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Slideshow: The Year in Photos

Images from a dangerous year for the press, from war in Syria to imprisonments in Turkey, violence in Pakistan to censorship in Mexico.

The Law
Governments exploit national security laws to punish critical journalists.


Lessons From El Salvador

No amount of security training can make up for a lack of professional solidarity.

Journalists in Prison
Governments use charges of terrorism, other anti-state offenses to silence critical voices.

Journalists Killed
The dead include a record proportion of journalists who worked online.
Nations at Risk

CPJ Risk List

From conflict-ridden Syria to aspiring world leader Brazil, 10 nations on a downslope.


Beyond Article 19

The right to news and opinion is enshrined in international law. It's not enough.


The Spy in Your Pocket

Your cellphone allows authorities to locate you and uncover your sources.

Editors think twice, reporters do not dig deeply, columnists choose words carefully.


The Power of the Ordinary

Who is allowed to talk? What are they allowed to say? Award winners seek the answers.

Journalists Missing

Disappearances Unexplained

Police never bothered to look for cartoonist Prageeth Eknelygoda. It's not unusual.

Deaths in 2012 by Type

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46% Murder
36% Crossfire/Combat
17% Dangerous Assignment

Imprisoned Year by Year

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Slideshow: Year in Photos

Slideshow: Year in Photos

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