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Senior correspondent Musad Mahmood al-Ezawi and cameramen Ahmed Salim and Ihab Mu'd were kidnapped along with their driver, Qaydar Sulaiman, while working in the Al-Zanjali district of Mosul, Al-Sharqiya television said in a statement.

Their bodies were later found in Al-Borsa district, a short distance from the kidnapping, a local journalist told CPJ. The journalist said that all the victims were in their 20s.

While five crew members were in a house filming, the three journalists and their driver were kidnapped by armed men, the local journalist told CPJ. The crew was filming a report on a family breaking the Ramadan fast.

The station transferred the five surviving crew members to Arbil, about 60 miles (100 kilometers) east of Mosul, after the attack, the journalist said.

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