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George Abanga, a radio reporter also known as "King George," was shot dead at close range on his way back from reporting on a dispute among cocoa farmers, according to news reports.

Abanga, a 35-year-old radio reporter for independent Success FM based in Goaso, a town in south-western Ghana, and Peace FM, an independent station based in the capital, Accra, was returning home by motorcycle from the nearby town of Sankore when he was attacked, news reports said. Abanga had told his editor at Success FM he was investigating an alleged dispute among cocoa farmers and workers, according to reports.

At least two Ghanaian news outlets said the motive for the attack could have been either Abanga's reporting on cocoa farming or his recent reports on regional political tensions.

Superintendent Alahaji Mahama Arhin said police initially suspected the journalist died during a robbery, according to reports. In later reports, he said police were treating Abanga's death as a murder. Colleagues of Abanga disputed claims he was a victim of a robbery, and said his wallet, two cell phones, and his motorcycle were not taken in the attack, according to reports.

Police are still investigating, according to reports.

A man was reported to have turned himself into police in September, claiming he murdered Abanga and that he was being haunted by the journalist's ghost. Local reports said police were investigating whether the man had any connection to the case.

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