Abdul Qodus

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Qodus, a cameraman for the private station, was killed in a double
suicide bombing in the city of Kandahar. He had arrived at the scene of
a suicide car bomb when a second attacker with explosives strapped to
his body blew himself up, according to the Kabul-based Committee to
Protect Afghan Journalists (CPAJ) and news reports. Qodus died of head
injuries at a local hospital.

A Taliban spokesman
claimed responsibility for the two explosions, which also killed two
Canadian soldiers and several civilians, according to international
news reports.

Qodus, 25, had worked for the Kabul-based station for eight months,
according to CPAJ. Fighting between Taliban militants and U.S.-led
coalition forces, which invaded Afghanistan in 2001, had led to the
deaths of hundreds of people in the preceding months, according to news