France: 2004

Special Reports


Journalists in prison, 2004

Around the world, 122 journalists were in prison at the end of 2004 for practicing their profession, 16 fewer than the year before. International advocacy campaigns, including those waged by the Committee to Protect Journalists, helped win the early release of a number of imprisoned journalists, notably six independent writers and reporters in Cuba.

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Togo: Promises and the Press

In Togo, journalists are skeptical but see opportunity in the regime’s bid to shed sanctions. By Adam Posluns with reporting by Alexis Arieff With 37 years in power, Togolese President Gnassingbé Eyadéma is Africa’s longest-serving head of state. Even after the country introduced multiparty elections more than a decade ago, Eyadéma and his ruling party,…

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The Fixers

On the front lines of international journalism, local fixers face growing dangers, and their western employers face tougher questions. By Elisabeth Witchel

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Letter from Iraq

As journalists become targets more often,a reporter finds a bunker mentality taking hold among the press corps. By P. Mitchell Prothero 

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Without a Net

An online journalist endures brutal imprisonment in Tunisia-and lives to post again.By Amanda Watson-Boles

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DRC: Fragile Freedom

Unrest shatters press freedom gains in the Democratic Republic of Congo with attacks and imprisonments surging yet again.A Special report by Julia Crawford  The fragile state of press freedom in the Democratic Republic of Congo was shattered when the eastern city of Bukavu fell briefly to Rwandan-backed rebels in early June. State-imposed restrictions and imprisonment,…

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Taking sides: Haiti

Under Haiti’s new transitional government, journalists-especially those who supported former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide-remain at risk in a politically polarized environment. By Carlos Lauria and Jean-Roland Chery Nearly five months after the ouster of President Jean Bertrand Aristide, journalists in Haiti still confront great dangers in a country marked by lawlessness. Before the unrest began in…

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Under Threat

Iraqi journalists frequently face hazardous conditions on the job. By Joel Campagna and Hani Sabra

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