Ethiopians still looking for answers on Meles

By Tom Rhodes/CPJ East Africa Consultant on July 30, 2012 4:33 PM ET

Since I published a blog last week on the lack of information about the health and whereabouts of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, readers have deluged it with comments (over 175 as of today), reflecting the pent-up interest in the premier's status and deeply divided views of his leadership.

For weeks, Meles' situation has been in question. International reports have claimed he is seriously ill at a hospital in Brussels, while the local and exile press have reports ranging from Meles being on holiday to having already died. A state press conference left reporters disappointed, with no new information other than claims that Meles was "recovering" and would be back at work in "a few days"--more than a week ago.

Comments on the blog echo the contradictory news reports; some claim he is dead, others follow the government line that he is resting and will return soon, and one even claims he is in a cave. Whether supporters or detractors of the prime minister, all commenters seem hungry for answers, refuting the idea that a news blackout quells the public's demand for information. "If Meles is alive as a respected Prime Minister, why doesn't he come out and speak to the people?" writes one commenter using the name Dang. "He needs to have a slice of respect to the people. This kind of disrespect doesn't take him any further."

Others blame the Western media for not bothering to investigate the matter properly despite having more resources and freedom to make inquiries than the local press. "Why have the credible international medias such as BBC and Associated Press failed to investigate and reveal the truth about the absence of Meles? The media is biased and do not seem to care at all for the poorest nations in the world," writes a user named Tariku. It's telling that none of the readers appear to directly criticize the local press for its inability to uncover the truth. They seem to know that access to information and opportunities for investigative journalism in Ethiopia are limited--so much so that the whereabouts and health of the country's driver remain a mystery.

Just as thoughts on Meles' health and whereabouts are divided, opinions of his leadership appear to be deeply polarized. Few commenters appear to convey a balanced opinion--all are either his vehement devotees or detractors.

If the disparate comments on the blog are anything to go on, the lack of detailed official explanation has created confusion among the public and allowed speculation and rumor to take precedence. Some commenters claim that CPJ is contributing to the speculation and harboring anti-government sentiments, but this is not the objective. The Ethiopian electorate has the right to know about the undertakings of elected officials, including whether they are fit to run the country. It is a right under the Ethiopian constitution. As the English weekly Addis Fortune wrote in a July 22 editorial, "Informing the public about the activities of elected officials is, indeed, a state affair. No different can the case be when it comes to the head of government."

(Reporting from Nairobi)


ESAT just announced he died today 6/30/23. The Ethiopian people have the right to know the status of their president.


The big media outlets have been tested now. How long does it take to report the disappearance of the leader of 85 million people? It does not matter whether Mr. Zenawi’s legacy is good bad, Ethiopians need to know his whereabouts. Has he become an AWL (absent without leave) or is he missing in action? Ethiopian local media is under the radar of TPLF security agents. The local media is not in a position to investigate and report about Mr. Zenawi. For CNN, BBC, and AP the disappearance of the former rebel leader who orchestrated and fought for the separation of Eritrea from Ethiopia and who made Ethiopia a landlocked country is not worth reporting!

Hi Tom, if you have some new information 9be it absolutely true or doubtfull), then tell us..otherwise, don't try to exploit our extreem eagerness for information about our leader. Just do some research and write on issues like..Is he dead? is he alive, will he be able to lead again if and when he comes back? who is gonna replace him? what does the opposition parties say? do they have better potential to sustain and improve on what's being done in Ethiopia? will Ethiopia keep rising and rising again regardless of Meles power? how long the Ethiopian people should live without knowing the truth about him? I know our anscestors lived about seven years before knowing that Minilik (the then leader) was totally paralized and dead, which enabled his wife (Taitu) to rule for seven and more years in the shadow. Oh, what a revelation...don't tell me that this is what gonna hapen now!!

Had it been something else, you could have been talking a lot...But, it is clear that Ethiopia is not in the Western interest.....

CPJ you are dis-respecting innocent people of Ethiopia for not telling the truth while you have the information...

We don't depend on the western. they will never take us to the Dream of Ethiopia.. We have God promise....When the time comes, all will tern their face to Ethiopia.....

Shame on you CPJ!!!!!

Meles Zenawi is fine and he is just resting so he will be back this week.


Now you all have become aware of what only a few had known. That every last major media organization is in lock step with each other and governments. This is not a suprise, just power on top of power. So, now you all can stop drinking that free kook-aid, know what I mean. Oh, it want be getting any better either...LOL.

I do not celebrate the death of any human being but the cruel violence and tyranny committed by Dictator Meles Zenawi forfeited his credibility as a member of the human family. Let there come an era of justice, equality, freedom and democracy to Ethiopia.

Meles is dead. The constitution does not have power succession articles. We are afraid his daughter will be the next kim ill Zenawi.

Why is western media not interesting to investigated about meles becous meles is a top dog in esatafrica he got full backing imagin if it was Sudan or Eritrea bbc CNN CBC ....ets it is a breking news .doooobbel standard there is no free media in the world .if the news is not for tham interst it doesn't cavered so wait till time well tel you.dont be foull about free media

Elelele the devil is passed away good news for Ethiopian.

Dear Tom,
You are trying to destabilizing our beloved country by inciting rumors and speculations. The Ethiopian officials have given press releases and it is up-to the Ethiopian people to believe it or not.
If the people trust the authorities then they will wait till the time the PM comes back to his office.
If some people whom you called them detractors don’t trust the authorities then they will follow you for a good wild ride as usual. The good thing is that the Ethiopian people in the country who matters most do trust the authorities and are waiting to welcome their beloved PM.
The thing you should know is that Ethiopia with or without Meles will never ever give in to the arm twisting tactics and tricks which has become a norm of the ---- for so long.


The leaders on board seem do not understand how such information is crucial. Or they do not care about any thing. Or they do not know how things are working at high level with regard to a high profile personality like the PM.

They were late to announce the PM's condition. And they will be even late to say any thing on his (the PM) current situation. They mut update their previous press release when its time passes. Sibhat nega said 10 days it has passed. The communication office said few days its now more than a week. The parliament was supposed to be close three weeks now, still no information about it etc... Thus, these people want us to beleive their silence as true and want to keep on simply late on everything.

Now with full respect I am asking them to let us, the Ethiopian people to know What is going on and/or update the situation on the PM. Otherwise, any information coming out from diffrent direction can be true. If still kept quit it means Bereket believes the information is correct and the source is credible.

In fact, as some say they might be the causes of his health or death. That's why these people who are currently controlling the power say nothing to the people, may be.....
May God protect Ethiopia,

RIP Meles rest in peace earth or after. He was good leader 10% population are not happy hell with them majority 90% are economicly better off then any other time in our history.

Don't wory the great leader will back in action very soon. Ha ha!! sort for enemy's of Ethiopia .

Meles was already dead.what is leaft is ,great ceremony to all oromo people."great dog is missed with his bad teeth"!

Look all u news hungry ppl u blown his news out of proportion. Wheather meles is dead or alive will come out soon whats the rush dont u ppl have some thing better than this? I personally dont think we have to celebrate his death if he really is dead, its not human the guy is not angel but he is a son and a father, alot of u will say he did kill ppl he did this and that but only god can judge. And we have to work hard to GET better no need to set the stage for celebration cos at the end of the day we still the poorest of all

This should indicate to his supporters that he is irrelevant to the west and western media. He is not as big as you thought he was internationally. When it becomes official that he is the dead the news will not last more than the 24 hours news cycle. There is no international conspiracy to cover up his illness or death. He is nit that important to the rest of the world. He shows up to international meeting to colllect money for aid no more than that. This last two month should show his supporters how unimportant their leader is... Not even a journalist in brussle is bothering to cover the story...

Meles have died, but it is not righteous to be pleased on human death. Whatever ze case, to celebrate on death of such like absolute dictator is Ze God's justice. Ethiopians don't worry bcoz ze God who came to him with blood cancer is not careless to disappear him.

I know Meles Zenawi very well. I wish he was brought to court for the sake of hundred thousands of innocent civilians executed and imprisoned.

At least you have tried to keep the conversation going, thanks. This is bad news for our dictator, he does not like people talking, he prefers to tell them everything. I know it is politically incorrect to say it, but I am going to say what 80 million people are thinking and praying for; the death of their dictator. You should also be reporting this as good news, why not? Wasn't the death of Qaddafi a good news for his people and the world? The death of any dictator is a great news. I wish a dictator dies everyday! Do we have to wait for his death to say the truth.

When subjects are wishing and praying for the death of their "leader" you know we are talking about a dictator.

Hey guys, if u r supporting meles, he passed away or in short word he's gone. I u r supporting Ethiopia, he's alive. U guys who believe on human r stupid u will never show improvement. Thrash mind..

Another White blogger looking for dumb Africans to generate more web traffic $$$.

the thing is he is dead. He is a serial killer. so finally we are free.

We told pm is on sick leave (enough!)

Dear Tom i think you are doing some research otherwise you the truth about Meles.May oromo celebrate the GADA system,God will be with us

Dear Tom i think you are doing some research otherwise you the truth about Meles.May oromo celebrate the GADA system,God will be with us

The Ethiopian people has been left in the dark about their leader's health. And it seems like the international media outlets don't want to mention anything about him. We all know he was a good slave for westerners and they are hiding his where abouts now thinking they are doing him a favor. If this was about Eritrea or Sudan leader, it would have been a breaking news all over the world. We all heard his death today thanks to ESAT.

Another dictator down, more to go for Africa to be free at last. Now is the time to take back the country and create a democratic Ethiopia.

Meles leaves a disasterous and painful legacy for Ethiopia, besides making the country landlocked, divided by ethnic and religious lines, he has totally impoverished the majority of the people save some of his cronies and members of TPLF.

He was the least liked and most polorizing figure in the history of the nation. Good riddance.

i don't expect at all the Ethiopian gov. to tell me the truth. Ethiopian government never been truth full , they got a jungle life style
ESAT is my reliable source... " Melese is dead" end of the story.
Mr Tom please don't waste ur time, everything u hear from the government and their puppet is TO BUY TIME, THAT ALL

We pray the Gada system to come in the land of wisdom,Oromia

Here is my conclusion about the PM's state of health. Knowing TPLF (small clicks of the executives) for years, the Ethiopian government will never admit the death of the PM until they agree on who's taking the power. They just simply buying the time to plotting their next steep. We shouldn't be rocket scientist to conclude that the Ethiopian PM is 100 percent dead. Shame on the international media. As expected, the Obama administration is dumb. We, Ethiopians know that the State Department by collaborating with the CIA, currently working day and night to transfer the power to another dictators, may be worst than the late PM Meles. Mark my word, the PM is died with metastasize cancer!

He is abducted by Aliens.

Thanks 4 y'r information. I know the Ethiopian mass media evade the PMs current status but he is know his status is at comma ... I pray for him the GOD recover his health status but I blame all of E.p.R.D.F High authorities they simply evade the people the peole have the altimate right for information also all E.R.T.A journalists R dull,selfish,weyanewoch,parot... Every day & night they transmite false information.

what a deffrinc does he deat makes he die 37 years ago , when he polte to devid Ethiopia .

very sad the Ethiopian people are not blessed to see the anamel to be in a cage sent to the
Huge .

The reason why his whereabout is still a mistery may be he has told his colleagues not to tell anyone where he would be until they get a go ahead from him. Hence, according to their culture, they need to respect his word (even if he is dead).

There will be sufficient time for the truth either meles is alive or not. But, in what mind some people think, .......?

All of u mind ur own business.u seem like u care a lot on the prime minster health u all don't ur jealousy is reveling ur deep emotion toward the prime minster. The government has already told us he is recovering let him rest .... By the way some of u make living out by reporting lies to the people so I don't blame u.

This regime knows deep down its vein its unpopularity. This regime exclusively represents the interest of the Tigray people. Therfore, by logical extension the non-tigray ethiopian people do not have any "right' to know about the whereabouts of meles zenawi. This regime has ruled ethiopia with a defacto system of ethnic apartheid in which tigreans are above the law and would not even be prosecuted if they commit murder. Meles has been running anexhibitingly open system of tigray as the most favoured region above evry thing else. By contrast ll the other regions have been ruled with an iron grip and harsh treatment, denial of the basic human right of the subject population and with complete alienation. This is strictly speaking and without an ounce of doubt a regime of occupation. The secrecy of TPLF shrouded in a trojan horse name called EPRDF arises out of the fundamental interest of keeping the interest of tigray and establishing defacto (as meles himself put it in front of Dejazmatch Zawdie gebresilassie)the "jewish state of tigray". The TPLF is the war lord group that handles this business of plundering ethiopia and the tigray people are the only people who have the mandate to ask about meles's health. This is manifested in the recent request through their formal representatives (the TPLF. The tigrians have formally asked to be updated aboutthe "great leader's status".Otherwise the regie does not care the slightest about any respect to the res of the people of ethiopia and does not feel pressure to honestly inorm on the health status of the people. The secrecy of TPLF is totally entangled arouund advanced the cause of tigray at the expense of the rest of ethiopia.

It is a super proof for there is no press freedom (freedom ) in Ethiopia.

He will come back soon. That is what I and others who are not narrow and feeble minded wish.
He is the gratest of all before and after him. Long live the premier!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do so many people bother these match to know about our prime minister either he is dead or alive? The man is already popular in his good deed to the whole continent by the G20 groups, besides the country is doing fine without our favorite leader so far. But if you really have to see him and know that he still exist, then be patient, Brussels already retrieved his Brain and Japan is on the final stage of processing his resemblance, in a few weeks you will meet prime minister Meles Zenawi. However, one sad story is that Brussels couldn't retrieve his knowledge of EPRDF and part of his ability to speak Tigrigna, so it will be a total new game when he enters the parliament to address that he is well and same person as he is before. So please do not be too anxious to know about his whereabouts and well being. Let the man Rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all pray for our leader, and wish all the best!

I saw and focussed not the end of PM Meles's regime. I see the beginning of Lord God's work and everlasting glory. God has handed the nation over to His elect (the one nobody imagined can lead the country). Marvelous?????
King Saul is despised and deposed, and the runt David has been anointed for leadership by Mighty God. That is the fate of Ethiopia.

PM Meles is a human being like all us, he illed as a human being and taking medication to recover his health. People, as an Ethiopian-a christian land , why we pray to God for good health, peace, posetive thinking for leaders, good & positive economic change to our country. Please God bless Ethiopia and its people. Plesae God, help our PM and recover his health. The people of my country turn your face to God-He is only the solution. Only God keeps Ethiopia.
God bless Ethiopia.

Meles is dead.
It is over. His Thugs expect him back to power from "Miami Beach"excursion lol.alas!the devil is gone!

I just say every media trustness b/c they couldn't digout real info to the people. Missing Meles of should bother everyone he is big dog barking for africa. Rather this he is a hard and fast of freedom thrusted people

If meles is really rcovering and taken some rest as per bereket's speeech, It will be disrespectful for all Ethiopians Who are seeking pure information about our leader. But if he is incapacitated or dead as exiled opositions told, I will understand Ethiopian governmnet is not the one I will rely up on it and I will understand they don care about the people.

Dear Tom

I think we have already sufficient information from the Ethiopian government about Meles that he is fine and will be back to work soon, period. Why are you keeping on asking the same question again and again? It seems you will never be satisfied unless you hear the word...”Meles is dead". If this is what you wanted to know, I am sorry, I must tell you that you should have to wait for another 15 years, at least. Please don't waste your time writing on something that benefits no one except those rumor addicted Diasporas.

Hi tom,I think you miss the point here.You should know by now that the people of ethiopia have no right to know about him because we never elected him to begin with.He is a puppet of the west and they should tell us who they want to put instead of him.USA were supporting dictators long ago because they would do what ever it takes to prevent that any country not to be with the side of SOVETUNION.That excuse was ok to swallow but what can you say when they let 90million people to evil org.(TPLF)for more than 2 decay to be terrorized by one mann.If he is dead then he is really blessed not facing justice.Lets gamble here whether he comes or not.His supporter who have committed crime,torcherd,and stolen millions are now nervous and some of them are sending the money and there family abroad.You have to be TPLF to do that the other supporter from another ethnic group they have no possibility to even try to send there family.Just see what happened to that treater (JUNEDIN SADO AND HIS WIEF have become a victim of TPLF as usual.Every body who supported will be seen as guilty as TPLF:Ethiopia will be a better place after TPLF:Long live ethiopia and death for murderer TPLF and there supporter.

Meles is definately dead and wanna know the cause?... believe it or not, call me fool or wise, he was absolutely ok till he messed up the lives of Ethiopians at large and Muslims in particular after which prayers accompanied by sincere tears raised in every mosque from every broken heart which made the almighty Allah (s.w) keep his promise and accept our prayers whenever we beg him. God willing (Insha'allah) Dr. Shiferaw and all orchesrators of our opperession will follow.

Tommy, a bunch of amatuer coments cannot make a story. I agree with the ides that the media is not working around-the-clock to keep us updated on Meles' status. And, the blame also goes to the administration in Addis Ababa. As Eyasu said, you should do your homework first...

Many thanks to god and It is good experience to Ethiopia that we proceed our living with out melese for the past 2 months. What is new thing? If there is the Constitution, people are coming/passing and through the constitution the rest of people is going on.
What I want tell you CPJ you don't know the Fallopian culture regarding information and please try to know the culture and the norms of the people in order to have a direction otherwise if you are comparing with western it is difficult.

God bless our leader!!!

This clearly shows that the existing government of Ethiopia has no respect for its people. They have kept us in dark for the past twenty years without giving us trustful informations.

I don't know what i say they told us as we have constitutionblized govt but thex hide us the truth is that an emage of this kind of govt?

Dear Tom,
According to the Ethiopian satelite TV Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is dead.ESAT reported that Meles is dead and the source is International crisis group(
Here is their contact address
Brussels Office (Headquarters)
149 Avenue Louise
Level 24
B-1050 Brussels
Belgium [map]
Tel: +32-2-502 90 38
Fax: +32-2-502 50 38
Email: [email protected]

Tom, who the hell are you considering yourself to mess up in Ethiopian politics? Is this your business? Leave us alone and let the issue be discussed among Ethiopians. Because you people in CPJ and your likes claim yourself as protectorates of journalism or bla bla doesn't legitimize you to rule over our internal politics.
The issue of Meles is also for Ethiopians to. Needless to say, Meles is a humanbeing who can get sick and ultimately subject to death no matter when. There is no big deal here. Actually what matters is the system in Ethiopia is working proper even in his absence and no sign of vaccum is observed. So why don't you get another victim and leave Ethiopia alne to manage its business????

Rumors-don't -matter July 31, 2012 2:51:23 AM ET

PM Meles is back soon. No more pressure to the Government. Most People, who are like to see Ethiopia stable, and keep on blooming, are wishing for him good health. Some who don’t want see that are preparing to cheer his death. Correct, Ethiopian electorate has the right to know. For example, if any thing happens to the US president, even hiccups over the weekend, we hear about it on Monday, but I believe Ethiopian government is handling the case responsibly, let’s wait and see it. But for those who are waiting to hear a bad news, I don’t think it is short cut head to the Ethiopian palace, I think PM. Meles created gazillion young and vibrate Ethiopian from North to South, so relax.

MELES is fine and he is taking rest. but I would like to say for those who said meles has died your assumption is a day dream so please be positive thinker!!!!!

OUR PM Meles is in a good health and those who are bad wishers will continue their day dream and their over all result will be zero.

Praise be to allah, meles disappeared from ETV.
Inshalah, ETV itself will disapear soon!

Individuals are not history makers but the product of history.we hope meles didn't die.But aren't there many meleses within the party? there are indeed.His intellegent grasp of his job is evident can't be neglected.From one uni to more than 31 universities,roads,and health care institutions can not be denied.He has represnted africa in many international meetings.Most and foremost we Ethiopians do not have a culture of back biting.We know YES and No thoroughly.Challenge& confront him with intellect.god bless you.

what ever it is he is not suppose to back to arat kilo!!!i do not want to die him like this .he has to stand before justice for his wired deeds!!!!!he is dictator and criminal!!!!sold the land of ppl to foreign piggy investors!!!loot ethiopian ppl money and save in different banks for his future luxurious life!!!!!!!!! victory for Ethiopians!!!!!!

oww God please 4give him a good health, always ma prayer with u! God bless him!

am happy to hear dictator's death!oh my GOD!

Hi Tom,

I thought that you would have some new information to tell us the where abouts of Meles; but you are basically paraphrasing comments from the previous post.

The following were highly searched words in Google for the past month:

- Meles Zenawi
- Meles Zenawi News
- Meles Zenawi sick
- Meles Zenawi ill
- Meles Zenawi health
- Meles Zenawi dead
- Meles Zenawi death

Can someone please find out what is the truth and tell us if Meles Zenawi is dead or alive?

This is day 39 that 85 million people are without its leader. You can't drag this for too long. We hope to hear the truth soon.

The Ethiopian government spokesperson mentioned that Meles Zenawi is on sick leave, but never mentioned who is running the country in his absence. This leads me to believe that deputy PM Hailemariam Desalegn is not in charge. This means the government is breaking its own constitution for not allowing the deputy PM to lead the country when the PM is ill.

My prediction is that the Woyanne party will pressure the deputy PM (Hailemariam Desalegn) to resign so that they can install their new man as the new PM.

Time will tell! May God protect Ethiopia and its children!

Dear Mr. Tom Rhodes is CPJ’s East Africa consultant--

What a gibberish blog you have us read! What makes me wonder is whether you are CPJ’s true East Africa consultant or not. If you are, share us the qualification you have had to be assigned as a consultant.

As far as I can judge based on your blog you are nothing but a biased individual hireling of those who don’t give any due respect for commonsense.

Dear Tom Rhodes is CPJ’s East Africa consultant

What a gibberish blog you have us read! What makes me wonder is whether you are CPJ’s true East Africa consultant or not. If you are, share us the qualification you have had to be assigned as a consultant.

As far as I can judge based on your blog you are nothing but a biased individual hireling of those who don’t give any due respect for commonsense.

Amazing how they are testing what we test everyday in Ethiopian life...complete media clampdown. The other day VOA was jammed/disturbed whatever when there was news about the Oromo. Welcome to Ethiopia where an artificial information embargo is on place... and Where there is no air to breath...Our cries will go down in history as not to be heard by God or man

Good to see prime minister Meles to safer,he deserve that safer.Ethiopian government didn't talk however the American CIA Meles dead.No matter they talk or not 2012 is the end of Meles.Just know there are no free press (media) on the world,western media talk about hunger.bad in Africa if we ask why? For their own interest not for African people.

a clear fear? Reasond 4rm recent Moyale mayhem. Though da tplf take isnt just

Tom why don't you tell us the details where PM Meles is and about his condition? instead of telling us about the eagerness of the ppl to know abt the PM.

I have information that ethiopian government leaders are flying out from the country after the news of Meles death.

Males was a good leader and tplf have a right to rule ethopia. Where are witness dergii ruler and mad-king haile salase tigree is the best of all

Long live Social Media !!

Unlike us, the West already know that Mr. Zenawi is dead. They are keeping quite until they find someone just like him who can execute their dirty works undermining the National interest.

Meles is already dead. But the TPLF security agents are looking for the successor. Hope that is why TPLF security agents currently take a miserable & injustice action on Ethiopian Muslim citizen brutally, only because they asked for their constitutional right. An action which only some stupid can take against human being.

Hi Tom,
how much you pay me if i gave you true information suported with vedio? i know hwere he about ...

I wish Meles quick recovery. But wea is da role of da 'media',we just wanted 2 knw hz wea about. I luv Ethiopia. Read da book called, 'An enemy of the people' by Henrick Ibsen, u wl notice da thru chemistry of da 'media'. And u wl expose them. CPJ is part of them.

Whatever , as i belive he will came back soon . Cus meles has a love of Ethiopia .remember this whenever meles is best of the best !!!

The dogs bark but the caravans move on. No matter what Ethiopia has changed for the better for good. Thanks a lot Meles!

Hi all

The PM is alive,if you want to see him go to the palace and ask for permission to visist him.Julst like any other petient, the Dr at Brussles prescribed him 15 days of rest. Then for sure he will be in office even if he could't continuehis officce, why do we need him, he thought us how we can llive for the next two-three milinium. Don't forget that there are millions of other Zenawis in Ethiopia. This tells us that he is dead but the dead and obviously we nknow those who died and those who will died for eternity.


What a cluster of useless information - we want answers for questions such as "where is he?" "what is wrong with him?" "is he dead?" "is he alive?" “is he coming back?” “what’s happening to the government?” “how are they handling it without his absence?” – we want answers!!!!

We must now about our leader. It is not feir haiding like this.

I wish to see Meles on the TV screen and see those rebish rats dieying alive though most of them died 20 years ago.

I can guarantee you he is dead, then what?, does it really matter?

I don't understand why people are concenrned about the death of our PM.But of we have to argue there are so many research questions.

who wants the PM death? why they need? what they gona do if he is dead? what is thier plan after his dead? why ther eare so interested in his dead? whay kind of goverment they need ? ( while the goverment is properly functioning,)what kind of leaders they need? what kind of constitution they need ? what kind of peace they need ? Ethiopia had been in war for the last Mellinium and we onlygot rest for the last 20 years are they going to bring back that war again? we have to focus on this kind of issues other wise don't waste your time!!!!!!!!!!!1

Trust me, he is dead. I think Weyane hold the information because there would be some king of shake even among themselves. So they lie about his death for their own good.

Every body back to work now. Weyane has forgotten him, so you have too. BTW Azeb has been blocked from going outside the country. Do you know that? If Meles is alive who dares to do this? Tell me if she has been out of the country since the beginning of his death rumor. There is none. This justifies that there is no Prime minister by name Meles anymore :)

Something is wrong with the way questions are being directed. If people are asking the where about of the PM from the Government you are already told he is on sick leave. If you want to know if the PM is dead ask those who are saying he is dead to proof it.

The biggest of all liars are journalists and this colonial agenda motivated institution called CPJ. Tom Rhodes will never understand Ethiopian politics and it is better if he just shut up his colonial mouth, in the final analysis he have no good to offer for African's.

Yes we Ethiopians believe he is dead!! But his employers (England and USA) are in a panic state to announce his death before they got a perfect agent ones again!!
BBC was reporting about ethnic clashes but doesn't look bothered about their recruit who shed blood for the last 38 years.

Melez has bad legacy, he was only feeding his tribe Tigray and his death could be disastrous to them not rest of Ethiopians, I hope that nation to be freed from that guys and I am sure they will develop after him, No western media is going to report his whereabouts bcz he will sack if he is found a live and cut their ties that is why they abstain, Governments of Western countries, Melles is needed dictator.

Just one question
Do you know the only PM at least in decades who have never takeen a leave for the last 20 years?

Thanks Bukasa

But I had question though ... Both Ethiopian prime minister Meles and Ghanaian president Mills died suddenly in few months time after they attended G8 meeting. They were sitting together in the G8 meeting (See the video if you from internet) ... and ... I suspected some sabotage. Some media say the cause for both is Cancer. Could this be a fabrication also? No idea, I just suspected. Any one after this argument?

Hello Ethiopians! Meles has been dead for long time. He was dead the day he sold his country and government to the Americans and the west. A death of a puppet is not a big deal; another puppet will appear for you. Ethiopian existence militarily and economically depends on the west. You have a very reach country naturally, but since you the Ethiopians are so lazy, you been bagging and accepting aid for ages which is the only way you can survive, or as a second choice to sell part of your land to other governments like China, shame on you and your leader. I bet that Ethiopian situation is going to be in deep shit, and you will be screwed by the west again and again. Because what goes around comes around! Thomas

I am sure by the time he comes back you will shut your mouth properly. But for now talk parots. You are reding nonesense message from useless media like ESAT and echoing back to us. If you listen or watch such media your are playing dirty game to your life , do you know that ESAT is a deep dream and dreaming for the 1945 Ethiopia goverment. I am sure they will wake up in 2045 believe me.

Emperor Bukasa

all of are fulish people

you will never here the death of thePM officially until his inner circle put thier properties in the right place. So wait with petience?

Thanks Seble

I think the story goes on how you want the news to be.ESAT said he is dead. In fact they killed him a couple of weeks ago .For those toxic diaspora we don't play in to your cards.

Breaking news! Meles is alivefinally. The TPLF is very secretive and playing with your mind. ESAT announced yesterday Meles is dead and start telling his 21 years power as he is dead. I want to see the expression of ESAT people when Meles appeared in the parilament. The government will never tell you or announce that Meles comes back as a big news. They will show the parilament session on TV and leave you there to see Meles. Just wait and be ready for the ride. Personally, I'm not pro Meles but I tell you that much he will be back. Someone told me he is alive.

I think it is high time to ask the international media to uncover the truth. We know those respected media tried their best for reporting the truth even under hectic and chaos war. There are examples, who gave their lives while reporting. We do not demand that. We do not ask anyone to pay a price of life. We just demand, the truth, which is already under their hand. There are lots of speculations about our PM whereabouts. Based on this, we are asking the international media-for uncovering a truth. Otherwise, they are committing a big mistake as this point in time and the Ethiopian people will be skeptical about international media.

Dear Tom,
For the horn Africa peopoletin death of Melles is Great news, for the west is bad news, the horn Afircan want peace and developiment, and the west want to see us baging them for everything, democracy blong to people of antaire wolrd, while wester think blong just to them, Melles was wester puppet so BBC, CNN, so on they can not reports such matter until they will find another Dog like Melles.

@By Mulugeta on July 31, 2012 2:03 AM ET,
You are so funny. He wrote because there is no credible information for his whereabouts? You can follow what your master mind is telling you. It is your responsibility to find the truth. If you think that you already have, do not disturb us. We are still searching. Searching and unleashing the truth. It will not be too far to know his status. I do not care, who can rule the country but I do car about chaos that might happen under such hidden transition. So, please enjoy about what you heard and leave us on looking for the truth. In the end we will celebrate together.

Pm melese is important men bv death is must for all

Meles is dead, long live Ethiopia. The Tigre clique can go on believing their own illusion of ruling over us until a simple fact sinks into their skull that 4% is not 96%. The west knows what is going on. They can see the images of Meles and the meetings of the clique from the space. They don't want to tell us because they don't give a rat about our freedom. But, this is Ethiopia. We will show the world that man doesn't live by the bread alone. That philosophy of poverty will be burried with Meles and his Tigre clique. Tempus ajax rerum says Latin. Witness the racist house cards falling!!!

I am very sorry for the death of the president of Ghana, I don't intentionally do this to him while I poisoned the dictator the two were together!

a person that speaks what ever he like,he will hear what he doesnot like.Please ETHIOPIAN people,meles zenawi is recovering to its normal health.

I don't think Meles is dead, the external media and the oppositions are making it a very big deal than it really is, they are just having a wishful thinking!!

Let's hope that Meles will be back alive and well and hopefully finish his last term in office. We really want the political stability to achive our goals........ that's right the GTP, we don't want the interference of the self in-titled seviour of the Ethiopian people who actually live in Europe and America and have little or no idea about the current states of Ethiopia.
I hate all you part time politicians residing in America or where ever!!

pray please pm zenawi God bless Ethiopia

Dear Mr Rhodes,
Thank you for your continuous effort in searching for the truth. We have nothing to say except thanks the Almighty who directs you to be with us under this situation. Our country is in critical stage. Freedom of speech is buried in the name of ‘Terrorism’. We are only allowed to hear day and night the silly and stinky news broadcasted by the stated owned TV and Radio. You cannot imagine how they are unkind to their own people. I doubt the existence of any country in this world ruled by group of haters. They hate the country, the people and also the truth. It is really mysterious. I do not understand the reason why these group of people (high officials of TPLF) rules a country and its people that they hate. They always appear to public with information that steers up the anger of the people.
It is under this situation that a person like you is needed to inform the world about the ongoing secret and hectic activities done in the country. I am afraid that this group will let the country in to chaos. It is not too late for the international community and other responsible body to stop the coming turmoil. We do not really need to hear their lip service once it happens.
Hope you will keep on reporting until freedom of speech fully exercised in our country.

Let God be with you.

Dear Tom,

Your name will be in the list of heros for Ethiopia. Everybody knows that we are poor but we are also great people. This time no body cares about us except you. I know you are doing your job but there are thousands of journalists who did not care about an issue that has an impact on 90 million people because we are poor. Because you care about us during this difficult time, you will be in the hearts and minds of Ethiopians and your name is already engraved in Ethiopian history.

Thanks a lot.

It's amazing that a leader of the 2nd most populous country in the African continent disappears with no trace. There can only be a few logical explanations:
1. All the western countries leaders and their security apparatus know every detail about the case.
2. If he is terminally ill and would not recover/come back to life/work - they wanted to give the TPLF leadership time to figure out a peaceful power transfer (both in the interest of TPLF leadership and the WEST from peace and stability stand point).
3. If he is already dead - again they wanted to keep this as a secret and give time for peaceful transition into post Zenawi Ethiopia.
4. In all cases, both the key PEOPLE in TPLF leadership and the WEST know what is going on and believe sharing that 'untimely' will not serve their objective.
If he were anti-WEST dictator - the scenario will be the exact opposite - think of Qaddafi...there were all possible rumors about him being caught/killed before it actually happened. All the major news media (CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera etc..) were there to report rumors and investigate and provide updates...

I guess the above analysis provides some explanation to people who wonder what and ask why?????

I dnont think Misles is dead.

Afuna & Tebisha July 31, 2012 9:43:19 AM ET

I dont want to wish death upon any human being... But Meles went too far by messing with innocent Ethiopian Muslims.. Nd those who want to destroy Islam will be destroyed by the Almighty God... If he is dead I hope Ethiopia elect a very knowledgeable Minister who put his pple and his country first and who always protect his country nd who will never allow western to controll him or his country... I hope some day Ethiopian pple unite under one roof by not dividing each other by their ethnics or religion nd live peacefully in their own country.. I am oromo Muslim nd proud nd I hope some day we all get along and live peacefully in our country.. Nd Ethiopia/Oromia will never fail... Its the country of love and peace... May Allah protect this beautiful country nd keep blessing its pple.

Peacetoallhumankind July 31, 2012 9:45:53 AM ET

Hi! Men whether you believe or not and whatever it is, Melese is one of the great leaders of Ethiopia and his name should be in the list of heros.

no body want the daeth him even no body hate Meles ,but his leadership.

We ethiopians know about the western countries interest. Thats why any western medias and diplomats they trying to hide dictator zenawi's dead body. They ( western coutries) trying to foul us, we know till they get puppet like blood sucker zenawi it will be hidden from ethiopian people.We all know zenawi is dead. I wish he is not dead, I wanna see him in the court, I wanna see him to suffer like ethiopian suffer by him and his thugs. Shame on you all medias specially western countries. We will bring our sovereignty by ourselves.We know after cold war US and Great britain what they want and what they need. They let the rest of the world for dictators as long as being thier allies. But they wrong thigs changed now its 21st century as long as we all human biengs not free from thier stupid thinking like thier interest and they call it good allies................????????

Meles Zenawi is in India. Meles took sick leave and he secured a consulting job with major Indain Power companies, per Azeb's request to make some money to help pay for the hospital bills. The result is an Addis Ababa like power outages all over India. Today, India suffered its second huge, crippling power failure in two days, depriving half of indian population without electricity.

i hope he will return soon and lead the people of the country for the next three years and will take rest by enjoining by his fruitful outcomes

you are rampant who are you wish the death of the briliant leader meles zenawi

Hi all beloved Ethiopians! I some thing 4 u meles is not only person in ethio&also his death is nothing to ethio b/c our country has alot of intellegent persons who can lead even creat people but don't get chance to don't worry about meles death we have 83mil people.

Meles Zenawi was a killer. I do not wish him a simple death as any innocent person does. The Ethiopian people supposed to get a chance to put him in a blust furnce or grinde him in a grinde machine. He deserve haile.. by the way who is going to pay back his evil performace the past 20 years...The Tigray people....we will see. just stay tun in

If Meles is asleep I don't want him to wake up. If he is dead,let me know and with my fellow Ethiopians I will put a huge stone on his grave so that he will not have the slightest chance to get out of his grave. He was the darling of the west,but the enemy of the Ethiopian people. As for the news black out, never mind,they can't hide it for ever. Now the question is how are we going to get a democratic election and choose the leader of our beloved nation. I don't care weather he/she is from Tigrai,oromia or any ethnic group or religion. I want to cast my vote to the politician of my choise. Is it too much of a dream? God bless Ethiopia. And please guys leave alone CPJ and Tom! what did they do to any of Us? Because they right articles and shout for the freedom of expression?

I can't believe there are people out there still waiting for the government to tell us the truth after 21 years of lies and deception. And they are still using this big lie strategy till they figure out the power transition from one TPLF to another one. This shows how much they are ignoring the people, how much they think majority is just dum. It shows the way they have been operating for the past 21 years and still want to continue their rule with the iron. These invents shows how much the west ignores the people of Ethiopia. It shows out story is not the worlds interest we don't deserve to know the truth because we don't have oil. We don't deserve freedom as long as their agenda is archived. We don't deserve honesty and good governance because we are after all Africans that could be bought anytime. We don't deserve fair election because we are poor. We don't deserve news coverage because their interest on us doesn't go beyond fighting terrorism. Sad if Meles was opposing the US this would have been the head line news and the most talked about in the world. Famine, war, and celebrities get better coverage. I feel sorry for those waiting to see Meles come back healthy to rule again, you must have confused him with Jesus. If he doesn't and he is dead you should blame your so called government. Remember you are holding 80 million people in the dark and making situations worse. Hiding it make it right, be open and don't be afraid to negotiate.

He is alive, don't speculate your assumptions. He is a great leader of Africa not only for Ethiopia. We are a people who have lacking to speak and respect your leadwers. I always apreciate the West people who ever comes on paower respects.

PM is one of the African leader who has legacy in histroy.

Mohammed Osman July 31, 2012 12:57:31 PM ET

We ethiopian dont wish Pm meles to death but what we need is just un information abt our country!pls pls!may god be with u meles.....!

Sineshaw fekadesilassie July 31, 2012 1:40:38 PM ET

Many mayhave perceived him as an industrious leader,this is what he wanted others to assume of him.He is the wolf in sheep's skin.Who do you want to tell you about a fire? the one who is burned or the one who watched others burning?We the burned know it too wellthat him and his kronies have benefited while we perished under his iron fist!He stands to thighten his grip on powerand never to protect our freedomand preserve our way of life. Now that the decision from the almighty has come he has perished even with out the chance to repent.Woe be to his alies,his is closed

We shouldn't be a Little mind and littele thinking around ourself, we need to think in a wider percpective not for ourselves, but for the majority! Why you guys thinking in micro level for yourselves? I am not supporting any politcal groups, but speaking the reality.

Check the reality and your own reality without hating people.

We have many unrealistic people; they speak and commnent up on people. At least PM Melese has contributed for Ethiopia. No matter how the limitation all the Party people exists. If you go west and east, nothing is more and less, all leaders have their strong side and some limitations. I strongly believe, PM Melese has strong side to develop our country.You can comment, but comment the positives too. If you don't do such good judgment, you will not be lebled as a man who see things balancing for the reality.

Leave us alone!!!!!!!!!!

Tilahun Chufamo July 31, 2012 3:03:54 PM ET

if we lose him,we lose many things and we loose peace in our country so it's better to wish long live to our prime minester may God bless him!

All trash and inhuman talks! Don't judge for ye shall judged by!

Despite the fact that the majority of commentators on any blog currently runing love meles (as THE FATHER OF THE NATION, ENGINEER OF REBIRTH OF ETHIOPIA)and wish he is alive for the next 100 years, your blog tries to covince readers that the pro and against-meles's death are equally divided. No! most Ethiopians love Meles and his guts,his wit, his genius. He outshined most leaders and impressed the world with his talent.


I think CPJ is trying to exploit this situation to its interest,Several goverment officials gave press realease that he is on sick leave. The Deputy prime minister,Hailemariam Desalenge, Bereket Simon, Sibhat Nega, and Girma Biru.

Why are you interested to know where he is staying ?????????????????????????

I advise all Ethiopian who are worried about their country to listen the Interview of Aboy sibhat Nega with VOA.

There is no gap,and there is also properly drafted succession plan of EPRDF,and Melese will step-down after three years from his party leadership and ofcourse if EPRDF is Elected also from Priemership.

Ethiopian do not be an intrument of the western who are defeated in Adwa 100 years and Economically by China.....

They want pupet everywhere, The western were freinds for 30 years with Mubarek,Alasad, even Gedafi ( Hitory will show all the videos and pictures of the weastern leaders drinking whisky with him) etc.

I respect the legitimate demand of Ethiopians for more freedom and democracy in their country but the Neo-Libral instruments like CPJ,Human Rights watch are anti Ethiopa elements.

I have no doubt that our loved PM is coming back in office with full energy and health! No matter what Meles is to lead us through our Growth and Transformation Plan!
We pray for his fast recovery.
I am sorry for the ESATS for using the CPJ as a reference to confirm the premiers death!
ESAT is developing severe hallucinating disorders.

Asc actually its glad to all muslims the death of the cursed mogrel I wish muslims will feel happy malez has no right please burn him into ash or hand over his corpse to Alshabab almujahidun to put on court while he is dead Alahu Akbr

Saifullah bin mujahid July 31, 2012 4:44:29 PM ET

Nice. He is dead. The man who dragged Ethiopia back is dead.I don't wish death for anybody anything but yes he has to die.

For me, Melese Zenawi died when he claimed to having won 99.6 % of the vote in the last election.

Meles is alive, he never is and was sick, TPLF is trying to show that they are not one man led. he will come soon ETV and he will say, I am just a single man I am not respobsible in what has happend in every day life in Ethiopia, but as whole parlamint is. we are very democrat than our enemy thing. and EAST are thier victm. They are acting on behalf of TPLF with out thier intension. then this game will help TPLF for the next 5 more year, thanx to EAST, Dammies.

Tom is a picture of a dead person. He never been on tweet.
Melese died like three weeks ago. I got that news on one of the American Intelligence news agency page. That is true...

Now the important thing is establishing a new nation : a nation that loves its country, a nation that focuses on its unity... etc..

His death is for good ...

Sorry guys to tell you that the Ethiopian government is the one who sponsors this website for broadcasting its propaganda. Tom is false name used to deceive the Ethiopian people.

Alexander Viviki July 31, 2012 8:49:07 PM ET

TMZ sourse tells me he passed on July 15th being operated for a Brain Toumer no wonder his eyes bulges out like that I am no DR. but the pressuere from the toumer can cause that

TPLF's agenda was not working for the Ethiopian people. Their starting point was exterminating Amhara (for them Amhara means anybody who is living south of Tigre). If you read the first publication of "Republic of Tigre" anyone can easily understand their motives. For the past 50 years TPLF tried all the possible ways to challenge the sovereignty of the rest of Ethiopia. Within this past half a century period of our history, TPLF and its ally never respite from digging a hole to divide and rule the people. It is the old style used by colonizers.

Now we are in a very critical point in history. They roble us as much as they can to make their luxurious life long lasting, while the rest of the country is starving. The sabotage, in producing worthless and illiterate Ethiopian for the past 21 years was mainly designed to make us incompetent. Now become clear as we see a Master Degree holder on the streets. It is becoming normal to see Homeless educated Ethiopians on the streets of Addis. Whereas the “a young Scientist in Mekele” who has all support from TPLF/EPRDF; illustrations us that how the education system is designed to favor Tigre and cripple others. All the rest of their action can be evidenced by these rubbish people who have no intention of making the life of non tigrians better. But the opposite is true.

The head and tail of all this clutter in history next to Isayas is Meles. Both were enemies of Ethiopia from the beginning. When they come to power, they kill many Ethiopians, robe banks, burn schools, churches and mosques. After they took power in 1991; they made the life of Ethiopians miserable. Isayas took resources to Asmara and Meles took every single wealth Ethiopia had including valuable Industries to Mekele. They divide us not to speak same language. They jailed us when we ask our rights. They killed us when we demand for freedom. They created artificial and green droughts when we need food. Whereas, in the other side of the realm, TPLF members and greedy supporters; are sleeping in a bag full of money.
So what are you telling me? They are now preparing to do rather a bigger hole to rule as long as they can. We do not allow them. Not me... we need freedom. Any Ethiopian should have the right to speak his mind. And fight for its human rights!!!! May God Bless Ethiopia.

Dear Tom, i been following your articles concerning the where about of Melese and i found it interesting because it strike the mind of we the Ethiopian to get ready before something the worst is happening from the inner circle .according to the nature of Melesse and his brutal regime it is well known that missing from Minilik palace for more than 3 weeks means he is Dead,,,,the bottom line,it is good to hear that he sleeps forever and we as a citizen get our freedom from his 20 years suppression. the worst part is we had a fear that the crack which happened inside his regime will bring chaos and blood shade that the worst part of the dictators,,se,la,vie God protect Ethiopia

the best proverb by Ethiopian says, Poor's dream stands always to eat Che's. and International crisis group(international crisis seeker) also dreams on the dis stabilizing of Ethiopia with its puppies.

You people please think critically. The live or death of individuals does not add value to your life.You are still living bellow poverty line.If you would like to waste your time,it would be better to waste it thinking about the ways that would take you out of poverty. All of your writings are luxurious. Do not line up your self with the rich western.please know your scope. Finally I guarantee you that we will have good news about the PM in a couple of days.

Our PM Melese is alive, don't speculate your assumptions. He is a great leader of Africa not only for Ethiopia. Please God, help our PM and recover his health.

I know that every body will die. it is a matter of time, and it is not a big deal to me his death. i knew he will soon die which is i am glad about it. life is sweet, he should ask before he killed millions of innocent life.....over all i am glad he is gone for good and left every thing he and his wife accumulate by force over a 20 yrs. Now all these thing left for oromo people....

If I were some one in position of Media, I would use my profession to find the truth and tell the people and the world the health condition of this legitimate PM. ethiopian media are not in a position to do this unless they are told by the officials to release. sooner or later i m sure i will hear the death or......

We most Ethiopian love our PM we pray he will be fine Long live!

Nothing is expected from few poison Diaspora such as ESAT and enemy of Ethiopia like CPJ to announce confused rumor about the current health status of our PM. Believe or not he is in sick live as any humanbieng with funny he will come power;

I have been surprised by some of the comments. Some go to extreme side to criticize P/M Meles Zenawi. and preparing for celebration. Many of the comments are biased and more subjective. Such comments are not important for Ethiopia.
Yes we know man is mortal & passes through deferent hard situation. This is true for PM Meles. Everyone has his strong and weak sides. When he was leading the country he did a lot of good things with his strong sides and there might be some shortcomings since he is a human being Why some are very happy on Meles’s sickness? It is not always true to think that those who are sick will die. They can recover. We have to think as a human being. We have to think and wish the best for our leader. Because he is representing the country. It is God who put people in the top leadership position. Nothing comes because of our hatred. Rather we have to think what is the best for PM Meles and for Ethiopia.

Hi Guys – be balanced in your comment

May God bless Ethiopia and give PM Meles good health.

Deeds and Misdeeds of Meles Zenawi
Meles and his party TPLF/EPRDF have done uncountable damages to Ethiopia. He denied us access to the sea both politically and legally, damaging all future generations. He immersed us in bloodshed with our Eritrean brothers and sisters with a meaningless war. He sowed a toxic political system based upon ethnicity; despised our tri-clour flag as a mere garment. He dismantled the Ethiopian army that fought for national integrity and forced the soldiers into beggars. He intentionally damaged the Amhara people saying Neftegna, Chauvinist and enemy of other nationalities; subjugated Oromos saying Tebab and terrorist; Created enemies to the Tigray People (far and near). He brought forward ethnic animosity. He harboured extreme corruption with his entire political entourage especially with Al Amoudi. Hatred has been the rule of the day. He instituted a trash education system to the public and he sends his children to China & the West. He made us pay One Billion USD per annum in port fees at Djibouti. He created over 1,000km land border from within us (by dismembering Eritrea); entirely guarded with hundreds of thousands of soldiers costing us billions of USD each year. As a result, cost of living has soared beyond control & people languished of hunger, poverty & mistreatment. Justice and rule of law have long sublimed. After 21 years in power, he still begs food for his people. Through his intentionally distorted land policy, he kept the entire society a hostage; denying us a free plot of land to plow/construct a house. He wasted too much resource for spying his own citizens. He relinquished the whole of Eritrea and Assab more willingly than the Eritreans themselves and fought for Bademe village! How rubbish! All key security and military positions are held by one group, people from his district (Adowa locality) to be more specific. He is a coward and vindictive who considers every one outside his circle as his enemy ………. (Uh the list is too much). Generally, he is a poisonous embarrassment this oldest nation in the globe has ever seen.

Lately (in the 11th hour), in what seems a redress to his misdeeds, he has embarked upon the construction of big public projects which will benefit Ethiopians sooner or later. He organized some corporate companies useful for the nation. He has somehow manipulated the international community and gained some respect for himself and Ethiopia. He gained trust from both Sudans. He attempted to withstand the security threats from neighboring Somalia. Though superficial, he attempted to shape the image of Ethiopia. Above all, I thank Meles for not being too much worse than he used to be.

I feel sorry for him as he is leaving suffering from remorse of his misdeeds against his very country, Ethiopia and its dignified people. I also suspect he had not lived a humble family life. What a pity! What a great loser! Is this life after all?

Now he is either dead or irreversibly bed-ridden. Despite of his atrocities, I wish him good rest. We all need to be magnanimous to wish him peaceful rest. After all he is a product of our society. We have to forgive and look forward in a true Ethiopian way (against which he has been perpetrating for over 40 years). The rest is history. I wish the demise of all crooked thinking and the associated systems created by his party. I once again feel so sorry for Meles for leaving suddenly without forgiving his perceived enemies and forgiven by Ethiopians in return. He could have peace of mind. Good bye Meles! Have a nice rest in serenity! Without you, our future is bright. Ethiopian will soon weed out your evil teachings. Long live Mother Ethiopia!

If it was Ahmedinneejad or kim un...etc, the world's regime changers would have hunted them down to the gates of hell and informed the world of their fate.
But this dude is their ass kisser and no one is willing to comment about him.

Meles Zenawi is dead many days ago.He was a killer and crminal wanted by the hague.

it's our pleasure to hear the death of, Dictator-MELES, undoubtful HELL prepared for him. He has made all his best in hidden genocide....... of..... f....

Dear Tom,
Dear CPJ,
We have had speculations for over months about the death of the President some time back and now we are having talks about the situation of the PM. The government has said the PM is on sick leave. That is the news we require. And that has been told. The gov is not supposed to tell us about his daily situation. We will know when he gets better and when he is in the office. What is the big deal? Ethiopians are not still looking for answers on Meles. If your target has been to talk about the unfounded speculations going around your title should have been titled differently. Anyway, just so you know, the newspapers that you always advocate for carry this kind of unfounded speculations and mostly carry reports and comments like the ones you have on this blog. Are these kind of comments and reports legal in the western world for printed media?

The almighty God! I am one of the Ethiopian. please keep ur promise for this land.i dont want any leader with out ur will. Heal our PM Meles zenawi. God bless the land and all the citzns. I hate musna so much, i will take serious measures on musegnoch if i will be the leader of this cntry one day in the future. Pls elect me on the time. I love u all.

meles is alive 100%

I Know u read zs page u r alive in zs planet whether in Belgium, Brassels or in Ethiopia or anywhere u want. Ur Excellince Prime Minister Melese Zenawi Please, say somesthing. we like u, love u.

His death was long overdue. Thank God. Now he will burn in the scorching Eternal Hellfire in the Hereafter. Karma comes back 100x harder. To the beautiful people of Ethiopia, please end your relationship (s) with the West and their Allies, and your problems will be solved. Your beautiful land is being STOLEN AND USED for NATURAL RESOURCES and the common man/women/child will suffer as a result of that. End the Western DICTATORSHIP/INFLUENCES

I am writing comment for second time about pm meles zenaw health.he alive or he died this he not solution.the only problem is ethiopia rich by ethanic groups in africa .i fear facital war(civil war).we ethiopian we don't know forgive and forget in nature.even we do forgive but we don't for get for ever.for example derg top leaders or crimnals are in prison for 21 years.we must learn for give and forget.south africa white aparthaid era for 400 to 500 yrs,but black overcom to power there is no any one white in prison for what they done during aparithad era. They give foregive and forget.because of these well done world celebrate nalson mandel 94 brithdate.but we wish pm melese zenaw death. I ask for those who wish ethiopia become peacefull country pray for forgive and forget.GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA.

he is one of the greatest person in our history wither he alive or not his greatness will not change i wish all the best for our pm meles
he is our hero

what is going on everyone?? we are confused, please find out the truth and let us know!The local Media is owned by the government. we can't even browse on the internet coz they are blocking every source of information.
we need freedom and please help us!

pleas God bless ethiopia

All confused! On one hand you say there is no detailed information about his health on the other you say you are 100% sure that he is dead or 100% sure that he will be back in office soon.

For a longest time, due to god bless him Haileselassie, I was excited that the West was allies with us. When Mengistu came that was the time of demise of Ethiopia. Today it is the whole different. I now realize that Ethiopia is not an ally but a nation to be used through thugs like TPLF. If it wasn't for military given to TPLF, Ethiopians would have ousted TPLF long time ago. So Ethiopia is facing many challenges and enemies: the enemy within TPLF that created another enemy for us against our sisters and brothers Eritreans, enemies from Egypt that has nuclear supported by the West, and the West exploiting it and taking this advantage to undermine Ethiopia. So it is not the whole fault of the West, Ethiopia had already has enemies from her own children and the West is just expoliting this. We know that in undivided country such as Egypt, the West does not get involved and in fact supports its democracy. So the other blame goes to our selves. The confused groups called OLF thought they will have Oromia therefore they conspire with TPLF and Shaebia against their own brothers and sisters. Today we see the innocent Oromos facing the divide and rule policy of TPLF there is tribal war going on in Oromia and report showed us that 30000 are fleeing to Kenya. So until we wake up and rise up in unity like Egypt and sacrifice, nothing will change. Since Ethiopia's children are her own enemies they have done the damage of divide and conquer colonial style to benefit the few and foreigners. Our forefathers united against outside aggression during WWI and WWII. Today we want to bring democracy as it it is cake walk. The contempt that mainstream Ethiopians themselves, mainstream media, and donor countries, not to mention TPLF is very visible. If we ourseleves don't care about Ethipia, no one will. Perhaps the mysery of Ethiopians and homeless children on the streets of Addis perhaps will one day will unite us against TPLF. One thing is for sure though, TPLF is as alien in fact worse than any foreinger that is visiting Ethipia for the first time. The disconnect and disrespect it is showing is clearly obvious that for 21 years it has been fighting a war with Ethiopians with the support of Shaebia. They also don't know that every Ethiopian is a forgiving person that is part of how we were raised through ancestors. So TPLF's despicable mistrust is unjustified but yes this mistrust is to protect Shaebia and to fulfill Greater Tigray that is the only explanation from its mistrust of Ethiopian people. While Ghana's democratic nation announced the death of their beloved president, we see the thuggery coming from the behavior of TPLF. Instead they are rewarding us by deliberately, Alamoudi-funded, Muslim uprising, abusing now and disabling homeless children on the streets, creating tribal clash in Oromia region. There is more to come people, wait, hang on tight. On the positive note, Ethipia's heroes although few are still givng us glimmer of hope, people like Abebe Gellaw who is selfless journalist who risks his life for the love his country.

"The house that is divided will not stand" My man, Abraham Lincoln. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln has Ethiopia blood from grand father or mother side? Indeed Ethiopia has many heroes there is hope. Indeed although the world is trying to make Ethiopia irrelevant, her children will come out and she has friends all over the West and the world.

It has been written so it shall be done: "Ethiopia will raise her hand unto god"

pls don't say such unexpected news

I think he is dead cauz the case in countries were dictators are in power information is always tailored by the official to fit the public until the truth comes by itself. They are preparing and planning how to continue their power without disintegration cauz none of them capable of leading the country, and they assume themseleves as equal (all of them under strict order of Meles)and there are people who want to hadjack the situation cuaz "they were the one who fought for it". Melse wiped out all compitators (intra and inter) and weaken the opposition parties, divide the people in tribe, and now in religion. He didn't beleive anyone if you are active in any thing he want to assure that you are not opponent andhe want to be a member or he will kick you out of play. he is dictator with double face. finnaly I will say a time has come for ethiopia and ethiopians to build their country and to say NO FOR TAYRANTS!!!!

Who can tell about the health status of our Honorous p.m meles zenaw?

Let cease the gossip and innuendo on Prime Minister Meles, his wife and family, with the following categorical truth on his state of health and their collective whereabouts. did give scant mention to his presence at an equestrian event on two consecutive days at the London Olympics. Further to this he was clearly visibly in front of cameras on the first of these days flanked by his wife, Azeb Misfen, their daughter and Nigerian son-in-law. A body of Ethiopian non-uniformed personnel was evident. Olympics online news suggested that the presence of the family was due to the son-in-law’s keen interest in many horse events, he having failed to qualify for his country’s show jumping team. It may interest readers to note that the family owns a horse breeding stud in kabele 2 of the Arsi Lixxa (Bale) township of Adaba. Readers can rest assured that their prime minister is alive and well. This writer’s opinion is that he is in excellent health but suggests he has suffered somewhat from stern warnings over the future of a united Ethiopia by none other than President Barack Obama and is perhaps considering a new line of governmental approach.

The essence of the article seems to be an effort at objectiveness at the cost of the 'subjectiveness' of Ethiopians.
You could have presented facts, considering the condition of the man as far as you knew and can document. Including what you could learn from viewing the pictures of the man.
From there you could have made a spring to the rest.
Your start is weak, and your conclusion a common. Dishonesty leaks through the letters.

Meles will always live in the hearts of the non Amhara supremacist Etiopians.Long live Eprdf!Eprdf is strong as ever.

First I am not support any political party
The Ethiopian pri minster meles zenawi
He is doing much improvement our country
Like Egypt president Naser

First I am not support any political party
The Ethiopian pri minster melese zenawi
He is doing much improvement ou country
Like Egypt president Naser

If anyone doesn’t believe this thing we will talk about this thing after 10 year
Ethiopia is our country we leave together
By our love Tigre, Amhara, South, Ormo………
Please don’t think anything I am with out
Any political party I belongs only JESUS-SELASE

meles is not dead . even if govermenas

Whate happen Ethiopian peuople long time ago Etiopian nowne to keep they own contre where is a very bode .wekup .this peuople. If they do tale the trues about the pm minstre they can not lied to us.

When we say some let us keep in mind that no one
is eternal. Hate add to unreality of wish can not be solution for freedom,when time comes along everything will end.

I do not why you could not see his effort and success to bring the country from almost least developed country in the world to the position of 3rd fast developing country in the world next to China and India according to International economic agents that do not have bloody agendas like some of you who pray his death. Whatever happens his legacy is printed in the roads he constructed, in the dams he built, in the schools and hospitals he built. He did miracles within 20 years which was unthinkable to be done within 100 years reign of the bloody tyrants you adore for nothing. You always pray nonsense inspired by hate and racism

Hope Meles come back soon well.

Tom, please do not tell us. We know for ours

-No one has the right to do wrong not even if wrong has been done to them. -"absence of evidence is not evidence of absence". -power is from God not from men. God bless ethiopia. don't think bad for any body.

Annonymous - 12 August 2012
“Ethiopia tabetseh edewiha habe egziabher/God/Amlak/Wakeyo/Allah – Ethiopia ejochuan wede egziabher/God/Amlak/Wkeyo/Allah zergetalech”
But now its people, except the exceptionally few, which otherwise would have been worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, have rebelled against God/Amlak/Wkeyo/Allah (Isaiah 1: 1-31)
I have posted the following on 06 August 2012, but not surprisingly no one has responded positively anything about it, which proves that we are only for destructive criticism and not constructive to bring a better successful contribution for the improvement of the socio-economic problem of our people. May I again urge, encourage and inspire you to organize and report back to us after forming Associations of (1) The Poor People (2) The Unemployed, (3) The Homelsess (4) The Landless , (5) The Tela/Tej/Arekie Sellers (6) Setegna Adariwoch (7) Pensioners (8) The Elderly (9) The Handicapped/Venerables (10) The Minorities (11) The Deprived of Justice, (12) The Schooling Deprived (13) The Clinic Deprived (14) The Street Children (15) The Windows/ers, (16) The Job Creation Financing, (17) Other Deprived People Associations, etc Who Wish to Get Rid of Their Real/Imaginer Problems, and you would discover much sooner that such would be the problems of the past, through unity of purpose and vision and universal participation to make our beloved country a model four own happinesses, satisfactions and model for Africa and the world, in a very shorter period of time, without being only proud of our being a free country and people for over 3000 years, let’s be free from poverty, unemployment, injustices and the like, but equality before the law and God and justice for all. We could be a force of service to each other to reckon with.
Let’s hear you reactions, comment and success stories of the above and the following through email: [email protected]
By Anonymous on August 6, 2012 2:23 PM ET
06 August 2012

What would inspire your tomorrow, but your positive lifestyle of today?

0O0000000OOhhhh ! My Dears, dears, fellow Ethiopians, how bitter are you to hate your fellow Ethiopian and wish the death of your PM, whether you like it or not? It is what you deserve that you have, no more and no less. Some are even mentioning the name of God/Allah to punish him with death and that he goes to hell. Which Ethiopian character, culture or tradition are you following while both the Holy Bible and Holy Quran teach “Selam”, peace and “love thy enemy” while he is not your enemy? I wish those who claim to be believers in God, are poor, injustice made on them or on their relative or are unemployed, men and women, young and old, create unity among and between themselves to do better than what they think is not done to them or others, as “der biaber, ambessa yaser” is true now as it was in the past. The story who lost his brother and as a result how he and his father and others are suffering to date is saddening, but you cannot bring him back if the PM dies.
You/others were praying for the death of Emperor Haileselassie, he died and what did you/they get? You were praying for the death of Colonel Mengistu, he left the country for you/others, but what did you gain? Now you are blaming and cursing and wishing death for PM Melesse and some even say he is already dead, then what do you/they gain? You will not be rich or get employment or will not bring back the dead or the unjustly treated to what you want them to be. The only difference you can make is if you are creating unity to do better with other fellow humans is the only guarantee for success, say if you invite about 100 people you know for unity, they in turn each one of the unite other 100 Ethiopians each, then we have true unity for our children and grandchildren and not complaining all the time. To rule 82 million people is not easy but through unity we can administer each other, starting from the individual, growing into groups, then at mender/town/city, regional, national, continental and international levels, as globalization is not a dream but a reality, we are all One Human Family, under One Amlak/God/Allah/Wakeyo, etc.

We tried to unite fellow Ethiopians like this and to conquer hatred, poverty, enmity, injustices, disbelief in God and unity, but they do not want to, whether in Emperor Haileselassie, Col. Mengistu or this time around of PM Meless. Because unity is the only guarantee for success in everything and you do not need the media and the Government to permit you to unite for a purpose, to do good, as you can do it from your individual self to your area, the nation to the region, continent and the world, as God has created us all, even the animals, plants, minerals to live together in harmony and not fight like animals, day in and day out. You do not need to be rich or educated or employed or a believer in God for that matter to be united with another fellow human being, animals do with their species.
And if I can help you still to achieve that, talk and unite about 100 people that you know and let them do the same and let me know of your result, instead of wasting your time in cursing and wishing the death of another human being which will not give you life for yourself or others, in any case. I don’t know the PM in person or a friend, but the very thought of many of you to curse, hate and revenge against him, is wrong. If you have a better solution, then do it with others in a positive way and not negatively. Life is full of happiness and is precious than to waste our time, energy and thoughts cursing and wishing death and evil to others, no matter how bitter we are and we are hurt in the past. Change the negative to the positive and you will be healed in the process when you start building unity among the human family, start from yourself and family today, no matter how it is difficult.

Lovingly your fellow human being, happened to be Ethiopian, but it was not my choice, as no one chose to be born this tribe, race, colour or nation or religion, we all happen to acquire it.
Sorry to be open with you, perhaps you may wake up in it and make our Ethiopia the envy of Africa and the world through our unity and not divisions, poverty, hunger, tribal, religious and denominational differences, and fighting between and among ourselves, instead of our enemies of tribalism, poverty, unemployment and hatreds one to the other, that we can solve through unity within 1, 2 or 3 day conferences that you can make between and among yourselves, and then once a year all of us. If you only believe in One True God/Ande Amlak/Wahid Allah/Teko Wakeyo, etc in all vernacular languages, for One Human Family, One Uniting Faith, Equality between all people and justice for all, then you have a New Ethiopia of One People, One Family and of One VISION.
When we say African Union, United Nation, how can we fail to say Ethiopian Union/Unity, that even the future Eritreans would be one, as we are one in history, culture, religion, colour, economy, boundary, etc with Africa Unity/One, the World Unity/One, is this not everyone’s dream?

Let us know your reaction to this through email: [email protected]

For The sake Ethiopian people
Meles should be back.
Because of him the country is growing.
Do you think there will be anyone like him for our country.
If any of you want to take his place be a politician think about working hard in your country Try to make Ethiopia in the top of all nations,forget about dollars and euros and work for your Birr, stop living the fake life here in Us and elswhere,try to help your fellow Ethiopians and grow togather and then wish about the PM.
Just bacause our lazy brothers and sisters they dont work back home and we support them with cash we are the one with the big mistake.
everyone wants to go abroad. But nobody wants to go to work in the fields, Everyone dreams for easy money,DV, never thought for Washing dishes,or cars,........ there are dishes in ethiopia,there a cars inEthiopia........

how on earth to ones death. it is not human.he is a son of god.he has son and dauther. a judgment should be let to GOd too, not for heag.if meles iive or not we have nothing to lose or to add.

The new development news about PM meles's health - One of the leading Amharic weeklies, Addis Admas, reported today that Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is recuperating at his residence in the palace.
ጠ/ሚ መለስ በቤተመንግሥት እያገገሙ ነው ተባለ
ከመኖሪያ ቤታቸው ሥራ ጀምረዋል ተብሏል
ሊሰጡት ታቅዶ የነበረ መግለጫ ተሰርዟል
ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር መለስ ዜናዊ የሚገኙበት ቦታ እና የሕመማቸው ደረጃ በይፋ ባለመነገሩ ጉዳዩ ከቀን ወደ ቀን አነጋጋሪነቱ የቀጠለ ሲሆን፤ ጠ/ሚኒስትሩ ከመኖሪያ ቤታቸው ሆነው ከአራት ባለስልጣናት ጋር ብቻ በመነጋገር እየሰሩ ናቸው በማለት አንድ ከፍተኛ ባለስልጣን ጠቆሙ፡፡ እኚሁ ከፍተኛ ባለስልጣን፤ ጠ/ሚ መለስ በውጭ ሀገር ሕክምናቸውን ተከታትለው ከሳምንት በፊት አዲስ አበባ እንደገቡ ጠቅሰው፤ በሁለት ኢትዮጵያዊያን ዶክተሮች ክትትል እየተደረገላቸው ነው ብለዋል፡፡ ጠ/ሚኒስትሩ ከሕመማቸው በማገገም ላይ እንደሆኑና ቤተመንግስት በሚገኘው መኖሪያ ቤታቸው ከአራት ባለሥልጣናት ጋር ብቻ በመነጋገር፣ የሚቀርብላቸውን ሪፖርት እያዳመጡ ትዕዛዝ በመስጠት ላይ ናቸው ብለው እኚሁ ከፍተኛ ባለስልጣን፡፡
አቶ መለስ ፊት ለፊት በሚታየው የአካላቸው ክፍል ላይ ምንም ዓይነት የቀዶ ሕክምና ምልክት እንደሌለ የተናገሩት እኚሁ ከፍተኛ ባለስልጣን፣ ህክምናውን ያደረጉላቸው ሐኪሞች ብዙ ከመነጋገር እና ከመሥራት እንዲቆጠቡ እንዲሁም በቂ እረፍት እንዲያደርጉ ጥብቅ ማሳሰቢያ እንደሰጧቸው አረጋግጠዋል።
ጠ/ሚኒስትሩ ባለፈው ሣምንት በጽ/ቤታቸው አጠር ያለ መግለጫ እንዲሰጡ ታቅዶ እንደነበር እኚሁ ባለስልጣን የተናገሩ ሲሆን፤ ከጤናቸው ጋር በተያያዘ መግለጫው ሊሰረዝ እንደቻለ ምንጮች ግምታቸውን ተናግረዋል፡፡
የጠቅላይ ሚኒስትሩን ሕመም በማስመልከት ከአሥራ አምስት ቀናት በፊት ጋዜጣዊ መግለጫ የሰጡት የመንግሥት ኮሙዩኒኬሽን ጉዳዮች ጽ/ቤት ሚኒስትር አቶ በረከት ስምዖን፤ ‹‹ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትሩ ወደ ሥራ የሚመለሱት መቼ ነው? በቀናት፣ በሣምንት ወይስ በወር ጊዜ ውስጥ?›› በሚል ተጠይቀው ‹‹በቀናት›› የሚል ምላሽ ሰጥተው የነበረ ሲሆን፤ ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትሩ ግን ከአቶ በረከት መግለጫ በኋላ ለዓይን ሣይታዩ ሁለት ሣምንት ተቆጥሯል፡፡
በአጠቃላይ ከአደባባይ ከራቁ ደግሞ 45 ቀናት ተቆጥረዋል፡፡2012 Friday evening JULY 20 Our prayer answered by God our PM.Meles Zenawi Back in Town by credible source to Fortune magazine announced in Sunday 22 July 2012 !!! All that was praying for our P.M. Health and welfare so much thanks and God Bless you!!!

Hi meles we all happy as you happy

we desperetly waiting to hear meles zenawi death to celebrate. some of us holding flowers to put on his grave thanks to God for his death.

More... and More.... age!!!!!!!
Death is not a punishment some-times for those of you who assume "Melese Z." is not alive. I wish more ... and more.. age for Melese and his followers to learn from their mistakes. We all might make mistake as human and learn from it. Our PM, made a mistake of introducing ethnic based politics …. And create a landlocked country of the so called “Ethiopia” in this mid. I wish he learn from his mistake and try to undo his political view.
I wish more … and more … age like the biblical “Matusala” but very basically let he learn form his mistake an regret for what he has been done.

Meles death should not be an issue in my view. The big picture is why we celebrate the death of our leaders. Why we are not fortunate to love our leaders. It is an important issue and need dealouge. Meles Zenawi is the most radical, fanatic and dictator leader of Ethiopia. He dead very little for his country and very big to his tribe. All the supporter who cry in this blog is know this very well. Since most of his supporter concious and understanding is so poor their arrgument is too narrow and self cntered. We hate Meles for a number of good reason. He is lier, he dictator, he killer, he is corrupt and he introduce ethenic federalism for his own benefit-to stay on power for long time. His supporter are benefiting a lot form his divde and rule policy. They are short sited and they never think the consequnces of such wrong political game. What I say is please look around how many Ethiopian are beger under his rule, how many Ethiopian are migerating to Arab Countries for slavery, how many people are in prison because of their opinion, how many people are starved to death. In Ethiopia people success is based on their political affilation to the ruling party and their ethenic background. Hardwork and merit based success is totally gone. I can say his death is something we Ethiopian celbarte for. We wish a new democratic ethiopia where everybody is equal and the sprit of merit based success is granted.

why my father is dead please tell me because of i am the son of meles zenawi. please tell me is he alive or died ?

i dont understand with what type of people just i am interacting. individualsneed meles to die but with no reason.
long live to our leaders!!!

am aferead abut meles postion i can not do work but why say some thing from government is not fir

Who cares of him this guy was a distrubed person who made ethiopia chaotic ..i belive the chinse sent him to mars kkkiii

CPj I need to tell you that its not well organized fabrication false and it misses many thing so i expect to see more near to false information soon.
Thanks to your role on strengthen EPRDF

it is really difficult to lead like ethiopia complexity, the wish to dead such great leader is the evident.

Hi guys if melese is gonna dictator who gonna be democratic,Hailesselase? Mengistu or Birhanu nega?Don't be mad the Ethiopian people

we are praying for the walefare / recover of his excelency pm meles zenawi as far as the ethiopian leaders is concerned pm meles is a good/ strong /decisive and fully confident leader with no exaduration he have done a lot lot for Ethiopia with no exaduration ! he tired not only for development but also for peace / unity/sovergnity etc... !!! it would be awesome wishing /thinking his death bed !!! we dont want to lose him whensver !!! god bless him in the name of jesus amen!!!

Why speculet done make it final it's been brodcusted on etv .why wasting 2 month.

Dear Diaspora Brothers

This is from someone who is not a member of any

political parties, be it EPRDF or opposition


Regarding the death of PM Meles, I would like to

coin the sayings of Niway Debebe.

Neway said on ETV, yesterday, that ...Let us begin to believe our eyes....because we cannot be sure of our ears!

I say the same !

Ato Mikinyat

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