Rico Ramirez

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Police found the body of Ramirez, a commentator for DXSF Radio, on the side of the road in San Francisco, a town in the southern province of Agusan del Sur. Authorities did not announce the murder until September 2 but offered no explanation for the two-week delay.

Police said that Ramirez had been shot once in the back, but that the investigation was hindered by the fact that there were no witnesses. According to The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Ramirez had reported on corruption, drug trafficking, and official wrongdoing by local politicians.

A DXSF Radio manager told the Manila-based Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility that Ramirez could have been killed “because of his recent exposés on the crime and drug syndicates operating in the area.” Police also told journalists that he was likely killed by drug traffickers he had exposed on air.