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Self-censorship and Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro's (right) control of the media has distorted election coverage in the country and deprived voters of vital information about the presidential candidates, including opposition front-runner Edmundo González (left). Photo: Reuters)

In Venezuela, restrictions and self-censorship limit coverage of opposition ahead of election

Antonio Di Giampaolo has hosted his popular radio news program En el Aire, Spanish for “On the Air,” for nearly 40 years. On May 17, Di Giampaolo planned to broadcast an interview with opposition presidential candidate Edmundo González, but executives at the station Éxitos 93.1 FM in the western city of Maracay nixed the plan with no explanation, according to the journalist. “I had…

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Venezuelan journalists charged under anti-hate law, held on house arrest

Miami, June 25, 2020 — Venezuelan authorities should immediately drop all charges against journalists María Luisa “Mimi” Arriaga and Marco Aurelio Antoima, and stop using the country’s anti-hate law to persecute the press, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. On June 18, agents from the Venezuelan judicial police raided Arriaga’s home in the El…

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A woman casts her vote at a polling station during the Constituent Assembly election in Caracas on July 30. Journalists covering the vote and unrest in Venezuela have been arbitrarily detained, attacked, and threatened. (Reuters/Carlos Garcia Rawlins)

Journalists detained, attacked, and threatened amid unrest in Venezuela

New York, July 31, 2017–Venezuelan officials should stop harassing journalists and censoring media outlets amid unrest and violent protests in the country, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. Journalists covering yesterday’s vote to elect representatives for a constituent assembly to reform the Venezuelan constitution were arbitrarily detained, attacked, and threatened.

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