Post-incident Assistance


Support for journalists in distress

The Journalists in Distress (JID) Network

The Journalists in Distress (JID) Network is made up of 24 international organizations, including CPJ, that provide direct assistance to journalists and media workers.

Emergency Relocation

Resources for journalists who have received serious threats or are in distress in relation to their work, and may need emergency relocation:

Resources for journalists who are detained, arrested, or prosecuted because of their work, or who may need referrals to legal counsel, a lawyer, or financial assistance to cover legal fees:

Prison Support

Resources for jailed journalists who may require financial assistance to cover medicine, food, or basic living essentials:

Family Support

Resources for the families of journalists imprisoned or killed because of their work:

Medical Support

Medical support resources for journalists who are either injured while on assignment or because of their work, and who may require financial assistance to cover medical bills, medications, or other related costs:

Trauma Support

Resources for information on dealing with trauma and sexual violence or harassment.

Digital Support

Resources for journalists or news outlets after a digital attack, online harassment, or other incident relating to the internet or technology because of their journalistic work:

Damaged / Confiscated Equipment Replacement

Resources for journalists who have had equipment damaged or confiscated while on a work-related assignment

Awards and Fellowships

Information on awards, fellowships, and other related items. CPJ does not administer these programs.

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