Marisol Revelo Barón

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Revelo, a social worker and former journalist, was shot dead at her home on La Playa
Avenue in Tumaco, a town in the southwestern department of Nariño.

Two men on a motorcycle arrived at Revelo’s house at around 7:30 p.m., according to local sources. One kept the motorcycle’s engine running, while the other knocked on the journalist’s door. When Revelo came to the door, the attacker fired five shots, hitting her three times and killing her instantly.

Revelo had been a journalist for most of her career, but a year and a half before her death she took a job at the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Nariño (Corponariño), a state-run environmental agency. Before joining Corponariño, she worked as a news director for Radio Mira, an affiliate of the Radio Caracol network in Tumaco, and as a local reporter for TV channels Teletumaco and Impacto Televisión.

At year’s end, the police continued to investigate Revelo’s murder but had made no statement about a possible motive.