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The Journalist Assistance program helps journalists through a combination of financial and non-financial assistance. CPJ's Gene Roberts Emergency Fund, which dispenses emergency grants to journalists in distress worldwide, was renamed in honor of Gene Roberts, veteran U.S. journalist and former chairman of the CPJ board who was instrumental in the creation of the JA program. The program also raises funds for journalists from outside sources and collaborates with other freedom of expression organizations. When necessary, CPJ lobbies governments or international agencies to help secure refugee or asylum status for journalists. We provide logistical support to journalists when they resettle in exile. CPJ also refers journalists to resources, including information on grants, fellowships, and awards.

CPJ steps in when journalists are in dire situations as a result of persecution for their work. Some examples of our work include:

  • Helping get medical care for journalists following brutal assaults in retaliation for their work, or for journalists suffering from mistreatment in prison.
  • Supporting journalists forced to go into hiding or to relocate within their countries to escape threats from local officials, militia, or criminal gangs.
  • Contributing to legal funds for journalists facing prison.
  • Evacuating journalists at risk into temporary havens.
  • Providing support for families of imprisoned journalists.

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