Didace Namujimbo

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Namujimbo, a reporter for U.N.-sponsored Radio Okapi, was shot at close range near his home around 9:30 p.m. in Bukavu, capital city of the eastern province of South Kivu.

Bukavu prosecutor Jacques Melimeli told Radio Okapi that the journalist was struck once in the neck. The journalist’s brother, Déo Namujimbo, the local vice-president of the Congolese National Press Union, told CPJ that the victim’s cell phone was missing but cash was left in his wallet. Neighbors allegedly heard a heated exchange between the journalist and gunmen shortly before the shooting, according to news reports. Namujimbo had not reported any threats, according to local journalists.

In December, Melimeli announced the case was being given over to a military court because the murder weapon was a Kalashnikov rifle. Magistrate Capt. Dieudonné Kabemba told CPJ that the court was questioning people of interest.

Namujimbo, 34, was the second Radio Okapi journalist murdered in unclear circumstances in Bukavu in 16 months. Serge Maheshe, 31, was gunned down in June 2007.