Min Min Aung

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Myanmar freelance reporter Min Min Aung was arrested on March 16, 2021, while covering a protest-related arson attack in Yangon’s Oakkan Township for the local The Voice news website. He is currently being held in detention awaiting trial on various criminal charges.

The arrest of Min Min Aung and his wife, Democratic Voice of Burma reporter May Thwe Aung—who was detained on the same day for unclear reasons—was documented by the Burmese-language Voice of Myanmar, a report by Democratic Voice of Burma, and a database maintained by the rights group Assistance Association of Political Prisoners.

His arrest came in the wake of the military’s February 1, 2021, democracy-suspending coupand subsequent protests. The military junta cracked down on Myanmar’s independent media, detaining dozens of journalists, according to those sources and CPJ research.

Min Min Aung is being held at Insein Prison and faces charges under Articles 114, 332, and 436 of the penal code, according to the same sources. According to the criminal code, Article 114 concerns abetting a crime, Article 332 involves causing harm to deter a public servant from doing their duty, and Article 436 concerns causing criminal mischief by fire or explosive device. All carry potential prison sentences.

The Ministry of Information did not reply to CPJ’s emailed request sent in late November 2021 for comment on the various charges leveled against him and his treatment in detention.