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CPJ's Emergencies Response Team provides comprehensive, life-saving support to journalists and media support staff working around the world through up-to-date safety and security information and rapid response assistance to journalists at risk.


Journalists in Bangladesh under attack amid protests

Photojournalist Shahidul Alam is arrested after posting a video about student protests sweeping across Bangladesh and appearing on Al-Jazeera to discuss the demonstrations. A Dhaka court orders him held on accusations that he used electronic media to spread anti-government propaganda and false information. Suspected supporters of the ruling Awami League party and police attack more than a dozen journalists covering the protests. (Photo: AFP/Munir Uz Zaman)

CPJ Safety Advisory: Covering protests in Bangladesh
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We work to ensure that all journalists are aware of safety and security issues that relate to their work. We provide support to frontline journalists, and rapid response assistance to journalists who are injured, imprisoned, or forced to flee because of their work.

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The safest way to contact us is via SecureDrop (click here for more information). You can also contact us by e-mail, mail, telephone, fax, or social media. You will be asked to provide information, in confidence, about your circumstances.

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The Foley Fellowship

The James W. Foley Fellowship honors American journalist James Foley, killed in 2014. It is awarded annually to an individual passionate about journalist safety and freedom of expression.

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Look here for additional information on journalist security and other resources and contact information for international agencies and nongovernmental organizations that assist journalists at risk.

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