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Television and radio journalist Pedrosa was shot at a restaurant in Vitória de Santo Antão in northeastern Pernambuco state, according to press reports.

An assailant fired multiple shots after entering the restaurant at about 9 p.m., the Recife-based daily Diario de Pernambuco reported. Pedrosa, struck once in the head, was pronounced dead at the scene. The unidentified gunman fled on a motorcycle driven by another individual who had been waiting outside, press reports said.

Pedrosa, 46, had hosted a program on TV Vitória, "Ação e Cidadania" (Action and Citizenship), for seven years, and had reported for the FM radio station Metropolitana. According to press reports, Pedrosa was known for his critical coverage of criminals and municipal authorities. 

Police initially told reporters that the gunman had declared it was a robbery. But in February 2012, police officials announced they had arrested three suspects and had concluded that the killing was tied to Pedrosa's journalism, according to news reports. Investigators said brothers Josemir and Josemar Soares da Silva had organized the murder in reprisal for Pedrosa's reports on their alleged drug trafficking. Police identified Dailton Gomes Brasil as the alleged gunman. A fourth alleged conspirator was himself murdered later in 2011.

Police said the brothers had threatened Pedrosa, including once on the journalist's live television program.

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