Protecting women and gender non-conforming journalists

CPJ examines the challenges and consequences of gender-based violence against women and gender non-conforming journalists in a variety of contexts. Gender-based violence and harassment— both online and offline — is often used to silence and intimidate female journalists. Due to social stigmas and fears of professional repercussions, some journalists do not report these incidents, while others re-evaluate the type of stories they cover or even give up journalism entirely. As more journalists experience and speak out about gender-based violence and harassment on the job, CPJ has chronicled violations, advocated for increased protections, and provided specialized safety resources. In CPJ’s reporting, you will find troubling incidents of harm and censorship as well as inspiring stories of support and resilience.


  • Speaking | CPJ discussed ways to counter physical and digital threats against women journalists at the 2019 International Journalism Festival. Watch here.
  • Convening | CPJ has met with women journalists in Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and the United States to discuss the threats they face, and how to support them.
  • Organizing | At the UN’s 63rd Commission on the Status of Women, CPJ co-sponsored an event on the realities of being a female journalist online. Watch here.

Safety Resources

Female and gender non-conforming journalists require a unique set of safety resources. CPJ introduced new and updated safety resources for those working in non-hostile environments.

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