Waldemar Milewicz

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Waldemir Milewicz, one of Poland’s most experienced war correspondents, and
his producer, Mounir Bouamrane, both employed by Polish state television
TVP, were shot by armed gunmen, presumably Iraqi insurgents, while
riding in their car at around 9:30 a.m. in Mahmoudiya, about 19 miles
(30 kilometers) south of the capital, Baghdad.

The journalists were headed toward a Polish military base in Babylon,
south of Baghdad, according to Agence France-Presse.

TVP cameraman Jerzy Ernst, who was also in the car along with an Iraqi
driver, was injured during the attack. Press reports quoted Ernst
as saying that the main southbound highway out of Baghdad was closed,
so their driver took an alternate route he thought would be safe.
Ernst said their car, a sedan, came under fire from behind, and that
Milewicz and Bouamrane were sitting in the back seat. After Milewicz
was shot, the other passengers exited the car, but the gunfire continued,
killing Bouamrane and injuring Ernst.

According to press reports, the journalists had only been Iraq for
a few days.