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Halo Jabary and Ako Banayi

Iraqi federal police detain Kurdistan TV crew in Kirkuk

On May 25, 2022, the Iraqi federal police obstructed and detained a two-person crew working for Kurdistan TV, the official broadcaster of Iraqi Kurdistan’s ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party, in a village in Daquq district, southwest of Kirkuk province, and released them after an hour of questioning, according to a report by Kurdistan TV and the…

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Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers are seen in Erbil, Iraq, on July 9, 2019. Peshmerga forces recently detained journalist Zuber Bradosti. (Reuters/Ako Rasheed)

Kurdish military forces detain journalist in Iraqi Kurdistan

Beirut, July 29, 2019 — Kurdish Peshmerga forces should immediately disclose any charges against journalist Zuber Bradosti or else release him from custody, the Committee to Protect Journalist said today.

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Kurdish security forces are seen in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, on July 23, 2018. Security forces recently harassed and attempted to arrest journalist Barzan Ali Hama. (AFP/Safin Hamed)

Security forces harass, attempt to arrest Kurdish journalist in Iraqi Kurdistan

On June 4, 2019, security forces affiliated with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) party harassed and attempted to arrest Barzan Ali Hama, a reporter for local broadcaster Kurdistan 24, in the city of Koya, in Iraqi Kurdistan, according to Hama, who spoke with CPJ, and news reports.

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A cafe in the old city of Erbil, in September 2018. Journalists in Iraqi Kurdistan say they are under pressure from authorities. (Reuters/Thaier Al-Sudani)

In Iraqi Kurdistan, journalists are victim of political tension

Mission journal: Journalists in Iraqi Kurdistan are under pressure from authorities in the autonomous northern Iraqi region, with news outlets shuttered and critical reporters arrested. With government formation talks underway, CPJ’s Middle East and North Africa representative Ignacio Miguel Delgado travels to Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Duhok to hear from local journalists on how the partisan…

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Freelance journalist Sherwan Amin Sherwani has been detained by Kurdish authorities for weeks; CPJ is calling for his release. (Photo by Hushyar Sherkawaye)

Journalist detained for weeks in Iraqi Kurdistan, accused of anti-state acts

Beirut, February 21, 2019–The Committee to Protect Journalists today condemned the prolonged detention without charge of freelance journalist Sherwan Amin Sherwani by Kurdish authorities in northern Iraq and called for his immediate release.

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The NRT Duhok office, which was recently raided by local authorities. (Image via NRT)

Security forces detain TV crews and shut down broadcaster’s office in Iraqi Kurdistan

Beirut, January 28, 2019–The Committee to Protect Journalists today condemned the closure by Kurdish security forces of the Iraqi independent broadcaster NRT’s office in Dohuk, Iraqi Kurdistan, and urged the Kurdish regional government to immediately allow NRT to resume its work.

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The Kurdistan flag at the castle of Erbil, Iraq on July 29, 2017. Kurdish authorities blocked the independent media outlet Nalia Radio and Television from broadcasting ahead of a regional referendum on Kurdish independence next month. (Reuters/Khalid Al-Mousily)

Kurdish authorities temporarily block regional broadcaster

Beirut, August 30, 2017–The Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq should allow the independent media outlet Nalia Radio and Television (NRT) to resume broadcasting, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today.

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Mission Journal: The Kurdish conundrum–more outlets but not more ‘news’

In the stairwell between the newsroom and studios of Nalia Radio and Television (NRT) stand a charred monitor, a burnt vision mixer, and smashed camera lens. They make up a display of equipment damaged when armed men set fire to the station in Sulaymaniyah, a city in eastern Iraqi Kurdistan which is home to much…

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Bomb explodes on roof of independent Kurdish TV station

New York, February 13, 2013–Authorities in Kurdistan should immediately investigate and apprehend the perpetrators responsible for an explosion on the roof of the independent Nalia Radio and Television in Sulaymaniyah on Saturday, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. The attack occurred the day after the station aired a caller’s criticism of Mustafa Barzani, the…

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In Iraqi Kurdistan, riots lead to press freedom abuses

New York, December 6, 2011–The Committee to Protect Journalists condemns the targeting of media by supporters of various political factions in Kurdistan. Journalists have been attacked and arrested in Iraqi Kurdistan and six media offices have been attacked in the past four days, according to news reports.

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