Face Masks

The correct way to dey use face mask dey very important especially for pipo wey dey work for media wey dey report about all de pipo wey dey outside, for where space dey small, wey breeze no dey, and/or place wey de risk of de virus dey well-well. Make you put am for mind say de drops of de virus for air for places wey dey small and wey breeze no dey fit plenty pass de way e go dey for normal places, dis one fit come come increase de chance say you fit catch de virus.

Make you no forget say, unless e be say who use face mask use am well, de possibility dey say de face mask fit join cause de infection. One new research wey Lancet do show say de quantity of de virus wey plenty reach level wey dem fit notice still dey for mask wey dem dey use for operation, seven days after de mask touch de virus. Sake of dis study, to remove your mask, use am again or touch your face wen you wear de mask fit mean say your chance of catching de infection don increase. 

If e be say you wear mask make you follow dis advise. 

  • If you dey report for where breeze no dey pass and where pipo too near demselves or for place wey de risk for you to catch de disease plenty well-well, de type of mask wey dem dey call N95 mask (or FFP2/ FFp3) na hin dem recommend instead of de normal mask wey dem dey use for operation. 
  • Make sure say de mask stay well for de bridge of your nose and chin, make gap reduce well-well for de way wey e take balance.
  •  Make sure say you commot any hair wey dey your face so dat de mask fit cover your face tight. 
  • E dey very important make you follow de steps wey go keep you safe wit your face mask. Try make sure say you no touch de front of de mask, wen you wan remove am; use only de band and no try adjust de mask once you don wear am unless e dey very very necessary. wash your hands immediately if de hand touch de mask. 
  • To use one mask two times, dey dangerous. Always throw-way de mask wey you use immediately, inside bag wey you go close.  
  • Use hot water and soap take wash your hand all de time, (more dan 60% of chemical wey dem call ethanol or 70% of de one wey dem call isopropanol) after you remove de mask.
  • Make you replace de mask wit another new mask wey dey clean and dry, immediately de one wey you wear don wet or sweat don soak am.
  • Remember say dat face mask wey you dey use na only one part of de steps to protect yourself. E dey very important to make sure say you no touch your face, eyes and mouth and you wash your hand wit soap and hot water all de time. 

● Put am for mind say face mask fit no dey market, and/or de price fit increase sharply, based on de area.

How to prevent infection from things wey you dey take work

De possibility say COVID-19 fit spread through equipment wey don contaminate na sure tin. Serious steps on how to clean and use chemical wey fit destroy de infection suppose don dey in place wey you go follow all de time.

  • Make sure say na microphone wey get long hand like ‘fishpole’ na him you dey use, and use am from distance wey dey safe. De only time wey you fit use clip microphone na wen de circumstance dey controlled well-well and wen you follow all de plenty hygiene rules wen dey ground. 
  • Make you wash de cover of your microphone with hot water and use chemical remove any virus wey fit dey am after you finish any assignment. Find who fit guide or teach you to remove de cover safely, make you for fit avoid cross contamination. Make sure say you no use de type of cover wey dem call “wind muff” if you fit, because e fit dey hard to clean.
  • If e possible, use cheap earphone especially for visitors and make you throw-way am. Make you wipe all your earphone and use chemical remove de infection, before and after you use am.
  • Use de type of eye-glass wey you fit take see from far so dat you fit stay for safe distance if you enter work area. 
  • If e possible, use equipment wey you fit carry waka, instead of those ones wey get cable. 
  • Reason as you go take store your equipment wen you dey assignment. No scatter things everywhere. Put everything back for hin house and close dem. (dat is: use one kind strong flight case wey dem dey use move equipment. De type wey you fit wipe and clean very easily).
  • If e possible and you fit try am, use some kind plastic take wrap or protect your equipment round, wen you dey use am. Dat one go reduce de part of de equipment wey fit contaminate and e go dey easier to clean am and remove de infection wit chemical. 
  • Make you carry extra battery wey don charge full, as you dey go for assignment so dat you no go wan charge your things for work area, because dis na another tin wey fit join dose wey go contaminate. 
  • Make you decontaminate de equipment all de time, wit wipe wey get sharp-sharp chemical wey dem call antimicrobial wipes. Example of dat kind of wipe na Meliseptol, after which you go do proper cleaning, plus wit phones, tablets, leads, plugs, earphones, laptops, hard drives, cameras, press passes, lanyards and any other tin wey you dey take work.
  • Make sure say you decontaminate or you remove contamination from de equipment again wen you dey put am back for hin house and those wey suppose take care of de equipment know on time and dem don learn how to safely clean de equipment. Make sure say dem no just dump any of de equipment carelessly come leave am, wen dem never hand am over to de person wey suppose take care of am. 

(Note: I adjust this whole sentence because of the use of the word deep)

  • If na motto you dey use waka, make sure say dem clean inside de motto well well after you finish any assignment. Na persin wey dem don train well-well suppose clean de inside of motto. Dem suppose focus more on places wey pipo dey touch well-well like de motto door, steering wheel, geer stick, hand break lever, wing mirrors, head rests, seat belts, dashboard, and window winders/catches/buttons.

How to clean your electrical equipment

follow dis steps to give yourself all de guidance wey you go need in case you dey clean electrical equipment. Make sure say you read de steps from de producers of de equipment to guide you before you try start dey clean any of dem.

  • Make you always remove de device and cables from socket 
  • No let water touch your equipment and make you no use aerosol spray, bleach and abrasive- dis tins go certainly damage your equipment.
  • No ever spray any tin wey get water directly inside your device .
  • Use only clothes wey no dey hard:  dat is soft, lint-free cloth.
  • make you add small water to damp de cloth or make am moist, but make de cloth no dey completely wet. Rub soap for de cloth, den use your hand make sure say de soap touch all de parts of de cloth 
  • Make you wipe de devise well well; wipe am downwards.
  • No let any kind water touch anywhere wey open for your device (like de socket of de device, earphone socket, keyboard)
  • Use cloth wey clean and dry to take remove water from your devise.
  • Some producers suggest say wipes wey get 70 % isopropyl alcohol better to clean any hard surface or surface wey water or air no fit pass through.
  • If you wan remove infection from your equipment make sure say you first check to know wetin de producers suggest, because some of dis chemicals wey dey remove infection fit spoil your device. 

Some more steps to guide you dey dis write up

Internet Security

  • Put am for mind say journalist dey face more attack for internet, sake of dia report about COVID-19 mater. Dis abuse fit dey come from pipo wey no like dis COVID 19 vaccine or pipo wey no like make dem dey wear mask. Check CPJ professional steps   to take protect yourself from attack 
  • Govments and technology companies dey use big-big equiptment wey dem dey call surveillance to take check and track how de COVID-19 dey spread. de NSO Group, wey create  Pegasus, join dem. Dis Pegasus na something for internet wey oyibo call, spyware.  Dem don use am target journalists, as Citizen Lab talk am. Groups wey dia work na ontop civil liberties don dey worry about how dem fit use dis surveillance techniques take catch pipo after COVID-19 finish. Even Transparency International don dey follow dis mater for dia website
  • E don dey common say criminals dey use dis sickness wey don dey everywhere now to target pipo and companies sake of to scam dem ontop de COVID 19 vaccine wey dem dey bring comot, as dem take report am. Make you pause think, first before you click links or before you download any document wey carry informate about COVID-19 or de vaccine. As different types of plenty phishing attacks wey fit cause make malware enter your system as Electronic Frontier Foundation  talk am.Dey careful anytime wen you dey click any link wey involve COVID-19 mater for social media or for apps wey dey send messages. Some of dis tins fit direct you to websites wen go let malware enter your system.
  • Dey careful about some wrong informate wey govment sponsor as dem don report for The Guardian, wit de wrong informate wey dey other places. WHO don give special warning about dis tins and BBC sef don talk am.  For WHO website you go get myth buster guide wey you fit take check all dis tins.
  • Make you read about conferences and privacy issues ontop internet so dat you go know wetin dis services dey do wit informate wey dem collect about you; de level of dat informate wey dem fit collect and de level of security wey dem get. Notice say as de number of pipo wey dey work from dia houses dey increase, hackers don target services.  
  • Make you dey alert about de problems wey fit come if you dey report on/or from kontris wey get authoritarian govments, wey fit dey monitor as de report about COVID-19 dey waka. Some govment fit wan hide de level wey de sickness don reach and/or suppress media pipo, as CPJ take talk am

How to physically secure yourself from criminals wen you dey assignment

  • If you fit travel commot for your kontri for assignment, (check down), search for de latest security situation for de kontri wey you dey go. Put for mind say, dfferent type of violent protest and incidents don dey happen everywhere for de world since when dis sickness start.  Some journalist don report say dem don abuse dem wit mouth and thieves don target dem, so dem no dey play wit dia safety.
  • Dey very careful if you dey report from places like villages, pipo fit dey suspect you and/or dem fit wan harm “outsiders” because dem dey fear say you fit carry de disease give other pipo. 
  • Dey careful about de possibility of hard answers from police about dia method of COVID-19 lockdown, make you put am for mind say de danger of face-to-face attacks dey and de use,  tear gas
  • Journalists wey dey kontris wey get authoritarian govment suppose put am for mind say de threat say dem fit arrest, detain and/or deport dem as dem dey report dis COVID-19 mater, as CPJ take talk am

Travel wey dey cross one kontri to another for Assignments

Because of de world-wide blockade wey dem don put for traveling, to travel from one kontri enter another kontri  still dey very hard. If you fit travel go abroad for your assignment, you suppose reason dis steps:

  • Make you check any travel ban wey dey in place or de one wey dem wan start for de kontri wey you dey go, wey still fit change with small informate.
  • Make you put for mind say de lockdown rules and/or blockade for movement fit dey different for different places inside one kontri. Put am for mind say dem fit put lock down for local areas with small informate or with no informate at all, so always put your eyes and ears down for any news from local places about any blockade wey fit dey untop waka-waka for inside dat kontri
  • Dem fit bring back de quarantine measures or introduce new one with little or no informate, depending on de kontri wey you dey go and de place wey you dey come back from
  • Find out all de hopsitals or health centre for de area wey you go work. Put am for mind say health workers fit go strike or dem fit protest wit small informate or even wit no informate at all.
  • Medical equipment wey you fit use for EPP fit no plenty, e no go even dey at all, and/or de quality fit no good. Make you always try check see whether you fit find am before you go for any work, and make you carry some supplies follow bodi if e dey necessary.
  • Make sure say all de necessary vaccines and tins wen you fit take prevent de disease for where you dey go dey up-to-date and on time. Reason how to get de flu vaccine so dat you fit avoid possible confusion ontop any sign of de sickness wey you fit get. If e dey possible.
  • If e possible, try to get de COVID 19 vaccine before you go for any assignment, and make sure say you collect every other important vaccine and anything wey go protect you from disease for where you dey go on time
  • Make you check de insurance plan wey you get for traveling and reason say you fit no get support for Corona virus travel. Again, put am for mind say many govment don give different types of advice about traveling, wit warning about traveling to abroad. 
  • Always dey check de status of any event wey you wan attend, sake of say plenty kontris  don ban gatherings for public places kpata-kpata, or any kind gathering wey pass some number of pipo
  • Many of de land borders still dey close everywhere for de world. Make you know say even borders wey dem open fit close without any warning at all. Dis na sometin wey you suppose consider as you dey arrange your extra plan. 
  • No travel if you dey sick. Most of de airports wey dem dey take travel go abroad or regional airports don introduce strong plans to check health status. 
  • Notice say COVID-19 dey cause make many airlines get serious financial problem, na so  news reports take talk am. So you suppose consider to buy flight ticket wey dem fit return all your money back, if de need arise.
  • Make you check de latest situation ontop visa mater for de kontri wey you dey go because plenty kontris don stop dey give visas. 
  • Check if de kontri wey you dey go, need medical certificate to prove say you no get COVID-19.  
  • Make sure say de plan wey you dey make to travel dey flexible and allow yourself spend more time for airport, sake of de steps wey involve health screening and temperature check points. Dis same advise dey necessary for railway stations, ports/docks, even long distance bus stations too. 


  • Continue dey check your body for any signs of de sickness wey you fit notice.
  •  E go fit need make you isolate yourself, as a matter of fact, when you come back from place wey get big-big risk. To understand am well-well, I beg check all de necessary advise wey govment dey give.
  • Make you monitor all de latest informate ontop COVID-19 mater, wit any quarantine and isolation steps wey dey in place, both for your kontri and where you dey travel go.
  • based on de level of infection wey dey de kontri where you been dey, you suppose consider say e need make you keep journal of names/contacts of pipo wey you come close to for 14 days after you return. Dis one go help dem trace all your contacts in case wey you start dey show de symptoms.  

–If you get de symptoms

  • If you begin notice say you dey get de symptoms of COVID-19,  no matter as e small reach, tell your management pipo so dat dem go help you get de right motto wey go carry you from de place gon gon wey you dey finish your assignment to your house. No just enter any taxi
  •  Follow de advice wey WHOCDC, or any other sabi pipo ontop health mater for your kontri dey give to take protect yourself and your area.
  • No comot from house for at least  7 days from de time wey your symptoms start dey show (de time fit dey different according to wetin de government talk). If you do like dat, e go help to protect other pipo for your area as you get de infection.
  • Make you plan early and ask pipo for help. If you wan buy anything, ask your employer, your friends and your family to help you buy am and make dem leave de tin for front of your door.
  • If you dey live wit other pipo, you suppose isolate or separate yoursef from dem. One important guide wen fit to help persin  ontop dis mater dey here. persin suppose take special care when hin dey use bathroom, toilet and kitchen items, so dat hin no go infect other pipo. 
  • Follw de correct social distance from other pipo for your house anytime wen e possible and if you fit do am, make you sleep only you

CPJ Safety Kit wey dey provide journalists and dia newsrooms wit de basic safety informate ontop physical, digital, and psychological safety resources and tools, even informate wey cover civil unrest and elections join.

[Editors’ note: De first time wen dem publish dis safety advise na on February 10, 2020, and since then, dem don dey revise am from time-to-time. De date wey dey ontop now dey show wen dem last update am.]