Mohamed Mohamud Turyare

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Mohamed, a reporter and
website editor for the Shabelle Media Network, died a week after being shot by
unidentified assailants, according to local journalists and news reports.
The journalist had been walking home from a mosque in the Hawo Tako
neighborhood of Mogadishu when two gunmen attacked him, news
Mohamed, who underwent abdominal surgery after the shooting, had been
hospitalized at the time of his death.

Mohamed, 22, was the fourth
Shabelle journalist to be murdered in 2012. Local journalists said they
believed Mohamed was targeted for his work at the network. Shabelle, though
long established, had undergone recent management changes that led to
harder-edged news coverage, local journalists said. The coverage, in turn, had
engendered the wrath of Al-Shabaab
militants and government officials, they said.