Juan Daniel Martínez Gil

Beats Covered:
Local or Foreign:

48, anchor of the radio news programs “W Acapulco
on national W Radio and “Guerrero en Vivo” on local Radiorama Acapulco, was
found gagged and partially buried in a vacant lot in La Máquina, a town in the
southern Pacific state of Guerrero. The journalist’s body showed evidence of
torture, with his hands and feet tied and head wrapped in tape, authorities
told local reporters. A forensic examination found that Martínez had been
asphyxiated, the newsweekly Proceso reported.

Silva, Radiorama Acapulco’s news director, told CPJ that Martínez covered a
range of issues, but always took precautions when covering drug trafficking or
other sensitive topics. “He was disciplined that way,” said Silva. “He knew he
could not go deep on certain stories.”

said the authorities reviewed Martínez’s laptop and interview archives. Javier
Martínez Gil, the reporter’s brother, told CPJ in May 2010
that authorities had not
informed him of any suspects or leads. “The case has gone cold,” he said.

Guerrero state attorney general’s office and the Mexico City-based special
federal prosecutor for crimes against journalists did not respond to CPJ’s
requests for interviews.