Dan Rather, United States

International Press Freedom Awards

2011 CPJ Burton Benjamin Memorial Awardee

Dan Rather
Dan Rather

Dan Rather’s distinguished career spans 60 years of probing journalism as a television correspondent and anchor covering stories around the world. During his 44 years with CBS News, he was anchor and managing editor of “The CBS Evening News” for a record 24 years and was a correspondent for “60 Minutes,” which has been at the center of many press freedom stories.

In 2006, Rather founded the company News and Guts and became anchor and managing editor of HDNet’s “Dan Rather Reports,” which specializes in investigative journalism and international reporting. He has received nearly every honor in broadcast journalism, including numerous Emmy and Peabody awards and citations from critical, scholarly, professional, and charitable organizations.

As an original supporter of CPJ, Rather was one of the earliest and most prominent voices behind the organization, lending it access and credibility. As a champion of watchdog journalism, he has promoted and defended independent reporting while exhorting news organizations to support journalists in their quest for the truth. A longtime member of CPJ’s board of directors, Rather continues to serve the organization as an advisory board member.

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