New York, April 19, 2004—The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) is concerned about reports that a correspondent for a U.S.–backed television station and his driver were killed today by U.S. fire in the central Iraqi city of Samara, north of Baghdad.

Asaad Kadhim, a correspondent for the U.S.–funded Al-Iraqiya TV, and his driver, Hussein Saleh, were killed by gunfire from U.S. forces, according to The Associated Press, which cited Al-Iraqiya reports.

The circumstances of the incident are unclear, and CPJ is seeking more information. U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq did not have information about the incident.

Twenty-four journalists—not including today’s reported deaths—have been killed in action in Iraq since March 2003. Gunfire from U.S. forces is responsible for at least six of those deaths.