Special Reports


Nicaragua Special Report: Daniel Ortega’s Media War

Nicaragua’s president ignores the news media, except to harass his critics. By Carlos Lauría and Joel Simon

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Video Report: Daniel Ortega’s Media War

 In this video report, “Daniel Ortega’s Media War,” CPJ’s Carlos Lauría and Joel Simon examine the Nicaraguan government’s aggressive tactics toward independent media, including legal harassment and smear campaigns. (4:48) Read the special report, “Daniel Ortega’s Media War.”

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Vazquez Portal

Below is a list of Latin American journalists who have signed the petition to free Vázquez PortalLista de periodistas latinoamericanos que han firmado la petición para liberar a Vázquez Portal

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Dangerous Assignments 20th Anniversary: In the Beginning

CPJ’s mission began 20 years ago with two volunteers, a typewriter, and a letter to Walter Cronkite.

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