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On March 22, veteran ITV News correspondent Terry Lloyd, cameraman Fred Nerac
and translator Hussein Othman came under fire while driving to the southern
Iraqi city of Basra. Lloyd was also killed and Nerac remains missing.

The three, along with cameraman Daniel Demoustier, were traveling in two
marked press vehicles in the town of Iman Anas, near Al-Zubayr, when they came
under fire, according to the British TV network ITN, which produces ITV

Demoustier said the vehicles had been pursued by Iraqi troops who may have
been attempting to surrender to the journalists. Demoustier reported that the
incoming fire to their vehicles likely came from U.S. or British forces.

Demoustier, whose car crashed into a ditch and caught fire, was injured but
escaped. He said he did not see what happened to Lloyd, who was seated next to
him, or to the other crew members. Lloyd’s body was recovered in a hospital in
Basra days later.

The Wall Street Journal reported in May 2003 that Lloyd’s SUV and another
vehicle belonging to his colleagues came under fire from U.S. Marines. The
article cited accounts from U.S. troops who recalled opening fire on cars marked
“TV.” Soldiers said they believed that Iraqi suicide bombers were using the cars
to attack U.S. troops.

Citing a report from a British security firm commissioned by ITN to
investigate the incident, the Journal reported that Lloyd’s car was hit by both
coalition and Iraqi fire.

The Journal quoted the report as saying that “[t]he Iraqis no doubt mounted
an attack using the ITN crew as cover, or perhaps stumbled into the U.S. forces
whilst attempting to detain the ITN crew.” The report speculated that Nerac and
Othman might have been pulled out of their vehicle before it came under fire
from coalition forces, and then Iraqi forces used the SUV to attack the
coalition forces.

In June 2004, British military investigators said DNA testing confirmed that
remains found at the site were those of Othman. Nerac’s whereabouts have not
been confirmed.