IPFA 2005 – Shi Tao’s e-mail

International Press Freedom Awards

Imprisoned in China

Below is a translated transcript of the e-mail Shi Tao distributed describing the Chinese government’s directions on Tiananmen Square anniversary coverage:

Excerpts from Document Eleven issued by the General Offices of the Communist Party of China and the State Council

Provided by 198964

On April 20, propaganda departments in China distributed to news organizations at various levels a Document 11 issued by the offices of the Communist Party of China and by the offices of the State Council. The content of the document was “A notice concerning the work for maintaining stability”. An extract is as follows:

1: An analysis on the current situation:

(1) This year will see the 15th anniversary of the “June 4th event,” and overseas pro-democracy activists have been busy, and are preparing to commemorate the day by adopting very intrusive activities, and preparing to infiltrate China
(2) On the problem of liberalism, its main tenet is to deny the leadership of the Communist Party and the socialist system, and carry on what is known as studying the people; and therefore some antagonistic forces are politicizing criminal cases
(3) Evil “Falun Gong” members are carrying out damaging activities
(4) Various kinds of harmful information are being spread on the Internet.
(5) Mass events have become prominent, such as those that have resulted from resettlement after demolition or relocation of residential housing, and appeals for help from higher authorities
(6) Overseas antagonistic forces are trying to draw young people and teenagers through such channels as religion (printed matter and Internet), or developing academic activities and assistantships to study in schools, and engaging in illegal activities
(7) The Hong Kong problem.

The key points above are about the “June 4th event,” “Falun Gong” and about “mass events.”

2. Departments at various levels should take widespread preventive measures on the following:
(1) Resolutely stop pro-democratic activities from infiltrating the country
(2) Take strict precautions against all kinds of activities (by this they mean outlawed ones)
(3) Take strict precautions against hostile elements who use the Internet to organize activities
(4) Take strict precautions against mass events taking place
(5) Take strict precautions against the “Falun Gong” evil cult organization sabotaging events
(6) Take strict precautions for the safety of key departments and personnel
(7) Take strict precautions against certain factors that would have adverse influences on stability and unity

Five crucial jobs that must be seriously tackled:

(1) To adhere to correct theories and sense of responsibility
(2) To thoroughly strengthen intelligence information so as to be aware of any activities
(3) To preserve in influencing public opinion in the right way, effectively prevent sabotage by overseas antagonist elements; never say any thing that is not in line with the policies of the central government
(4) Stress the key points, and effectively carry out preventive controls against them
(5) Reduce the number of petitions to higher authorities from the masses

(Also monitor contacts between overseas pro-democratic activists and editors and reporters of mainland media. Report immediately once such contacts are discovered. )

(Originally published on Democracy Info 2004.4.20)