1,000 deaths: Journalists who gave their lives

By Shazdeh Omari/CPJ Deputy Editor on August 15, 2013 10:01 AM ET

When Mick Deane was killed in Egypt on Wednesday, he became the 1,000th journalist documented by CPJ as having died in direct relation to his work. The photos above, a sampling of those who have died over the past 21 years, serve as a powerful reminder of the cost of critical, independent journalism.

These reporters, photographers, producers, and editors are from all over the world. Some died in the crossfire of combat or civil unrest, but most were targeted for murder. Their deaths are tragic, but their lives spent confronting the powerful and taking unpopular positions are an inspiration. In 1992, CPJ began keeping detailed accounts of journalist deaths, which are preserved in our website database.

Over time, about one journalist is killed every week, our research shows. In addition to the 1,000 deaths we have confirmed as work-related, CPJ has documented the deaths of hundreds of other journalists who were killed in unclear circumstances. CPJ continues to investigate those deaths.


God bless Journalist who bring the truth no matter the risk.

I was in the Gambia as a country correspondent for Sud Quotidien newspaper and reporter for Sud FM Banjul (92.1 Fm) when the late Deyda Hydara has been killed in Banjul.
CPJ,WAJU and press organisations made a protest march to denounce the murder and ask for justice. This happened in 2004 if my memory is with me. Unfortunately, yet his murderers are still free and there is nothing done to unveil the truth even if we all know who sponsored his assassination.
Its a real concern for professional journalists working in such environments. Recently, President Jammeh of the Gambia targeted the journalist Bubacar Saidy-Khan exiled in Senegal. He asked the senegalese government to repatriate him. That is a crime ! He will kill him if he makes hold on him for sure.

How shocking to read that during as little time as two decades 1000 journalists died, while hundreds are missing; perplexing is that a high percentage of journalists are being contract-murdered for reporting on Crimes Against Humanity.
On this now lawless planet run by the United Global Mafia one Journalist per week dies ...
May the murderers of journalists be brought to justice.
Expressing my highest respect for all journalists who have passed on while reporting the perpetration of mega crimes against our defenseless Humanity.
May all journalists everywhere be safe!

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