Journalist Assistance

Journalist Assistance

CPJ’s Journalist Assistance Program provides direct assistance to journalists at risk around the world.


In Ethiopia, choice of life in exile or jail

As the Ethiopian government cracks down on independent media, more than 30 journalists go into exile. During a joint mission to meet those who had fled and determine how best to help them, the Committee to Protect Journalists finds that for many, the fear that drove them to leave behind families, homes, and a steady income remains long after they have crossed the border.
Journalist Assistance
Ethiopia: 17 journalists in jail
CPJ/Nicole Schilit

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We provide legal, medical, and relocation assistance to journalists at risk. Details »

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The safest way to contact us is via SecureDrop (click here for more information). You can also contact us by e-mail, mail, telephone, or fax. You will be asked to provide information, in confidence, about your circumstances. Details »

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You can help journalists at risk by donating to the Gene Roberts Distress Fund. Details »

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