Our Advocacy

In our pursuit of a robust free press, CPJ denounces press freedom violations, meets with heads of state and high-ranking officials, and spearheads or advises on diplomatic efforts. We strive to ensure that justice prevails for imprisoned and killed journalists. We advocate for their freedom and well-being when journalists are detained, seek answers and accountability when they go missing or are killed, and work tirelessly to ensure that journalists around the globe can do their jobs safely and securely. 

We often join forces with partner organizations and the media to amplify our message, and work within international institutions to influence policy and ensure that press freedom is protected and strengthened globally as a fundamental right for a free, just society.

Key Campaigns


Murder is the ultimate form of censorship, yet the perpetrators are seldom held to account. In nine out of 10 cases where a journalist has been targeted for murder, their killers go free. CPJ is seeking justice for these slain journalists through our Campaign Against Impunity.


Hundreds of journalists are jailed globally each year as a result of their work. Our #FreeThePress campaign is designed to raise awareness, build solidarity, and inspire action on behalf of journalists imprisoned around the world. 

Freelancer Safety

All journalists face some degree of danger, but freelancers and local journalists are particularly vulnerable, which is why CPJ is a founding member of the ACOS Alliance, which stands for “A Culture of Safety.” ACOS works to provide journalists with life-saving support through our Emergencies Response Team.

Technology and Surveillance

CPJ reports on the nexus of press freedom and technology, consults with technology companies on their policies, and provides digital security information to help journalists better protect themselves and their sources. CPJ is a founding member of the Global Network Initiative (GNI), a coalition working to protect freedom of expression and privacy rights online.

Sports and Human Rights

CPJ is part of the Centre for Sport and Human Rights coalition along with international sport organizations, civil society, and governments. The coalition works to ensure that the press can report freely on sports and the human rights issues connected to mega-sporting events.

Gender and Safety of Women Journalists 

CPJ examines the challenges and consequences of gender-based violence against women journalists in a variety of contexts, including online harassment, sexual assault, physical harassment, threats, and censorship. CPJ speaks out when women journalists are targeted or silenced, conducts research to better understand these issues, and helps provide resources and support to keep women journalists safe. 

One Free Press Coalition

CPJ is a founding partner of the One Free Press Coalition, an initiative bringing together media outlets around with world that use their spotlight to highlight 10 journalists under threat every month.  

Safety Crossing Borders 

CPJ works to report and document targeted searches and visa issues journalists face when crossing borders, and has joined campaigns to oppose U.S. government border-stop proposals and implement safeguards for journalists.

Learn more about CPJ’s advocacy and campaigns here: cpj.org/campaigns