Subash Chandraboas

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Chandraboas, 32, editor of a small Tamil-language monthly magazine, Nilam (The Ground), was shot to death at around 7:30 p.m. near his home in the government-controlled town of Thoanikkal, near Vavuniya in ethnically Tamil Sri Lanka. His 8-year-old daughter told CPJ that the assassins spoke in Tamil and Sinhalese.

“His only work was journalism,” said Sunanda Deshapriya of the Sri Lankan media rights group Free Media Movement. “There was no other reason to kill him.”

A strong individualist who owned his own printing press, Chandraboas produced Nilam almost single-handedly and was recognized for his passion for literature as well as journalism. He had also contributed to the London-based magazine Tamil World and the Colombo-based magazine Aravali on a freelance basis.