Mario Rolando López Sánchez

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Veteran radio producer López was gunned down outside his home in Guatemala City. López, producer of the political debate program “Cosas y Casos de la Vida Nacional” and various social programs on national privately owned Radio Sonora, was shot at 7 p.m. as he was walking from his car to his home in a northern neighborhood in Guatemala City, according to local press reports and CPJ interviews.

Arnulfo Agustín Guzmán, director of Radio Sonora, told CPJ that López was shot in the head, back, and chest. According to his wife, Blanca Castellano, nothing was stolen from his car or wallet. López was taken to Roosevelt Hospital where he died moments after arrival, according to Guatemalan press reports.

López was one of the founders of Radio Sonora and worked there as a producer for 14 years, Agustín said. His program, “Cosas y Casos de la Vida Nacional,” was critical of Guatemalan politics, Agustín added.

According to the journalist’s colleagues and family, he had not received threats. However, Agustín told CPJ that the radio station had been repeatedly threatened over the phone. Local authorities were investigating but did not disclose a possible motive.