Asaad Kadhim

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Kadhim, a correspondent for the U.S.-funded Al-Iraqiya TV, and his
driver, Hussein Saleh, were killed by gunfire from U.S. forces near
a checkpoint close to the Iraqi city of Samara, about 75 miles (120
kilometers) northwest of the capital, Baghdad. Cameraman Jassem Kamel
was injured in the shooting.

On April 20, Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt, the deputy director of operations
for coalition forces in Iraq, confirmed that U.S. troops had killed
the journalist and his driver. According to media reports, Kimmitt
said that coalition forces at the checkpoint warned the journalists’
vehicle to stop by firing several warning shots. When the vehicle
ignored those shots, Kimmitt said, forces fired at the car.

The Associated Press reported that Kimmitt said there were signs in
the area indicating that filming was banned at both the base and the
checkpoint. According to the AP, Kimmitt said the signs were designed
to prevent Iraqi insurgents from canvassing the area.

Cameraman Kamel told the AP that no warning shots had been fired at
their vehicle.