Attacks on the Press2017 Edition

Introduction: The New Face of Censorship

Governments and non-state actors find innovative ways to suppress the media.

Where I've Never Set Foot

Barred from Syria, a journalist must make sense of what she's told.

From Fledgling to Failed

Even as the country collapses, South Sudan's government will brook no criticism.

What Is the Worst-Case Scenario?

American journalists grapple with the Trump presidency.

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A Loyal Press

Independence means isolation for journalists in Sisi's Egypt.

Thwarting Freedom of Information

Agencies exploit every loophole to evade disclosure requirements.

Case in Point

A journalist details one fight over records requests in the United States.

Disrupting the Debate

Governments use copyright laws and Twitter bots to curb criticism on social media.


Journalists' online activity could hurt their financial standing under a new Chinese plan.

Chinese Import

Russia tries to emulate Beijing's model of information control.

Willing Accomplice

Collusion by the Turkish media compounds the country's crisis.

Edited by Drug Lords

Mexican journalists navigate threats and censorship by cartels.

Self-Restraint vs. Self-Censorship

How much should journalists hold back when covering terrorism in Europe?

Fiscal Blackmail

The Kenyan government withdraws advertising when newspapers step out of line.

Connecting Cuba

Outdated laws and limited, expensive internet access slow the island nation's progress.

Supervised Access

North Korea masks deep censorship by admitting foreign reporters.

Right Is Might

We have the laws and institutions to fight attempts at information control.

Being a Target

A reporter learns how to dodge terrorist threats to get the story.

Eluding the Censors

For all its faults, Facebook is a lifeline for journalists in less developed countries.

Zone of Silence

The public is robbed of information when journalists are murdered.

Fighting for the Truth

Journalists have a huge amount of work to do.

Attacks on the Press 2017

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