Journalist Assistance

Journalist Assistance

CPJ’s Journalist Assistance Program provides direct assistance to journalists at risk and their families all around the world.


From Iran Into Exile

"From Iran Into Exile" recounts the story of Iranian journalist Javad Moghimi Parsa. Time magazine published one of the photos he took during his off-duty coverage of the unrest that followed the 2009 elections. Called a spy, he was forced to flee his home. Parsa is among more than 60 exiled Iranian journalists who CPJ has helped. (2:48)

Making an Impact

CPJ has provided assistance to journalists in dozens of countries throughout the world. See how we're making an impact. Details »

What We Do

We provide legal, medical, and relocation assistance to journalists at risk, along with support for families of slain and imprisoned journalists. Details »

How to Get Help

Contact us by e-mail, mail, telephone, or fax. You’ll be asked to provide confidential information about your circumstances. Details »

Join Us in Helping Colleagues

You can help journalists at risk. Along with financial assistance, your donations of time, materials, and solidarity are important. Details »

Resource Center

Look here for resources and contact information for international agencies and nongovernmental organizations that assist journalists at risk. Details »

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