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The Committee to Protect Journalists fights for the rights of journalists around the world to report the news freely and without fear of reprisal. As a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, CPJ relies on contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations to carry out our work. In order to preserve our independence, we do not accept any government grants or support of any kind.

Your support helps us investigate, publicize, and protest attacks on press freedom worldwide. When journalists are in peril or need assistance, such as emergency evacuation, resettlement in exile, medicine, and legal defense, CPJ is there.

Every report we publish, every campaign we undertake to free jailed journalists or win convictions in journalist murders, and every one of our missions to countries where journalists are in distress is funded entirely by your donations and gifts. Your tax-deductible contribution makes a crucial difference in the lives of embattled journalists all over the world.

Below are annual snapshots of our work. Each includes brief descriptions of CPJ’s initiatives as well as our financial statements.

Thank you for your support.