The Moscow Declaration

e, the relatives and colleagues of journalists murdered in Russia, along with Russian and international press freedom advocates, who convened for a conference in Moscow on July 7, 2005, declare the following:

The lack of progress in investigating journalist murders undermines freedom and democracy in Russia, and demonstrates the lawlessness and impunity with which Russian and international media can be targeted.

This deplorable situation compels us to speak publicly.

We call on Russian law enforcement agencies, and the Prosecutor-General’s Office in particular, to demonstrate their commitment to the rule of law by ensuring that those responsible for ordering and carrying out those crimes are brought to justice.

President Putin has promised the people of Russia to respect human rights and media freedom. This commitment obligates him to publicly acknowledge these horrible crimes, express sympathy for the families and colleagues of slain journalists, and demonstrate his commitment to implementing the rule of law.


Zavalu Tepsurkayev,
brother of slain journalist Adam Tepsurkayev
Aleksei Simonov, president of Glasnost Defense Foundation
Inna Shvets, widow of slain journalist Dmitry Shvets
Svetlana Bokova, colleague of slain journalist Dmitry Shvets
Svetlana Novikova, sister of slain journalist Sergey Novikov
Tatyana Stepchenkova, family friend of the Novikovs
Ann Cooper, executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalists
Rimma Mikhareva, colleague of slain journalists Valery Ivanov and Aleksei Sidorov
Elena Ivanova, widow of slain journalist Valery Ivanov
Maria Istomina, family friend of slain journalist Eduard Markevich
Grigory Bochkaryov, colleague of slain journalist Natalya Skryl
Timur Aliyev, editor of Chechenskoye Obshchestvo newspaper
Rumina Elmurzayeva, colleague of slain journalist Magomedzagid Varisov
Karen Nersisian, lawyer representing the families of slain journalists Valery Ivanov, Aleksei Sidorov and Igor Domnikov
Nellya Skryl, mother of slain journalist Natalya Skryl