Min Theik Tun

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Myanmar journalist Min Theik Tun, a photographer with the Regional News Agency, is being held in pretrial detention on undisclosed charges. 

He was arrested on December 12, 2021, in Monywa, Sagaing Division along with 11 others while covering a protest in the area, according to multiple news reports, social media posts, and a database compiled by the Detained Journalists Information Myanmar private Facebook Group, which CPJ reviewed. 

He was still being held in detention without charge in late September, DJIM’s data showed. 

Regional News Agency did not reply to CPJ’s messages sent through Facebook requesting comment on Min Theik Tun’s status. CPJ could not confirm in late 2022 where Min Theik Tun was being detained. 

Myanmar’s Ministry of Information did not reply to CPJ’s emailed request for comment on Min Theik Tun’s legal status and situation in detention in late 2022.