Pre-assignment Preparation


Pre-assignment considerations and recommendations

Safety Manuals and Guides

Information on journalist safety and other related pre-assignment material:

Safety Manuals and Guides for Journalists


Assess any risks associated with an upcoming assignment and arrange the necessary training.

Information on training and organizations that offer courses.

Available courses

  • Rory Peck Trust: Types of Safety Training
  • Training from partners and fellow members of the Journalists in Distress (JID) Network:

Hostile environment, first-aid training, and others:

Free first-aid training for freelancers:

Training funds

Organizations that want to be considered for inclusion on the list should fill out this form.


Resources for developing plans and procedures for assignments.

Risk Assessments

Communications Plans



Guidance on choosing and purchasing insurance for specific assignments:

Details on insurance coverage:

Providers who would like to be considered for inclusion on the list should contact CPJ via email at [email protected].

Related resources on insurance:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Information on selecting PPE that meets the risks and needs of specific assignments. Journalists should check in advance for country-specific border restrictions on PPE.

About PPE

Each country has its own regulations on PPE and journalists should research each relevant country regulation before traveling.

Medical Preparedness

Ensure that preventative medicine needs are met before leaving on assignment.

Advice on vaccinations for country-specific assignments:

Medical kit recommendations:

Related medical preparedness resources:

Trauma Preparedness

Resources for information on dealing with trauma and sexual violence or harassment.

General trauma preparedness resources

Sexual violence and harassment

Digital Preparedness

General information on digital safety and best practice.

Digital safety resources from partners and fellow members of the Journalists in Distress (JID) Network:

Digital security risk assessment:

For preventative digital security training:

Related digital safety resources

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