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Russia internet protest

‘Disastrous for press freedom’: What Russia’s goal of an isolated internet means for journalists

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine presents a danger not only for reporters operating in the war zone. The campaign could also pose a broader threat to press freedoms and other civil liberties if it brings the Kremlin closer to its dream of creating a domestically controlled internet. Russia’s internet regulator, Rozkomnadzor, has long been able to…

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CPJ joins call for Cambodia government to revoke plans to establish an internet gateway

On May 16, the Committee to Protect Journalists joined more than 30 free expression, technology, and human rights groups in a statement calling on the government of Cambodia to revoke a decree that would establish a gateway capable of monitoring all internet traffic in and out of Cambodia. The Sub-Decree on the Establishment of the…

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Aasif Sultan, Fahad Shah, Sajad Gul

Kashmir media at a ‘breaking point’ amid rising number of journalist detentions

Sajad Gul’s mother had prepared his favorite dishes as she anxiously awaited his return home. The Kashmiri journalist, who had been granted bail the day before, on January 15, 2022, was to be released following his arrest earlier that month in a criminal conspiracy case, according to a journalist friend who spoke on condition of…

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Emily Bell: Tech companies must ‘wake up’ to their role in Ukraine war disinformation

As Russia wages an information war alongside its physical war in Ukraine, tech companies have responded with measures small and large, from reducing the visibility of propagandistic social media posts to blocking Russian state-affiliated media, to going beyond international sanctions by pulling out of the country altogether. Meanwhile, Ukrainian journalists, citizens, and officials have used…

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Romanian investigative journalist Emilia Șercan targeted by smear campaign

Berlin, April 8, 2022 — Romanian authorities must conduct an independent investigation into the harassment and smear campaign against investigative journalist Emilia Șercan, investigate her claims that state officials participated in the campaign, and hold the perpetrators to account, the Committee to Protect Journalists said Friday. Since January 18, when Șercan published an article alleging…

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How Venezuela’s government uses private internet providers to restrict access to the news

After seven years of painstakingly building up its audience, Crónica Uno, one of the only high-quality news websites that caters to poor and working-class Venezuelans, was recording up to 15,000 unique page views per day. But after private internet service providers (ISPs) teamed up with Venezuela’s authoritarian government in February to block Crónica Uno and…

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CPJ calls on Sri Lankan government to respect press freedom amid nationwide state of emergency

New York, April 4, 2022 – The government of Sri Lanka should respect press freedom, ensure unrestricted access to social media and communication platforms, and allow the media to work freely and independently during a nationwide state of emergency, the Committee to Protect Journalists said Monday. On Friday, April 1, the Sri Lankan government declared…

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Two Ugandan journalists charged with cyberstalking the president, remanded to prison

Nairobi, March 17, 2022 — Ugandan authorities should unconditionally release The Alternative Digitalk television journalists Norman Tumuhimbise and Faridah Bikobere, drop any pending investigations against seven other journalists from the online media outlet, and rigorously investigate allegations that at least two of these journalists suffered serious physical abuse while in the custody of security personnel,…

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CPJ joins letter calling for sanctions on Russia not to restrict internet access

On March 10, the Committee to Protect Journalists joined 40 other civil society groups in a letter to U.S. President Joe Biden, calling for his administration to ensure that sanctions imposed on Russia in retaliation for the country’s invasion of Ukraine do not interfere with Russians’ access to the internet. The letter notes that, as…

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Russia-Ukraine watch

How the war is affecting press freedom in the region Updated May 26, 2022 Russia’s assault on Ukraine has included attacks on dozens of hospitals, The Associated Press reported. Amid the escalating humanitarian crisis that has displaced 12.8 million people according to United Nations figures, journalists are under threat in Russia, Ukraine, and other parts…

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