Santiago Ilídio Andrade

Beats Covered:
Local or Foreign:

Andrade, cameraman for the television network
Bandeirantes, was filming a confrontation in Rio de Janeiro between police officers and
demonstrators protesting a public transportation fare hike when a flare hit him
in the head, according to news reports. He underwent surgery at a local hospital and was in a coma for
four days before being declared brain dead.

Initial reports conflicted
as to who was responsible for the attack, but authorities released video
footage that appeared to show protesters launching the device. Authorities
also alleged that
the protesters had meant to target police officers, not the journalist, the
reports said.

On February 8, 2014, Fábio Raposo told
authorities that he had given the explosive device to another protester but had
not ignited it himself, according to news reports. Two days later, authorities
said they had identified the protester believed responsible for shooting the
device. On February 12, the suspect, Caio Silva de Souza, was in custody.
Souza said he did not realize at the time that the flare was an explosive
device, according to news reports. Raposo and Souza were
placed in preventive detention and charged
with homicide.