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A Yemeni flashes a victory sign during protests in Aden on September 5. Yemeni journalists covering the militias and coalition forces vying for power in the country say they face threats from all sides. (AFP/Saleh al-Obeidi)

Journalists in Yemen under attack from all sides as rival forces crack down on critics

In its report released late last month, the U.N. Human Rights Council found that all groups involved in the Yemen conflict–from the government-controlled south, with its militias propped up by the UAE-led coalition and loyal to the secessionist Southern Transitional Council, and areas held by the rebel Ansar Allah or Houthi movement–were responsible for widespread…

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The southern port city of Aden. Armed attackers in the Yemeni city raided a media foundation and set fire to the presses used to publish two newspapers. (Reuters/Fawaz Salman)

Armed attackers set fire to Yemen media foundation printing press

New York, March 6, 2018 – Yemeni authorities in Aden should investigate an attack on a media foundation’s office and ensure that journalists working in areas under their control can operate freely and safely, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. Armed men raided the offices of al-Shomou Foundation on March 1 and set fire…

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