Where is Meles Zenawi? Ethiopians don't know.

By Tom Rhodes/CPJ East Africa Consultant on July 26, 2012 4:09 PM ET

Rumors abound about the health and whereabouts of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. (AFP/Simon Maina)

If you search for the name of Ethiopia's prime minister, Meles Zenawi, on Twitter these days, you'll see a flurry of incongruent postings: Meles is hospitalized in critical condition; he's fine and returning to work; he died two weeks ago; he's on holiday. Journalists for international news outlets have tried to sort out fact from rumor, but they've gotten no help from Ethiopian government officials who offered only vague assurances that the country's longtime leader was ill but recovering. In Ethiopia, where the government has imposed increasingly repressive measures on the domestic press corps, news coverage has been minimal and contradictory.

International news outlets, such as ReutersThe Associated Press, and the BBC, reported last week that Meles was hospitalized for an undisclosed condition. Reuters, citing diplomatic sources, said he was being treated in Brussels, although even that scant nugget of information was not officially confirmed.

Back home, generally pro-government papers such as Addis Fortune told readers on Tuesday that Meles had returned to Addis Ababa and would be back to work soon. The paper reported that the government provided little other information on his condition. A day later, though, the weekly The Reporter claimed that Meles was merely abroad on holiday.

The government censored the one domestic outlet that tried to report more detailed information. This weekend, the government ordered the state-run printing company not to produce the latest edition of the weekly Feteh, which was to have carried front-page coverage of Meles' condition. The weekly, which has faced government harassment in the past over its critical coverage, had prepared stories citing information from international news outlets and an exiled Ethiopian group.

"No one has a clear idea," said Benno Muechler, a German freelance reporter based in the capital. Muechler said he tried to get answers from the government communications office--only to be asked by officials there if he had any leads he could share. "There is an information blackout in Ethiopia," said exiled journalist Abebe Gellaw, who works for the critical exiled broadcaster Ethiopian Satellite Television. Gellaw noted that most Ethiopians get their information from the national broadcaster, which has vaguely reported that Meles is fine and would be back at his desk soon.

But then, where is Meles, and why can't he say this himself? "There is no trust in the media, with so many rumors. Whatever news that comes out here, nobody seems to believe it," Muechler said.

While the Ethiopian public may be skeptical, they are definitely seeking answers. Google Trends reports that searches for Meles have spiked this month, climbing far higher than at any point since the tracking's earliest date, in 2004. Public speculation about Meles began spreading in mid-July after the premier was conspicuously absent from the African Union Summit held in Addis Ababa. He also missed the ratification of the national budget and the official closing of parliament, according to local reports.

Journalists' hopes that a government press conference held after the AU summit would clear up the confusion were quickly dashed. "The only thing new that came out of the press conference [...] was the official breaking of government silence that has hovered over the issue for three weeks," Tesfalem Waldyes wrote in Addis Fortune. Government spokesman Bereket Simon revealed only that the prime minister was recovering from an illness, was "exhausted" from his workload despite his "Herculean ability," and would be back at work soon, according to local reports.

When reporters asked about all the secrecy, Bereket's response was telling. He said the government did not want to "make a public relations piece out of it" and that the circumspection "is the culture of our party," according to The Reporter.

Ethiopia's ruling party has never been open to the public. Despite Bereket's promises in the past to hold press conferences every two weeks with Meles meeting the press every two months, the government has held only two press conferences in the last eight months and it has been more a year since the prime minister met with the press, according to local reports. "There is a power vacuum at the moment, and so the information is hidden," said one local journalist, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he feared government reprisal for offering critical comments. "The media has always been controlled by the state so the media has never developed investigative journalism in Ethiopia, and we are lost for answers."

This information vacuum can have a detrimental effect on both the public and the government. Rumors, rather than facts, inform public opinion, and public confidence in the government is eroded. "Whenever you deliberately spread misinformation, you lose people's trust," Abebe told me. "The impact for the government is that it loses credibility." The silence over Meles is the "old school way of doing things," writes the Kenya-based Nation columnist Mwenda wa Micheni. "Presidents never went down with a cold, even in the cold months; jesters were regular features and public accounting totally absent, something that locked the continent's potential for decades," Micheni writes. "But even as the continent strives to get unchained, a few leaders are stuck in the mud."

(Reporting from Nairobi)


Are you (the Journalists and the Mediea) worried about Ethiopian people????.......Much more has been reported on his death, illness and hospitalization than his recovery and good condition, although the sources for all the information is the same.

Whenever you deliberately spread misinformation, you lose people's trust! but also moraly, profetionaly and spiritualy disgrace!

So don't tell us about credible sources you refered such as Abebe Gelaw, who sometime ago said his barking over PM Meles in the G-8 meeting coused cancer!

Any way... don't make advantage from disadvantaged people, this is not a solution to over come someone (if any) who benefited from such act.

we ethiopians do nt know where the so called leader of tplf,,,,we ethiopians did nt have leaders since 1991,,,,we need democratic leaders for ethiopia,,,Tplf (mafia grout ) is helpin only his group,,,,,,,,meles zenawi is killer ,genocider,,rule of law,,,,he has to face international criminal court,,,,,we ethiopians wish,,,,,,,

Any government that suppresses news is insecure and dangerous. Sad for Ethiopia and the people, who are being constantly mislead.

He is alive but needs several years to back to his duties.

We fought for Eritrean independence from the colonial rule of Ethiopia. Even now, if Eritrea is attacked, TPLF would jump into Eritrea, join the Eritrean people and engage the enemy.” – Sebhat Nega on Radio Woyane (May 28, 2007)

TPLF has since its inception been controlled by mercenary elements that fought against Ethiopia as their enemy. The group that wiped out so many lives and terrorized Tigrians into slavery and servitude, is still in power. If Ethiopia is turned into a failed, landlocked state, it is with a purpose. Read details from the historical facts presented by Asgede G. Selassie, author of Gahdi 1 and Gahdi 2. A survivor of the pogrom, Asgede was one of the 11 rebels who founded TPLF.


abo sebhat Nega speaks July 26, 2012 5:53:22 PM ET

How does Abebe Gelaw know"The impact for the government is that it loses credibility."? Meles should not tell his where about for people who want him dead

Meles is dead. If he was alive, ETV would have shown him day and night. He has dissapeared for the past 37 days.

Thanks God. The devil is gone for good.


Hello Tom

Bynow the PM is at home in good condition. Dear Tom, don't worry.

I don'nt thing he is dead already but he is going to die.

I don'nt thing he is dead already but he is going to die.

No matter what (dead or alive) if he is not going to come to power anymore Thanks God, one less tyrant for Ethiopia and the world! May God help us remove the remaining similar minds as well! Pray

Hi Tom,

Good reporting. But, still nothing new that we have not heard about Meles.

I tried checking his website:

but nothing was found, just a blank page.

Can someone in Europe or USA enlighten us by doing some investigative reporting and find the where abouts of Meles Zenawi?

How can a country go without its leader for more than a month???

Look at Ghana - Last week, the vice president was sworn in a day after the president died.

Hey guys lets talk about how to tackle the problems any danger that might arise in relation to power transfer to the people of Ethiopian. At this point in time, no body should worry about wheather Mesles is dead or burried. We should discuss as to how TPLF gives power back to the people; who has been killed, jailed and tourtured and lived in an dark with out no freedom.

From now on we need to talk about other burring issues that addresses the heavly affected people and the poor people every day, through out the country. Now we have to say something and underline the word enough is enoguh.

I do not think this evil is alive any more on the earth.seams gonne for ever.

he is in a cave,

Media and people are speculating because of lack of transpancy from the goverment. The goverment even banned Fiteh newspaper from publishing for reporting on Meles's health citing national security. A democratic nation could not have a national secuity issue based on speculation of one person health condition. Woyane is paranoid, in secured and shows how week they are.

@ LULU: Media reports things that are new or out of normal situations. That's why they call it "news". Normal situation including Meles's normal health condition is not a news, he is expected to have a normal health cond. So don't expect Meles normal health cond to be on a news. May be you should try ETV.

@ Defar Aigidu: Meles is the PM of the Country. He is "elected" to serve the people and he has the responsibility to report to the people of his where abouts. He can't just take off. Elected office responsibility is much differnt from Gorilla leader responsibility.

Meles hiding in a Belgian hospital is surfing the internet to figure out how many Ethiopians would wish him dead. He was surprised when it turned out his wife Azeb is one of those wishing he were dead.

i tend to sympathise with the ethiopian people.meles zenawi despite of been a prime minister he is one individual and he was born one day and he will and must die one day.whether you wish him death or otherwise ethiopia remains ethiopia lets be optimistic and think ahead positively.

Look at this, we Ethiopians never need a leader to leave, as now is the living truth. Meles is paying the price of 21 yrs. May his soul rest in peace if hncase he got one.

When the Ghanian president dies the news flows in the world in seconds. No Government agency used any means to jam or block private medias or there was measleading information and in general there was no confusion at all.

More importantly, no government official tried to hide any thing from the people. In a free country like that whatever happened it will have no effect on the day to day activity of theose ooficial in power.

It should give a good lesson those in power in Ethiopia, who are trying to hid the existed facts.

Meles is Sick or dead or Burried or anything happend to him; so what? As a humanbeing any of those can happen on him. But it had to be communicated properly to the people who put him on power. If those on power now hide it then they should accept and take the consequence. Moreover, what the TPLF leader should know is 'the people still needs transparecy' on any happening in the copuntry. To sum up, we need full report on the Prime Minister situation.

Elected? are you kidding me? no thanks

Many agree that Meles is someone who would not take risks, even small risks. There are many examples to illustrate that. The best example being silencing small threats with big force. The arrest of non violent struggle opposition leaders and journalists, such as Bertukan, Andualem, Eskinder etc. The result of last election: ruling party, TPLF winning 99.6% (only 1 opposition in parliament out of 547 seats). There are many, many examples. What's going on right now, Meles would never ever ever allow if he could help it. There's no way he would have allowed this much vacuum of power if he is able to speak. We would have atleast heard his voice. There's no picture of him, no voice, nothing. The dude is gone. And it's the best gift for Ethiopians. Let our struggle for freedom and democracy intensify.

Ethiopiachin_97 July 26, 2012 7:09:12 PM ET

I am not surprised when the two English 'speaking' papers contradicted each other. One is run by a fallen Woyane fighter while the other one is run by a highschool dropout. Both are pro-government (the only reason for their continued publication) and their sole goal is to confuse the public.

Whose fault is that? The public who hardly demands anything better or the government's, which is composed of individuals who left home and went to the woods with the sole purpose of separating their province from Ethiopia?
Isn’t ironic to see in a country with a high level of illiteracy rate and with no colonial tie with Britain, the longest running papers are published in English? The so called middle class educated elite in Addis reads to appear smart not to get informed.

What I am surprised is why those so called news outlets like CNN and BBC investigate and tell us about this child killer.

If he is dead it is good riddance and we ethiopians will have better future on the horizon.

How a gov who won election 99.6 afraid of the people who put him on power? Do anyone fight with everyone. The paradox is unclear even to them selves!!!!!!!

who cares ded oralive heded already wehn killin honest pepople

where are the jouranlist ? we need answer .

Melles might have been kidnapped and absolutely beyond anyones reach.A billion ransom and the culprits may talk. Gossips are OK but truth NO. Money talks!

Guys: Meles has worked like Robot for 37 years non-stop; He never took rest even for single day in 37 years. He has been healthy like no one ever. He had little medical problem recently like any human being. Now is taking a rest which he deserves. Enemies wish bad, God plans the opposite. God with Meles. Meles has completely recovered now. We want him to take a deserved rest. Diaspora Ethiopians, your nightmare Meles is alive and you will die when you see him because your happiness will become your sorrow. Even Meles dies, you ought to know that all TPLF are like Meles. TPLF - Meles = TPLF, you will not get to Arat kilo.

The point is not about one edit dictator what will happen after him. Is the same Mafia members will succeeded the power or by chance people will rise up like middle east take power back.

The "death" of the dictator worries me less. What worries me much is the future of our country. My future. Living in a country where "accountability" to the people is a "bed time story".

We Ethiopians have been occupying a land in the world without THINKERS. How?

When they stay in power with fake elections, we do not ask why;
when they jail our democratic politicians,we do not ask why;
When they jail and dismiss our journalists;we do not ask why;
when they sell our land to foreiners, we do not ask why;
when we become land locked, we do not ask why;
when our fate is being jailed, tortured and migration,;we do not ask why?
when we are in hunger, we do not ask why;
when they change the true bishops by the fake, we do not ask why;
when they control all the available economic resources, we do not ask why;

the list goes on...

What was the tactic TPLF used to happen this? TPLF dominated Military, divide and rule, capitalizing opportunistic people,etc.

Let me believe that he worked 37 years with no rest. And now he is taking rest. Let that be true. What I am asking "Breaking News" is does it has to be secreat. Do we have to get such information from other people who came to AU meeting? Why is Bereket Simon told us he is sick but minor. And so on and on....

If Meles is alive as a respected PM or person; why doesn't he come out speak to the people. Sir, please don't forget this "morethan 99.6% of Ethiopians like him". So is he hiding from them? He needs to have a slice of respect to the people. This kind of disrespect doesn't take him any further.

Looks like a major conspiracy by the ruling ethnic leadership, the wolrd powers and major news media. A head of state is missing and nobody says nothing. If it were a leader of a country from the west or the east, someone from the major media organizations would have broken the news right away. Ethiopia? who cares.

It is Conspiracy July 26, 2012 8:53:02 PM ET

Hi,readers Let me tell you something,he is great and also more than 1000 times than some non education journalist,so what I want to say who is hiding other world and token too much try to dismissed our cauntry.WERE TELEN LONG LIVE TO MELES FALE FOR OPOSITION ,[ARMOSHESH WEYANAY ]

Let us see situations as being very sincere and expect conditions positively. We shouldn't say whatever we want to say to others. We need to realize our thought and sansur our words in front of God and our concsious mind, after all we all are humans, no one free of blame could be found to throw a stone on others.


Why have the credible international medias such as BBC and Associated Press failed to investigate and reveal the truth about the absence of Meles? The media is biased and do not seem to care at all for the poorest nations in the world. Ethiopians do not want Meles Zenawi to disappear like this. He is a man who committed atrocities. The colleagues of Meles Zenawi and TPLF are happy that he disappeared for one major reason that they will be able to load all the crimes they committed on Meles. Meles ordered the murder of thousands of people. The TPLF leaders executed innocent Ethiopians. The loved ones would like to see Meles and his group facing charges for the atrocities they committed like Egypt did to Hosni Mubarak. Human beings are mortal. Meles should not simply die or disappear. Ethiopians would like to see him stand trial and be sentenced for his crimes. The mere absence of Meles has created anther condition for another dictator to grab power.

Meles Zenawi showed up at G20 in Mexico on June 18 looking very sick. However, he failed to show up at African Union in Addis Ababa early this month is a proof that the devil is not fit for TV, Amen !!!!!!

My conclusion like many others is that he will not come back to play a tongue gymnastics no more. Power struggle is underway that includes also foreign powers who want to keep unelected minority regime in Ethiopia for their own interest. We will fight all of them united !!!!

It is now or never to remove the merceinary regime of Woyane. Free at last !!!!

You remember what Sadam did in his last days. He was hiding himself in some ditch. He went from one of the worest dictators that terrorized his own people to a low dirty cowerd who buried himself in a ditch just to save his ass. The same shall be Mele Zenawi's fate. Th true hildren of Ethiopia will NEVER forgive you for what you did to our great nation, history, pride, unity, and most of all religion! We will hunt you and your children down and show no mercy.

Ethiopians in real difficulties and darkness which the world leaders especially the USA and China don't want to see! We are really in deep and unique darkness which seems satisfying USA and the other donors! Any success that can be achieved in cooperation with evil dictator has its own potential dangers when time comes! It seems world lacks very critical voices with actions! Let alone a democrat of 200 years,a 20 years old Ethiopian knows ethnocentric dictator Meles and his collaborators! We Ethiopians know very well that Mr. Meles's life cycle limited to a hour without his gun!

C mon people where is Ethiopianism... Love and
brotherhood ....

all I hear is hateful comments, evil habesa bicha
habesha People are cruel ,rude and mean.. can be seen .. haters everywhere.. habesha come to your senses
who thought you hate.. and cruelty your mama, your papa ??,Derg ,? or EPRP /..

This is a well written article! Btw, according to European diplomats, Meles is in critical condition and may not survive. He is being treated in a Brussels hospital.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/ethiopia/9409417/Meles-Zenawi-Ethiopian-prime-minister-critical-in-Brussels-hospital.html

Dead or alive, the man must stand trial for the atrocities he committed against helpless, voiceless and powerless Ethiopian. The blood he spilled, the tortured body part, unjustifiably incarcerated citizen, ruined lives through his direct order, disrupted social bonds by his cruel decree, impoverished lives due to his unfit administration...the list goes on...calls for the action. He must stand trial! He must be judged accordingly!
If he is already dead, then his body should stand trial. If he is in bed, then he must learn from Hosnie Mubarak. This way or that, the man must see the light of "justice". He denied a fair trial for many, but he must be tried justly.

Meles is dead. But Ethiopian people they are confused on who can replace him and they are afraid from oromo people.it is time for oromo people to take care of their country ....,

His personal health is none of our business!

CPJ & opposition reporters like Abebe Gelaw (Press credentials revoked in US) suddenly so worried about Meles Zenawi's health...Comedy.

"He denied a fair trial for many, but he must be tried justly".


With out Meles, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia & East Africa is better place. I can smell fresh air on our region. May God no bring him back.

Ethiopia, under Meles has became the African North Korea. Everyone is monitored and everything is blocked unless it has the blessing of the Tigray tribe and their Meles.

Whenever information is oppressed, the result is a society that lags behind from everyone.

The West countries became the leaders in the world because of their free information and rights for the press. That has long being their secret.

Somalia might be failed state but it still leads in many sectors when compared to Ethiopia for example telecommunication, internet, and even democracy for instance Somaliland did held a successful election.

Meles might not be dead but he is terminally ill and the regime in Addis Ababa are grooming someone to replace him instead of announcing his retirement or death before having someone to replace him.

If people find out he is dead before they convince Ethiopians that their leader chose a new leader of them, there might be a power vacuum.

Ethiopia is working on his replacement dead or alive.

Meanwhile the Tigray tribe is looting Addis Ababa and taking everything to their region.

The international media can access hospital records in Brussels under the EU freedom of information act and they should by now.

Forget dealing with Addis Ababa, go to Brussels.

Tnx Tom for trying to put things to gather for us that we didn't even get a chance to know where about the dictator killer zenawi .. I dont want this killer be died for natural cause , he should stand up infront of Ethiopian people and get trial for what he has done to his own people ..

The US/UK lost one of their allies, who will be the next "friendly tyrant" who will be installed by these "king-makers" to terrorize the Ethiopian people in the years to come. It is really sad that these governments talk of peace and democracy but in reality promote state terrorism and looting.

Dear CPJ Journalist Mr. Tom Rhodes/CPJ East Africa Consultant

Please refrain from such rumor spreading machine the like of some ill-wisher Ethiopian plolitcal organization.

He caused a lot of suffering and death in Ethiopia .He benefitted his family and his close people a lot and make a legacy of mafia type apartied regime.His party on its policy of divide and ruin ,have made every trick to polarized ethiopian society based on ethnicity and religion .The mess it has created will remain long after the demise of him and his party.

Someone under the name breaking new said that, TPLF - Meles = TPLF that means Meles is Zero because any number minus zero is the number itself. The writer got it right this time.

I am not surprised TPLF totally blocked any information related to Meles. TPLF has always been One of the most canning Nazi type group who survived so far through murder, imprisonment, of robbery of the entire country. In addition to robbing Ethiopia, this genocidal group survived through collecting billions of dollars from Western do-gooders fools who were canned into thinking they were helping the poor country. I did not expect any real information from such group. Nevertheless, I am disappointed at the western media who have the resources and have access to all information from intelligence sources not doing their jobs. I believe they are working hand-and-glove with this Nazi group in hiding the truth. Shame.

He is sick beyond recovery, but one thing is sure - sooner or later he is going to hell and he will face his boss (the Devil), and there will be peace in the region. No more wars, no more violence, just peace for all men in the region.

Guys, Ethiopia is not Nairobi or Kabul where everyone can muddel in the internal affairs. Ethiopia is a sovereign state since beginning of time. We donot do things just because others want us do it. We do it only when it makes sense to us, the people and the government. This will never chage in Ethiopia whatever government. Deal with it!

Meles is dead without telling Hazeb about his secret account number and location. She is staring in Hospital to ask him in case if he wake up from coma.

God Knows Where is Meles Divider July 27, 2012 1:10:46 AM ET

he good for nothing for ethiopia

I am searching his name in google a number of times a day just eager to hear news of his death. That guy has done what no other leader has done to its own people. If we see all the other dictators in Africa or Middle east ...they were just dictators who wanted to stay in power. But our dictator is different. He wasn't dictator to live luxury life. He was a dictator to ruin ethiopianism, to dismantle other parts of Ethiopia economically and socially. He was a big EVIL.

Every thing has its own law and procedures. Media in Ethiopia have not censored. But they have more freedom than any where in the world. Even if we saw in the western countries, there is a press complaint office.

This is mainly established, to listen individuals to protect their personal right when media are say some thing out of their permission.

But in Ethiopia media are free to say what they are needs to say about.

fitih news paper can not consider as Ethiopian press. where as it carry the mission of Eritrean government and western neo-liberal fundamentalists.



meles time is over.... he need to get da fuck r my country as soon as posible we are ready to take over!!!!

ethiopia doesn't know where her leader is...but the bandit leader is back to dedebit stronghold...and no one is moving an inch to unearth him and bring him back to power...RIP little bandit!!!!!

What make me surprising is the intention of the people....i don't know why people are thinking evil ...we become the poorest in the world may be as a result of pessimist thinking behavior ...you can just read all articles that most of the minds Of people full of dirty, jealous, cruelness and full of evil spirit. Imagen can it be all this things to be wealth Of the country?

Because that every positive attitude there will be positive reward and every negative attitude and intention, there will be negative reward.

God bless Ethiopia!!!!!!

The leaders (Bereket and co) knows that people hate deadly Meles and the Regime. So the regime and people the people are enemies of each other. So the enemies do not give up for one another. The Israelis are keeping Sharon Body not to let Palestinians be happy on his death. The same is between Meles and Ethiopian people. Death of Meles is deep sadness for his puppets followers and joy and happiness for the whole Ethiopian. ENEMIES DO NOT TELL EACH OTHER THE TRUTH!!!

I think if The big powers of the world wanted the truth about his health to come out, it would have been done a long time ago through BBC or CNN so that no one would have any doubt about it. The fact that this did not happen only shows that even those powers want this story hidden for their own good....but then again we all know why....the good thing is time will show each and every one of those pigs that it is only time that wins....and big powers can not stay big powers forever...the table will turn and only the truth and the truthful will survive.

But what ever has happened to the guy Ethiopian people should be cautious of what goes in and out of the country these days....the people should protect their own and keep their eyes open for what ever comes....don't be fools!

We Ethiopian trust in God! Let God bless Ethiopia. BUT IF HE MADE MELES LET HIM NOT BACK TO DICTATING ETHIOPIA. We hope he has.....

So much for US's friend who apparently is said to be on the right path to democracy. The Ethiopan govenment is known its own people and the neighbors to be the biggest lier and cheaters. They are a bunch of cheaters who know how to play the game with US diplomats but brutally opress their own people. It is not a surprise to any one. Why is CPJ making a big deal of this. You know there is and never was freedom of speech or democracy in Ethiopia.

viva meles ,,,,we ethiopian are wishing all the best
The lion will roar again,,,,the dogs will continue barking,,Fat dogs such as Abebe budaw

Meles is dead. If he was alive, ETV would have shown him day and night. He has dissapeared for the past 37 days.
Ohhhh thank God at least we don't see him forever
MELES = Divil = negative idea,false accusation all political leader & journalist

Thanks God. The devil is gone for good.

Please do not post unreliable words for our future, Ethiopia, but act as human of 21 century.

How can this happen to the Ethiopian people.when will be the day to get the real information always lies after lies.

The double minded PM of is not died, but the opposition parties and the mindlessness journalist who distribute the rumors will die, since God will make it the revers. EPRDF will govern(rule)This Country for ever!!!!!.

God be with him.

Meles left a will long before, about our mama Ethiopia. His will is a time bomb that explodes when he die. He has divided the nation and made us enemy of each other. I pray day and night that that time bomb will not explod.

Guys, Don't waste your time searching the criminal gang Meles Zenawi anywhere. he is in hell beside Hitler. Let the people work hard hunting the reminant gangsters to get rid off them, Don't you think?

May God keep him in peace and let our Ethiopian see the innovative leader soon!

He is in Eritrea, with his former boss.

Question # 1: Who will be the next leader of ethiopia?
A.azeb mesfin(ze mother of corruption)
B.sibhat nega(f**king corrupt billioner)
C.birhne gebrekirestos(illegal gold smagler)
D.bereket simon(stupid, mr lier lier)

Even if TPLF is a dictatorial government I didnt wish death for PM Meles Zenawi.Because he didnt do any thing new rather he do something good for his country and Africa!!WE Ethiopians now we would think about the future of Ethiopia,the coming leader must be democratic and the altemetpower of the people of ETHIOPIA must be return back.

all yall talking about meles right? i was just wondering the deputy prime minister and other Ministers in the country couldn't be able to stand and cover his position. When the AU opened in addis, nobody volunteer to open the meeting from ethiopian minister so that they just fake and took this position according to illitracy. I call them they are bunch of illitrate couldn't be able to finish high school. to be able take this position, you have to be good communicator and be able to convince a people. It is over for TPLF party once the people heard about his death. Ethiopia is country with out leader for over a month now. if i go to who is the millionarre and been asked this question what country in the world with out the leader for over a month? i will say Ethiopia not Somalia. They also need to take speech class in order to be offer that position. They lack communication. I some time admire Meles, but i dont like what he did to the People in general. I thought at first he is better that torturing, abusing, harassing, imprisoning, and intimidating people. but he is the same oo dude that become selfish after he come to the power. His knowledge and his action don;t go together at all.

If Meles is is gone for good, I think he leaves behind a legacy of mistrust on power by the ordinary people on the next government. Above all, he will be remembered for the level of greed he sowed in the nation, especially among his officials at all levels.

His thugs will try to continue robing the nation and the populace will in turn confront them. there seems to be a tough time ahead.

Whoever talks, events will elicit through natural process. Who is creature forever, except the almighty? This is all about seeking position, power, but do not even mention it. I would like to say just continue burking. The prime minister is coming back to his office soon

We Ethiopians have been occupying a land in the world without THINKERS. How?

When they stay in power with fake elections, we do not ask why;
when they jail our democratic politicians,we do not ask why;
When they jail and dismiss our journalists;we do not ask why;
when they sell our land to foreiners, we do not ask why;
when we become land locked, we do not ask why;
when our fate is being jailed, tortured and migration,;we do not ask why?
when we are in hunger, we do not ask why;
when they change the true bishops by the fake, we do not ask why;
when they control all the available economic resources, we do not ask why;

the list goes on...

What was the tactic TPLF used to happen this? TPLF dominated Military, divide and rule, capitalizing opportunistic people,etc.

A leader who is loved and respected by his own people would not conceal his where about and condition as it may make his loved people worried about him. Even people knew very well-were officially informed of the late North Korean leader's health status and subsequent death immediately. Hugo Chavez's illness and his medical follow up even his actual ailment were revealed for the public. Why is so much cover up and confusion in Ethiopia. The secretive nature of the regime emanates from the fact that they know who much people hate them. Given dearth of free media in Ethiopia and zero tolerance of the TPLF to free expression, all the scandals brought to light are just tip of the ice burg. What we know about TPLF/EPRDF is so scanty

Why you bother about the health of this stupid man? Please listen the oppressed, harassed and persecuted Peaceful Ethiopian Muslim. please listen us help us help us

He has killed and buried alive his closest friends who put him to power, and hence can not be good to anyone
he has treded, hundreds of thousands of heros and heroenn who died willingly for truth and justice, FOR POWER
he is in power for 21 years first as marxixst, then as a democrat then as development agent and finally as a king
HE BTRAYED Ethiopia and sided with Ertreans at a very crucial time
his wife disgustingly called first lady "kedamawit emebet" is illitrate and ignorant theif and has become head of EFEROT -A blood money meant to help the poor of tigray
now every one is telling us he is a good leader wakeup morons
death for tryans! a way of nature's compensation and univers's justice

PM meles is alive
what ever meles is dead we have 1000 of meles from TPLF
U the one who have hopeless dearm u are under TPLF for ever

Dear, Sir/Madam- .I read all comments on the PM, I really feel sorry for some of them, b/se phenomenon in human beings occurred randomly, and human existence, is determined by almighty god for those who believe, not with individual interest. And no one is created to survive forever. What I can understand from these is there are some power promissory parties (Ginbot 7+), and others instruments derived by the promissory one’s. the PM did his level best with a maximum devotion to his people, to mention some, he joined to the struggle after he decides to give his life for the benefit of the public and nation, by the time he was not sure that he will be the leader of the nation, luckily, he become the leader of the country after 17 years of exhaustive fight. He is successful leader in his carrier during his stay in power; lead the country in the right track, of development, we all Ethiopians are looking forward the accomplishment of the HIDASE Dum, other infrastructures like schools, health facilities, electrification, road construction and telecom developments are also the outcomes of his governance. Therefore,. Let us think twice before talking/writing/ as intellectuals, respect his efforts and pray together for the PM
conflicts among ethinic groups will take us no where.
Selam to Eth.

He has gone and cancer gone from Ethiopiaye

we Ethiopians are immigrants living in our country deprived of our rights .we aren't even entitled to know the health of our leaders .damn EPRDF .

We believe that we will see our prime minister soon in good health and with his full strength. He will celebrate the Hidase Dam sucess with his people.

Dear Tom

The government of Ethiopia has made it clear that PM Meles is recovering from his sickness and in good condition. What else do you need to know and why? Those who are still goggling and crowding the web are those who don't want to believe the news of PM's wellbeing. Ethiopians at home are continuing their normal life as usual. Those who are crowding the Web are, for sure, those of Ethiopian Diasporas. Please don't worry about them as most of them can't do anything better than goggling for their country. Their continued goggling activities are in fact very welcome on our side as it will satisfy their ego and keep them away from home. Indeed, that is what we really wish them to focus on as most of them are immature, shortsighted and useless for this country.

all of the persons who wrote against meles , I am goona tell you one thing . as Ethiopian mentality we always like blaming someone , for our failure . one person can not take responsibility for 82 million people . actually because he is in the position , you guys got every opportunity that you could ever imagine ,and deep down inside you heart you know it dame well about this .
Everyone please take a moment , and try to see your life 10 years behind .what did you do as a person? what did you contribute to the country that u said my mother land ?don't try to give me excuse , you won't able to do anything cuz of the government , which I will say the very stupid reason I always get from my people,
We Ethiopians, our main problem is lack of knowledge , that is our big failure . we don't have the mentality that can round 360 degree and able to see things from different dimension and last but not least forget the past .
As a person we never been perfect 100% , think for a second what things went wrong in your life thinking that you doing best , how you loose control of your life and how stupid we were in many situation of our life , so as government try to manage 82 million which 80% percent of us are very very dump people including me , so emotional and who we love spend time on recreation rather than reading and gaining knowledge . which so hard to rule this kind of people cuz there is no word that able to communicate with people .
you know what I feel I am wasting time, so one last thing ,
I want him alive for the sake of his children , not for we Ethiopian people , I don't care if TPLF can stay in the position or not.I just want him to be safe .
let's try to have a mentality which can realize things around our country . One things that you should not forget , all the journalist writing this kind of ideas are just doing their work , making their living , don't think for a fraction of second they are doing it for Ethiopians ,it is for their injera.
Please I am begging don't be foolish .
Lets say TPLF is removed and new party is on the position , I am sure after 3 years we are going to start saying this government is.......bla bla bla I want the government ... and I am sure this is gonna happen becuase this is who we are very stupid .....
Meles I want to be alive not to rule us , but for the sake of your family and friends . I will always pray for you .
you have been working as machine for the past 37 years , I want you to live as human with you family .

today ETV showed him resting in CA. sorry for all these DUD who wished him ...

who cares whatever kind of idea said here and there.we are stand on rock not as u wish on sand...hope our primer will be home soon if he could not,there are many more meles zenawi. i hope we understand each other with the owner of the this site and those who hate him,that there will not be no change soon or later!

Be sure tough times are ahead. Meles's recent status is a stake of Eritrea, Sudan, the US America, Israel and the Arab world.
Above all Eritrea is alert on what would be the out come of this incident would be? any incident happened at Addis is tantamount of changing the political winds of the Horn of Africa.
Until to date EPRDF preferred to go on the path of Ethnic politics. Now they are at the point of no return. Now they are at a crucial time to harvest its grim reality.

Praise God, I will never see him again on ma TV set. This evil man was behind the staged drama of Watar and Bedeno. Hell will not be enough for him.His thugs threw desperate human beings off a cliff and filmed them in an attempt to accuse OLF.

Tigre thugs, Go home! God has started judging you from the top. although we are weak, we believe in a higher and stronger being/Allah/God.Your souls would never rest in peace any more!!!!!!!

Dead? Alive? Terminally ill? Should not be the most important questions. The important question is that 'does any of these have different repercussions as to the future of Ethiopian politics?'. As to me, it will be none. If you carefully observe, the state political apparatus in Ethiopia has been deliberately engineered to serve the interest of the ruling party, if not ruling clique. Whoever replaces Meles, will be someone who will be fit in the eyes of the people and system that Meles created. Therefore, the TPLF will probably be a strong political force in the future of Ethiopia and this as it might seem contradictory is good for the country. This is because there is no any other force well organized than the EPRDF/TPLF that will be fit to lead the country and to continue the momentum of economic growth.

I agree with you Mr. Meles but I see people have the right to know the clear information of their national heads, whereabouts and health condition at least. I do not thank that blocking all information that desires to convey for public's at large, for me it is not genuine.
at least you measure Meles and the people fairly. Since, you worry about personal health and life, for the whole public's you have too.

May God blase Ethiopia and Meles!!!!!

Let's hope the better of the country than spending much time on an individual. Ethiopia has many brighter people than hip.

I think we failed to understand what is going on in our country ? Ethiopia is changed for good.

Every region is administered with its own people.Those people who were not counted as humans are having their own university.They are eduacted now.No one can cheat them even the car parking guards like ESAT.

We respect each other or.................

Meles Zenawi, the most racist dictator in Africa has passed away on 14th of July 2012 in St. Luc. Hospital in Brussels, Belgium. R.I.H.)Rest in hell).

Ethiopian ruling families have a history of hiding the dead bodies of the rulers and controling power for extended perieds of time. Meles Zenawi is dead. A few people decided to sit on it for a while until they establish themselves into power. Meles Zenawi had not even written a constitution that articulates power succession in such events. And you blame us for despising him. I hope he burns in hell.

We Ethiopians Pray for Meles Z. B/c He is intellectual responsible Leader Ethiopia has ever see. It is from God everything is given to him if all powerful people gathered no one can make him leave or to die. Bless Meles if you can or

AlimSorat_ Harar July 27, 2012 10:55:42 AM ET

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. If he dies I will count him as a leader, if he survives, I count it as a betrayal of Ethiopian people as they have the right to know what happens to their leader.

sad - very sad July 27, 2012 10:56:29 AM ET

Most of the comments above are either came from the EPRDF members pretended like an average Ethiopian who post on this site or from the Victims of Woyane propogandas who made themeselves loyal pet to their master. Facts can not be bleached out. All these delayed @ times contaradictory press release that he was not sick but had taken the vacation he earned,to not to disclose his illness as to respect as the phyciian patient matter of individual privacy.As a rational person one would ask questions to seek some logical answers Is he dead? Is incapaicitated? The news release and the report from other sources attributed to dig in more to this matter. Based on the datas gathered He is dead. Woyane is trying to buy time by simply saying he would come and resume his job.This is not wishfull thinking this is fact

Dear Ethiopian People, I would like to share with you the death of our PM Meles Zenawi. He has gone and I am going to take the position. This is what my party decided and you will hear it through ETV today!

abo sebat nega July 27, 2012 12:08:44 PM ET

may God restore the health of our priminister.I am sorry for the medias who say things with out evidence.I am 100% optimist his exellency pri minister meles will be back we will pry for him 24/7 surly God will heard our preyer.

I would like to remind TPLF thugs a wonderful saying of mom, "gize yesetew kil dingay yisebral". It is only time that has to take the credit four your period of barking like a dog. While you are actually a cat, you boast like a tiger. You have a high view of your self, which is actually unrealistic, and you think you are in power because you are stronger and smarter. You were different from the rest of Ethiopians since many years ago by bieng ethnocentric. And your gangs are in power, you think, after defeating the rest of Ethiopians. But you should know that the fact is different. If one ethnic group alone is mobilized aginst you, in concrete ethnocentric mind, you well know you are not enough for even a breakfast. Please, get rid of your false self-view. Rather, identify yourself with the mass poor and victim Ethiopians. Even, it is apparent that there are tigrians that are not benefitting from the dictatorial regime of Meles. Don't boast because devil Meles is in power that all you tigrians are in the right track. Celebratate humanity! Even Meles, let him be back with better health, not because he is saint but human. And yet, he has to correct himself for the remaining days, and finally face justice for the atrocities he commited in this country!

Bad news to all you worthless Amara whiners. If Meles passes on, another patriotic Tigrean, Oromo or Kembata leader will assume the helm and lead you to more prosperity. Please get this through your knuckle head. If you are not brain dead you should realize by now that Amara's reign of domination in Ethiopia is past history and is gone forever, kaput!!
Start shooting your blanks now.....hope it's in English!!

Dear Tom,
Well done. You see the reaction? This is how much are my people info... blacked-out. Where are the rest of the international media???? If it was Mugabe or Issayas or Ahmadinejad, they would have split our ears.

Thank you again CPJ and Tom.
Well done.

U amaras had never been done brave things. U always do it with ur mouth.

Wendu, You are very aggitated with some of the comments you saw about Melese. You tried to put your frustration on Amharas. Frankly speaking, These are Oromos, Gurages, Kembatas,Progressive Tigreans etc who are becaming bitters to your master and said enough is enough.Woyane is becoming more a paper tiger than a real one. Therefore take a hide. Banda!!

"No one has a clear idea," ...In 21th century a journalist report.why rumors are re-print again and again? Find the accurate,balance and clarity information.Without this NO OBJECTIVITY.So it is not a "NEWS."

This is actually shameful coming from many who comment and making a joke if they are Ethiopian. Ethiopia could be in great danger have you thought of that? At this time, what we should be concerned is what is in store for Ethiopia therefore, we must be vigilant and even be prepared, plan in case something worse happens!! We go on blaming without any action. I see people like Tariku passing responsiblity of investigation the where about of Meles to CNN, BBC etc. Are you kidding me? Today we are joking, don't come crying when our loved ones in Ethiopia are facing danger in Ethiopia. Ethiopians don't have to wait for opposition leaders. Ethiopians should gather and try to do what needs to be done such as finding out where the future of Ethiopia is going. The secrecy coming from the government tells us its contempt against Ethiopia. The opposition groups either for their own selfish reason for power or they may have been threatened by the government not to act. Due to the divide and rule, which is a very good sign for the government, has crippled any opposition groups from uniting against the government. Ethiopians are not involved in the making of the next king as we are eying eachother for power. The most likely scenario if TPLF positions itself for power which it will, it maybe for the worse or good.

God save Ethiopia!

Really CPJ? you are talking about Fethe for God's sakes. Fethe! you only need to ask people on the streets of Addis about Fethe to know what kind of newspaper it is. Owe Tom Rhodes, and you are a consultant! I always wonder why CPJ advocates for these type of newspapers? Have you, Tom Rohdes, ever read a translation of Fethe in English? And you still think that is a newspaper? Well, I would ask for your resume if I were CPJ.

May God recover Meles from his illness to make the dream of ethiopians true and to educate those who wants to bring komches to powers again.

i never wish him death,instead let him stay there.i don his returning back to Ethiopia.but let him alive there!!the reason why i say this is we haven't power to make judgement upon every person

We are Ethiopian we dont need any confusion the government that we had on is the best ever had in Ethiopia and we also have peace than before. I think there is some confusions which want clerance in means we dont want any foreign interferance on our polatical administration. when one country goes up and grown the contradictors arise in the same number and percentage as she growes. before you say something about our mother country first see it then proof it then say it. we are what we are please leave us alone we have enough freedom and peace. Thank you.

Are you sure he is not kidnapped by the Eritreans or Isaias?
How come nobody from the ethiopian government blame the government of Eritrea about meles's disappearance!

Sorry about pm melese zenaw sickness.God give a leader for a country and judge when he died.melese sick because he lead the country alone.he didn't sleep for 21 years.he is the odd man in nature.what i fear is if he die every plan is going to die.we ethiopians also blameful people in the world .pl we must live posative comments.leaders some are very good like mandela so people pray for long life,but some are bad and cruel like melese zenawi so the people are pray him to die.u know what melese is the tenth killer man and mangistu is eleventh killer in the world ranking from hitler,mosoly,idamin etc.

indeed he is a dictator,leading thru sinster and hate on the so called majority tribes.in all insitutions systematiccaly introduced a devide and rule policy.made this country the most jailing by organizing a prison with worse conditions

Hey, Hey-- u do not think that `fiteh` is not a news paper? probably somebody should not be able to read and understand `Amharic` if he blames that this news paper is not fantastic! I tell u that `fiteh` news paper is the `eye`of Ethiopians! OOps-- these bullshit leaders are gona Jam Fiteh? Realy disappointing, Let God show we Ethiopians the downfall of this cruel regime!!
We need free press, freedom, freedom, freedom, not only Abebe Gelaw but all Ethiopians shout for this!!!!

Meles is not an angle like everybody he ills. but Thanks Allah. Allah is there for the Ethiopian people that a great leader is recovering and back to work soon.
this may drive the anti-Ethiopia and puppet of our enemy crazy.
Long live Meles! Ethiopia need a leader like you.
Allah Bless you Meles.

While some poor mind wishing him a death, they forget that they may go to death before him.
so frustrated guys oppose for wrong doings and credit for good things.
Otherwise you are not a God who orders everything you want.
I wish to see these mad people get some improvement. just opposing with rational ideas...otherwise wishing a nightmare could be an endless nightmare only.
God save Ethiopian leader and save us too.

Hey guys, I think this natural death is in favor of the tyrant. Please let's pray so that he would come back alive and tell us why he has done this all to us. And then we will tell him how we would remove him; maybe like his fellow dictator, Gadafi. Holes and tunnels are rampant for him to hide in at least for hours but not for ever.

The main thing is our unity; even to say "NO" to the hand-made Hailemariam or whomever.

The guy is going to die soon. it is advisable for those in the enemy camp to defact and join the fight for freedom. this is the only chance for possible pardon based on contribution for democracy and freedom. this is the 11th hour for woyane cadres to decide and change side. never miss the chance or face the serious consqunces of your arrogant act.


BETELHEM NEGASH July 28, 2012 9:55:22 AM ET

God save our leader and eth.

melese is lucky to die before being charged in fromt of ICC. Lucky guy goes hell which is his REAL HOME. Amen

no,peoples of ethiopia, we dont't need death of anyone be calm and wait for what will hapen.anyhwo we pray for his recovery

The ethnic apartheid leader is dead? This is good news for those who love freedom. Apartheid is wrong and five percent of the population (Tigryans) shouldn't expect to rule forever with such cruelty to the rest (95% of the population) which are not Tigrayans. Tigrayans should realize this can not go on forever and be glad the ethnic apartheid tyrant Meles Zenawi won't come back to power dead or alive.

God took Meles Zenwi before he destroy Ethiopia.

Meles the worst evil man that Ethipia ever had.

Why on earth does an Ethiopian, or any citizen of a nation, for that matter, would wish his country to slide into anarchy? We need to remind ourselves that we are talking about the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, not some blabby diaspora thinking that if the PM is to die, they would automatically obtain some kind of power to abuse and robe the country before they fled with millions of public dollar. Guys, get real: don't take things too personal if you care at all about your country and its people!

Common Ethiopian July 28, 2012 5:02:57 PM ET

the key of this all rubish is to ask suwiat those gays only knows where meles is.

I am praying for GOD to bring back Meles on his chair, Because he is the only capable Leader for our Country.

Meles is worst for every ethiopian ethinic groups including Tigryans, let God take him away, no ethiopian needs his rule except few(<1%) capitalists who share glory with him!

we,ethiopians,do not want as he die;but we want as he leave his dictatorship/

My dear people why we are talking everything bad about a man (served his country for almost 37 years. No matter which political party he is from!! atleast we have seen so many changes in the country and I can assure you one thing If the PM Meles is alive or dead (It is a natural phenomenon - every soul should face a trial (death). If EPRDF is a group of people or party under one man dictator ofcourse it will colapse quickly if he dies! but if the EPRDF is based on different parties on their stron aim not one man even 1000 people died nothing will be happened. In my Opinion The PM role is a significant role in ethiopia even in Africa and in the world even (such outstanding and genious man in our planete) but the problem our people they will understand his advantage after his death ( let not will be happened) - All opposition groups including the Eritrean Government much more pleased any how Allh the Allmighty will protect him from every evel InshaAllh he will return to his work soon, but he needs rest - In USA a man working continiously 6 month and rest 6 month - but our PM working 37 years continiously not rest at all - Imagine how tough he is so wishing him quickly recover - Let the Almighty Allah will help him


thanks god he is the first to go before esayas.congratulation eritreans this is the end game for the"kmalam agame tigre gzat".amaraw praper to take your natural ruling role of the great nation.bye woyane

I wuold haved cared for meles's death if I did not see him on the screen of etv just before his disappearance. have u heard his explaination about eth teachers and muslims?

i do not believe any media, do you think it is secret at least for America,let alone the secret of a poor country, America knows the secrets of developed ones.do not be foolish.America reaches to the point of knowing that what everybody thinks without he/she speaks or does it,nothing is hidden to the super power, America, ok you foolish people!

Where ever Meles be, weather he dead or alive, its his bussines! He my be dead as i guss due to these much abcence n cilence of our gov't even he him self! Any ways ''Meles/man is mortal'' but Ethiopia Alive 4 ever! We ethiopian as a nation Alive for ever too! So, God bless n serve ethiopia n its 'chikun' people- u and me!

Tesfaye desalegn July 29, 2012 12:33:38 PM ET

Let me tell u the reality please, He will not die and recover from his illness until he feels worst things He did.

The death of this despot is being awaited with jubilation.
This tyrant war loard sick with the disease of tribalism will vanish from the face of this earth soon with his evil entourage.

He is incapacitated or dead. No body cares about him anyway; he is the most hated person in Ethiopia.

it is business us usual for ethiopian politics, who ever political leader who toch muslim will gone forever , please refer the last 125 years history except mengistu

we Ethiopians have experienced many such haters for many times ,also its not strange adding big lies on seemingly true matters.i think its better leaving those big mouths aside & expect sth profitable 4 big ppl & big mama.pm meles print still is unique to its formers
donot denie history!i wish we would see him again

I have read all of your comments about our PM and I feel heart broken. We Africans have so much hatred towards each other Why? We are the poorest the lowest people, We run endless civil war and corruption. We prefer destruction & war rather than solution why?

Most of you criticized our PM, if you're given this position you would understand how hard it can be to administer this vast nation with such economy and the world politics etc. (Kebero besew ig yamir siyizut yadenagir).

Our problem is poverty not Meles, God bless hihm he already established way to see progressed Ethiopia, even if he is not around there are a lot of Meles who can take over, in a peaceful and civilized way.

We are Ethiopians no body can change that, we have unique tribal society, please let's love each other, let's find a solution for everything rather than destruction. naturally we are God fearing people (Muslim & Christian.)

Our progress might not be liked by other's
do not be fool.

think twice 'After all We are Africans the richest continent in the planet).

God Bless Meles & his family
God bless Ethiopia & it's people
God bless you

Meles is not died.Every body must know Even if Meles is died always the power is with EPRDF this is the reality.Donot be selfish all Ethiopians pray for Meles Zenawi.God will Bless him.His intellegence can not be reached by any one.

getachew haileslasie July 29, 2012 8:32:15 PM ET

The dictator evil meles zenawi is dead.no more come back again.he is human eatter guy is dead by abebe gellaw sound.no more meles and tplf(human eatters)survive in ethiopia.

mote le tplf gang groups&supporters July 29, 2012 8:37:28 PM ET

I wish for our evil pm not to die before being charged in fromt of ICC. Imagine which Ethiopian leaders were gave their own land or territory for other countries but Meles did this so what is the mission of this person about Ethiopia?

This person and his political members are not good enough to lead Ethiopia. We Ethiopians need freedom, democracy as well as good governance & leadership. I hope Pm Meles and his followers'll apologise Ethiopian people for their BAD &WOREST 21 years leadeship.

God bless Ethiopia & it's people

The second Country following to North koria is ethiopia, The death of melses is a good opportunity for ethiopian people....

Sorry this dictator is already pass away but the TPLF is prepare them selves becouse they want to replece their person by secret and they don't want inform the countiry wide or other polotical party if my comment is wrong let meles talk if not that is true way thanks

Abdulkarim Kadir July 29, 2012 11:32:05 PM ET

The tyrant is most likely dead but there are still other tyrants in line to takeover him.The world needs to work hard to bring all the dictators down otherwise there will be no peace at all. Most of the African leaders are corrupted and they looted Africa's property and hid it somewhere.It is the the young generation still suffering from poverty,disease,starvation and other disasters.Please,help the poor African people for their liberty.

...the point is 'where is the PM'? This is not the question of a few individuals, but all Ethiopians. If he is alive please tell us about his status; or tell us if he is dead! I am concerned about myself and my security and the security of my children. Why does the government wants to hide his real situation? If he is OK, let him say about himslef on the media. I AM A TAXPAYER; I HAVE THE RIGHT TO ACCESS TO INFORMATION.

Meles Zenawi is A Killer dictator Leader ever. OMG

I hate him So bad deep from heart > I hop he Die twice

One time for US July 30, 2012 2:27:12 AM ET

I pray for meles all day God bless him

Yes, he's dead as f*ck. Why the f*ck aren't they showing any picture of him then? Next on the list, Bereket Simon. And we all know that they are fighting for power now. Please God, let them fight each other to death! And for all dumb supporters, wake the f*ck up.

Dear all,
Let's pray for our country.Let's be far sighted, what would be the fate of this country if anything happens to our leader. We have been cursing and blaming leaders for a century, but stll we are paying price for all. Now let's pray for peace, love and integrity of Ethiopia and its people.
God Bless Ethiopia!!

Thank you ALEM!! It is the type of commenting that emanates from a positive way of thinking.

Listen you all idiots,

In fucked up countries like Ethiopia, it aint easy to lead the country. One need a lot more than a merely Harvard PHD or being well-versed of the western politics. But Meles did, damn, think of the complication history left in the country, don't just jump and compare it with other country.
Well, what I am sure about is, if someone replaced PM Meles now, the person will commmit suicide with less than a month of his presidency. This much our politics in addition to other economic and social issues.

Plus, he is a human just like you and me, hmm butmm genius one, so lets wish him a quick recovery.

The Man is not uneasy person to disappear quick, Let alone in weeks people of ethiopia will see Meles for the next 10years as their leader, He is Great and Great.


I have seen the writing about a person (some are disappointing and shameful to read). I don't expect from a human being capable of writing and using internet. Please, make a close look at what you are writing. Since sometimes back our country has been moving forward, please do not make any wrong paint on individuals and us. Let us stop such mistakes. Some one has already mentioned: 'we human being came in the same way and go also in the same way.'Let us communicate in a way not offending citizens.


All you are commenting about Prime Melse Zanawi Illness reversal ideas are too much layering persons! You are optimistic chair leaders of Ethiopia! So it is good if you return back from your false thinking every day!

My dear people why we are talking everything bad about a man (served his country for almost 37 years. No matter which political party he is from!! at least we have seen so many changes in the country and I can assure you one thing If the PM Meles is alive or dead (It is a natural phenomenon - every soul should face a trial (death). If EPRDF is a group of people or party under one man one hand of course it will collapse quickly if he dies! but if the EPRDF is based on different parties on their stron aim not one man even 1000 people died nothing will be happened. In my Opinion The PM role is a significant role in Ethiopia even in Africa and in the world even (such outstanding and genious man in our planete green and confert to all ) but the problem our people they will understand his advantage after his death ( let not will be happened) - All opposition groups including the Eritrean Government much more pleased any how GOD the Allmighty will protect him from every evel God Bless Meles he will return to his work soon,

God Bless Meles & his family
God bless Ethiopia & it's people
God bless you

Have seen Meles means the son of Devil who drunk the blood of Ethiopian peoples for till yes but now the time at which the God of Ethiopia take the blood of His saints what Meles and all Cabinets members did on peoples.
I am happy on the death of Meles and All Ministers of Him.May God remember them in hell.

I hate him So bad deep from heart > I hop he Die twice

Oh, I Love him & I pray for him. God bless Meli.
Love You .

I can see people, being divided in support/oppose tricky game about DEATH OF THE DICTATOR. Why we worry much about ONE MAN dead? Don't we have something worth millions of rounds above the death of the ailing little tipsy doll DICTATOR?
The man is just a jacka$$ who deserves death. He had poured the blood of many innocent Ethiopians so many times. The life of the Dictator and the life of poor Ethiopian is never different. Both of them have same life. They both die! They both get sick! They both feel anguished! They both feel the same pain! Pain...pain...pain...!!! That is what we have been experiencing for the last 21 years.

hi our bild ethiopians you are trying by war you cannot, you are trying by election you cant b/s you cant lead your self and your group now you are trying one last chance by praying but god know every thing about ethiopia. ethiopia is not lead by aperson like you .for all crazy opision members.

Meles is confirmed died.
Please go to http://www.zehabesha.com/?p=9100

Let God not rest him in peace! Let him receive his cup! Devil is happy!


I'm sorry if all those trash comments are from Ethiopians. I noticed most of the comments are emotional & non sense. Ethiopians are known to be illitrate & backward, I can see why. The best you can do is to wait for things to clear & then judge. By posting such comments you only prove the fact that you are illogical & backward thinkers.

@Abraham, how about your ignorance to the truth? Have we judged you? Have you ever said a word to the Dictator while he was ordering the killers to murder innocent lives cold-blooded? In Awassa, Gambella, Addis Ababa, Oromia at large.
Why would you et al are so focused in condemning those who hate what you like? What you value (the life of the dictator) for example is of less value to millions and millions of impoverished Ethiopians under the atrocious rule of the man.
After all, whether you/we like it or nor, the Dictator will die sooner or latter. That is the only thing that the nature can offer us. We all are mortals whether one is PM or an ordinary subject. Got that?!
Get prepared to shade a tear for your PM. This doesn't concern me because he has never bee my PM, ever since he assumed an office two decades ago.
Even if you or Ethiopian Constitutoin don't accept the death of the PM (by the way you and constitution are one and the same. You both don't want to assume that the man could die) he will die anyway.
Get your head out of sand to see things clearly.

Meles is been dead two weeks a go .they buried him in mengstu hailemariam house .

all these imaginative rumors would have been quietened if the officials acted respectful of their nation and told z truth.
Whatever one does, a person can be hated by some and liked by others. what ethiopia gained and lost under Meles is known to all of us living in the country

So in all of this, where are the so called responsible medias????? who are always after the truth blablabla ..... I am asking you the news people (CNN, BBC etc...) .....Let's face it you only report the truth when it suits you right????? or when your country's interest is not in trouble.....Ethiopians will live no matter what! believe it or not! ( don't post this by the way....I wrote this so that you could question urself....on what matters to you most? truth as you claim or greed)

As Somalis we consider the demise of Zenawi with real hope for our country, Somalia. Meles Zenawi we consider to be in the same league as Mengistu Haile Mariam, both Dictators who had blood on their hands, yet were protected by Governments around the World as they served their interests. When we refer to blood, we refer to the spilled blood of Somali people in the 1977 wars, the crackdown on Somalis after the defeat of Somalia by the Soviet Union, Cuba and other Marxist governments who aided Mengistu. In a war Somalis were winning and won, but changing Alliances & Cold War realities tipped the balance. We pray as Muslims, as Somalis, As Afars, As Oromos as any Nation in the Horn of Africa Family that yearn for justice, rule of Law, basic Human Rights, Self Determination that Meles Zenawi dies a painful death, a rightful death a death which can change the realities on the ground for Generations to come, Amiin Ya Allah. As the saying says 'Justice will prevail' even when the Oppressor thinks he is infallible.

He never died.They were tald for the people if he were died. but if he alive he has unrespect for the peole that is why they say nothing

Desta Demissie July 31, 2012 11:22:19 AM ET

MELES IS ethiopian hero, h shouldn't die for the sake of Ethiopians and the whole Africa.

God bless PM Meles

WE ETHIOPIANS HAVE NO NEWS ABOUT OUR PM but we must get true report about him.coz more than 8 millon people are waiting so the so called officails must tell as true story what ever is it

Looking for a time, soon, when the tyrant is no more, his one ethnic group regime falls down and I go to open one of the most vibrant media in a democratic Ethiopia.

I think he is either dead or incapable of leading the country any more.All this frenzy rumor and distorted information is something done deliberately to create a diversion and keep people busy till they figure out a way to fill the power vacuum.

I think the time has come for TPLF to vacate Menilik palace hurridely and move to wherever the heck they want to move. I do not wish death or pain on anybody even Melese/Legesse Zenawi. May God gives him a quick whatever !! A new era is on the horizon...... Golden years is ahead of us. Ethiopia stretches forth her hand ....

Right ZeSol
what is goining on?

How many times this stupid and most eating government cabiens cheating our people?
b/c i think this is very special means we are at the position with out leader? it is ambiguous for me since the country have no any histroy to be such situation!!!!!
so why we keep busy
i think if he dies it means GOD takes his power since no one way from death b/c even e Ghanaian presedient is died!!!Meles th

Even if some body are shouting for nothing, god bless Meles Zenawi,long live for him and our country.

long live for him! every body even can't lead your life properly, boasting here, doma hulu!

First and foremost we all Ethiopians have to know the fact that Mr. Meles is an absolute dictator. How a country has one national TV which is completely under the control of the ruling party ? What about the Telecom and many more ? Besides,some of you are talking of the racism and Tigre,Oromo ,Amahara and many other ethnic groups ? Mr Mr Meles is good for nothing. Let say if he is a good leader for his own tribe, he would have done good things for them.They are suffering just like any other Ethiopians. He is there for nothing.He is just favouring his party members who are the collection of Rats. The government talk of the development in Ethiopia over the past twenty one years but Ethiopians are under oppression , persecution, poverty ,and many other problems. Don't you have eyes to see all those people begging in all the cities and many are dying everyday ? As you see this drama ,how you say long life to Mr Meles ? Don't you think in a humanistic way ? I am really sorry for the type of mentality that some of you have. Ethiopia is a pride for the whole African countries but economically the least one under this ruling party. The party is in everywhere playing its role: in the churches,universities, NGOs, and hospitals. There is no freedom of speech at all ! They are the ones who tells you to read and listen not you are the who choose. Please,let us think twice before we say anything . We all of us responsible citizens for our country not only Mr Meles and his party. Mr Meles is just like an indvidual and leaders come and go but Ethiopia will be there forever and ever even in our absentia. Hence , all Ethiopians let us come together and fight for freedom : orom,tigre ,sidamo ,afar,wolayita,amahara ,gambella ....etc. This really a time to stand and fight for freedom. May God(Allah) bless Ethiopia. Mehari Gidey from A.A.

This is how it has been. “They will lose the trust of people” . Trust!!!!!!!!! ? We never elected this party, let alone trust anything coming out to their mouth, and it has been long since we are living under this repression, but none seems to care about this modern day slavery. When the Today’s world has a president; we have a group of dictators who enslave us in our own country.
All this people who are commenting here by opposing a free speech right are, pigs who has sold their sole and morale for their big stomach need, or I would like to call them mentally ill like their beloved present .

I, a poor of the poor,have still read what all of you have been posting concerning your very ambitions vs the health of PM Meles Zenawi.Nearly, all of you wish the upheavals. I, here after, need peace first.Most of the poor had been made to taste the hard challenges of the ups & downs of the bare lands of Tigray, Eritrea, North Gonder & the like for 'Your' vanity slogans:"One counry!,"One religion!","One People!"... We, the poor,had tasted the challenges of these slogans not with spoon, but with bullet,bombs,and so forth.Today,you-the watch dogs of power,the Judahs...,being Diaspora or here in land,search your foolish who are going to taste those challenges of yesterdays to enable you COME TO POWER & roar, then.You have been barking from here & there to roar tomorrow!!Cry!the cry of crow,we, the poor now a days are struggling for our bread! It is better to put hand on the KOBIL STONES rather than BOMBS here after. Pls,don't bark!,Don't cry!Try your self!No poor Behind you!Try to Taste it!then, Come to Power!Enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!

Ethio will not develope due to z existence of such stupid comment posters

as a people of ethiopia we need real information from international media not from offical of ethiopia becouse all the leader party officaills are one idea&one lips

I am wondering why you diasporas wish death to Meles? Even if Meles dies, you will not get his place (seat) it will be in your dreams. We Ethiopians we want some one who works not talks? Diasporas just talk talk talk non stop. why why you want us to fight? you are jelous coz Ethiopia is changing? you want to seat where you are and give us 100 usd per month???? we are working and we are fine? Diasporas please dont wish Ethiopia to invoive in fight, disrespect and hate each other. please let us aloneeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... we want peace and we have it now. if you want to get authority or what what just go to the bush and fight again for 17 years as Meles did. please we are fine and do your parking where you are....

He is Dead!!

he will lead us for the feature around 40 years. he is the best leader of our planet."meles is a men "

Is the tyrant still alive! OMG what have we done? What particularly have I done? I just wanted the demise of the despot. I just wanted that you (as the almighty God)pay me back. I just lost my brother in 1997/2005. It was he himself who ordered the murder of my brother. Yes, it was him. My mom went crazy ever since. My dad, on top of his ailing health condition, the death of my brother; caused him a great deal of pain.
The autocrat inflicted incurable wound to me and my family. No one in my family, not me could ever bear the piercing pain that we are destined to remember day in-day out. Every time I remember my brother, I cry. Cry, the only measure and revenge I could take at this stage. This is why I take a refuge to all knowing God to kill him for me. But, the God himself, like a man; couldn't hear my prayer. That is why I am still hearing that the man is healthy, well, recovering... kind of voices from his tug Bereket, the man who I equally resent like the despot Meles. Oh God, what have I done? Is he coming back again?? Am I going to watch him dictate us again? Never allow him come back, God! Please!

My people are soooo ignorant!!
My people have become cowards!!!
My people have abandoned their dignity!!!
My People have sold out completely!!!!!!
My people have no clue whats going on.
My people are UGLY!!

Let what will happen be yet we in general and i in particular are/am confused of the so called health condition of the PM OF Ethiopia.

Why ppl are talking useless thing here ? No one be better than Meles,,,,,,poor Ethiopian ,,,,keep talking for the rest of your life ,,,

God bless Meles

Every body be positive,why we wish this Innocent person death,if he did anythings bad for his people and Country lets God judge.Do not think blindly and emotional.please try to give small credit for what he did,you can get a big credit form God.nobody is prefect in this world.So please pray for him to be get well soon and for this Country to be one people,one nation and to believe in one God.

Lets God bless the world and its people.

by wishing Love and peace for everyone.

God Bless Ethiopian August 3, 2012 2:56:00 AM ET

Thanks Muna.. that is exactly what am feeling. We Ethiopian have a habit of pointing somebody wrong doing. When Meles took power there was not enough electric power, roads wear horrible like taking 2-3days to travel 500km, people never heard of mobile phone... e.t.c . Now 25Mill mobile users, everybody can see the road building progress.. e.t.c.. but I acknowledge that somethings could be and should be better, and their is still a lot has to be done in citizens, people, and ethnics front. But Don't make it like nothing has ever changed and he hasn't done nothing.. because he did and things have changed.
And I am not saying that somebody else can do a better job, sure they could but we will never know because they haven't tired. They keep on making excuses.

God Bless Meles.

Wheather U accept it or not Meles is Popular and dynamic leader in the world. Oky

Just for your info the respected premier is not dead, he simply got sick,what I can't understand is your milling around his passing with out any fact provided.
To some people the primer's dedicated struggle from early on and after taking the sit in solving the country's problems weather political or economical issues lay on his shoulder.The leader we had early on in the line of fire clearly showed us he him self took on direct assault to save as in dark times,we have come so far from those days,and we have lost and gained many brothers and sisters to stand by our side.
Early on we use to sing a song in the mountains and the meadows at night KALSNA MERIR EYU.
We know man is mortal, it is our goal that will stand to show who we are, and how we got here.
Talk is cheap unless you are from addis,eat your heart out,when the respected premier allows him self to step down he will do so making sure the next candidate knows what the set goals are.to all of you who sit and wish for his passing may be sad news.

Thank you a million Heaasat ,, and whoever respect our one and only PM , Talking doesn't change the world ,,,please do not post things which you don't even know that what is going on around the world.

big respect and dignity to Melse,


Hello bdy why do u ger prblem ? Why dnt u leave dis ? Just u shud live by d control of godg . . Dnt by meles,bush,obama,and so 4. . . . . But god bless u too 4 ur comment

For God every things are possible,So is there any one of you is in trouble? He should pray.Is there any one of you sick?He should call the church elders,who will pray for him and pour oil on him in the name of the Lord .This prayer, made in faith,will save the sick man:the Lord will restore him to health,and the sins he has committed will be forgiven.(JAMES 5-13-15)I think this is a way to be expected form us.

With many Thanks,

Let God bless all the nations.

God Bless Ethiopian August 6, 2012 1:20:51 AM ET

Meles regime have done some improvements in some sectors but it definitely doesn't much the time he stayed on power. He is widely involved in illegitimate businesses(effort, mega, mesfin, guna etc), jailed journalists and politicians, cheated elections, denied freedom of press, get involved with avoidable wars. With all this he is sure there is no one better than him. He staid on power for 21 years and still want more... This are the common characteristics of all dictators. Now he is sick and we don't know his where abouts as if he is leader of some gorilla fighters.

Where is my Dad Meles?

06 August 2012
What would inspire your tomorrow, but your positive lifestyle of today?
0O0000000OOhhhh ! My Dears, dears, fellow Ethiopians, how bitter are you to hate your fellow Ethiopian and wish the death of your PM, whether you like it or not? It is what you deserve that you have, no more and no less. Some are even mentioning the name of God/Allah to punish him with death and that he goes to hell. Which Ethiopian character, culture or tradition are you following while both the Holy Bible and Holy Quran teach “Selam”, peace and “love thy enemy” while he is not your enemy? I wish those who claim to be believers in God, are poor, injustice made on them or on their relative or are unemployed, men and women, young and old, create unity among and between themselves to do better than what they think is not done to them or others, as “der biaber, ambessa yaser” is true now as it was in the past. The story who lost his brother and as a result how he and his father and others are suffering to date is saddening, but you cannot bring him back if the PM dies.
You/others were praying for the death of Emperor Haileselassie, he died and what did you/they get? You were praying for the death of Colonel Mengistu, he left the country for you/others, but what did you gain? Now you are blaming and cursing and wishing death for PM Melesse and some even say he is already dead, then what do you/they gain? You will not be rich or get employment or will not bring back the dead or the unjustly treated to what you want them to be. The only difference you can make is if you are creating unity to do better with other fellow humans is the only guarantee for success, say if you invite about 100 people you know for unity, they in turn each one of the unite other 100 Ethiopians each, then we have true unity for our children and grandchildren and not complaining all the time. To rule 82 million people is not easy but through unity we can administer each other, starting from the individual, growing into groups, then at mender/town/city, regional, national, continental and international levels, as globalization is not a dream but a reality, we are all One Human Family, under One Amlak/God/Allah/Wakeyo, etc.
We tried to unite fellow Ethiopians like this and to conquer hatred, poverty, enmity, injustices, disbelief in God and unity, but they do not want to, whether in Emperor Haileselassie, Col. Mengistu or this time around of PM Meless. Because unity is the only guarantee for success in everything and you do not need the media and the Government to permit you to unite for a purpose, to do good, as you can do it from your individual self to your area, the nation to the region, continent and the world, as God has created us all, even the animals, plants, minerals to live together in harmony and not fight like animals, day in and day out. You do not need to be rich or educated or employed or a believer in God for that matter to be united with another fellow human being, animals do with their species.
And if I can help you still to achieve that, talk and unite about 100 people that you know and let them do the same and let me know of your result, instead of wasting your time in cursing and wishing the death of another human being which will not give you life for yourself or others, in any case. I don’t know the PM in person or a friend, but the very thought of many of you to curse, hate and revenge against him, is wrong. If you have a better solution, then do it with others in a positive way and not negatively. Life is full of happiness and is precious than to waste our time, energy and thoughts cursing and wishing death and evil to others, no matter how bitter we are and we are hurt in the past. Change the negative to the positive and you will be healed in the process when you start building unity among the human family, start from yourself and family today, no matter how it is difficult.
Lovingly your fellow human being, happened to be Ethiopian, but it was not my choice, as no one chose to be born this tribe, race, colour or nation or religion, we all happen to acquire it. Sorry to be open with you, perhaps you may wake up in it and make our Ethiopia the envy of Africa and the world through our unity and not divisions, poverty, hunger, tribal, religious and denominational differences, and fighting between and among ourselves, instead of our enemies of tribalism, poverty, unemployment and hatreds one to the other, that we can solve through unity within 1, 2 or 3 day conferences that you can make between and among yourselves, and then once a year all of us. If you only believe in One True God/Ande Amlak/Wahid Allah/Teko Wakeyo, etc in all vernacular languages, for One Human Family, One Uniting Faith, Equality between all people and justice for all, then you have a New Ethiopia of One People, One Family and of One VISION. When we say African Union, United Nation, how can we fail to say Ethiopian Union/Unity, that even the future Eritreans would be one, as we are one in history, culture, religion, colour, economy, boundary, etc with Africa Unity/One, the World Unity/One, is this not everyone’s dream?
Let us know your reaction to this through email: [email protected]

woyane is aparty of narrow minded peoples including his supporters wishing to be rich in overnight by plundering the country ,look a minister called junedin sadoo from oromo his wife jailed with false accusation and asked him to beg for her release ,the other one minister of justice from south chased from his rental home and his family as wel as his furnitures thrown to field and cried because they know they can do nothing execept the name but aman like sibhat nega his cousin takes some bodys poor house supported with court ,this is akind of country form by the tyrany and that is why most plundering non human so caaled tigrians execluding tigrians who suffers and belives being an ethiopian like alulla ababanega and yohannes , supports and always opens mouth and try to relate with amharas because ,they are theie night mares ,but now not only amhara but all will be their night mare , GOD bless my country .

We have to have an information about pm

The need to know is greater in the absence of credible information. A vacuum of information is fodder for speculation.

I pitty this guy. Being dead for about a month now, and his buddies still shaking claiming he is alive and well. He is the only Ethiopian leader who has no legacy. It just came and now its gone, just like a cloud!



bravo lulu
its a greate ethiopians norm you are rational as........ but the others please think as per the time we have now world becomes a village remember the time of your self out of trouzer.

Ethiopian people is organizing themselves to go for peaceful demonstration to ask for who is government the country. In up coming days people will come to street at every corner of the country to request the parliament to announce who is on power. All students have engaged to mobilize its people for the demonstrations.

he is dead

at this time we should care about who will gonna replace him cause this is the time for Our country to be democratic but if Bereket simon replace him it will be more difficult than meles so we have to be hand to hand and bring freedom, democracy rather than asking about meles health. and we have to pray God to give us better leader. may God help Ethiopia.

when ever he dead we found democrat leader

They need to keep his death as a secret, because Ethiopians may celebrate his death on the street of major cities in Ethiopia that exposes the true image of tplf/eplf identity to world.

One big monster is gone leaving happiness for Ethiopians. May other friend monsters follow his path.

As the great BOB MARLEY said as asked so u care about the next election/goverment? I will answer the same about the ET condition.

No matter who comes next we still going have the same problems...

Meles is a good leader 4 ethiopia we have 2pray 4 him

every one can stnad infront of almight God to be judged in right way, so we have value what did while we living in this world. If it so why we think as we want ,why we talk as we need, why we judge as God. therefore, judgement only can given for who create the heaven and earth so called "GOD"

It is my pray always to meles zenawi for ethiopian prime minister to recover from his the whole illness and to praise his God again.

God bless him for ever.this is my wish for him.

you false fabrica
May Meles Zenawis's death will up on yourself
May God fire will up on you
Meles zenawi is Ethiopian true child, & our right hand under GOD

all his Enemies are foolish
he is brilliant & hard worker not talking only. you can't get his position by false report.


we will continue by praying for him God will restore and strength him more

Meles is better than all allmighty god gives quick recovery

Why not leave Ethiopia to Ethiopians? You know I start to like mengistu regime or Eritrea isaias or Mugabeyou. they are right to believe west media is cancer to a nation.

You and your affiliate ESAT abebe gelaw are nothing but scam bags who try to make a living from a lies ans rumors. You wrote nothing but added a rumor to a rumor.

Long live Meles.....we love you! the barking of an idiot and crazy journalist never represent Ethiopians! they will continue to bark like a mad dog forever!....
Every one who have got the talent to observe things can understand the good changes that Meles brought to Ethiopia! the kind of freedom Abebe wanted cannot be a food! we don't need such freedoms--(read the burden of freedom)--- you can enjoy your freedom in America!

congartuletion to ethiopian people meles stone head died

The lord bi with you

Those who who do't worry and dreaming about the death of the PM Meles are Wushetam & Kehadiwoch about the people anD the country/Ethiopia.
Thier dream remains only dream forever. But the health of our PM and Development of our Country will realise soon.

Alemseged Alemayehu August 16, 2012 11:25:24 AM ET

TPLF is on the second round now.This is the time for Bereket seimon to lead the country for the next 20 years.We, the TPLF will kick your ass again...haters,haters... haters get out of our country, it belongs to TPLF... the heros! Tekatelu medre fenafenet.

I have heard enough about Derg and sellaise regimes. I've been told everyday 'they were dictators'. It seems to me that it was impossible to eat,talk,walk,move.... I didn't have the chance to see the so-called regimes. Of course, I am free to eat,talk,and to walk from Shiro meda to Aqaqi Qalti-if freedom were to mean to travel or talk or relax, the past regimes were far better than the Meles regime. I don't care if he's dead. What I care about and pity for ,it is Ethiopia and Ethiopians. May peace rain. The EPRDF government is the most dictator in the planet. Let's be frank. What has Meles done to Ethiopia? Nothing big. I know he is international acceptable and proud. Our leaders have always been kind-hearted outside,but thorns at home like a stupid husband. Can this pride be bread for many starving Ethiopians and freedom for many falsely prisoned people? Now I understand that I am free to do or say or write as long as I don't touch the Meles team. Whosoever points at one of the Zenawi team, he is an important issue. Let ten Meleses die save one. But pray for the better. May the Almighty take us out to bright and simple days in which we breath pure air happily and freely. O! Peace! O! Freedom! Where are you?

The radars are hunting the heads.
The result is a brain cancer.
Seen in the Ganian PM and Ethiopian PM.
Who is going to protect that radiation?
Who is next?

We Ethiopians know who shall govern, lead us! Don't consider us as a simple persons. We know where we came from. Wishing death to someone who is created by God is really sin. He's alive and he will appear and U will see him on mass medias very soon. AND what has been said so far will be false. U all Liars will be ashamed! God bless Ethiopia.

I am not sure why TPLF and supporters are so ignorant and can't see our suffering. Melese is clearly devils advocate.

hi every body by the way meles was good for Ethiopia for the people that he make for his party sooooo different,some of them are vvvvvery rich some of them are pppppoor,the rich people in ethiopia is reg(1) tegria when u ask me meles is day no one know only god know.but i want to see him on his place.

melese lezelalem yinure , enide melesi ethiopian atagenime

Hey every body,he's just fine.dont worry he ganna show all those liars.

we need peace and security.meles is talent and active leader that plays great role on many changesin ethiopia.those who comment bad about meles and ethiopia are living abour and criminalls

we need peace and security
Ethiopia foreever

My father was a soldier for dergue, i was free to talk, because my father was a soldier. But many Ethiopians were not free to talk, to walk and to live. You are stupid opposers. You are praying for that bad 'yechelema zemen'. you are trying to pull (return) us to that bad years. You ,stupids, are praying for the death of meles, but GOD responded to the opposit. You are dreaming for the death of the brilliant man, but your dream will not work because it can throw (change)Ethiopia to hell. You ediots, don't pray and dream such stupid dreams. You are 'tebaboch'. Ethiopia is waking up from her sleep. The leaders you believe on them were making Ethiopia asleep, they were killing it. They are responsible for Djibouti, Eritrea and some other loses. You are not talking about such leaders, but you are shouting on meles who is trying to awaken or to bring Ethiopia alive.
It was 3000 years only to count useless numbers. There was no change. ethiopia was not considered as part of the world. we were poor, we were dying from draught and starvation. Change is coming due to Meles. He is changing image Ethiopia.
Please, throw all your bad dreams. think wisely.

The death of evil meles zenawi is the happiest day of my life when I heard for the first time. He is a poison snake, who killed, and drank a blood of so many millions fellow Ethiopians. He has to burned at adebabyi and no place for his dead body.

Thank God for this devil dictator Meles Zenawi had received eventually his judgment for what he done for 21 years, and wish his dead body to be burned because he does not deserve a piece of land.

The Woyanne parliament should be dissolved soon! They are dishonest. Since these people came to power, a lot of innocent Ethiopian ethinic people have tortured, disappeared, murdeted, jaileed, or sentenced to death. They are not trasparent and they should not represent this moden Ethiopia. We are tired of the old-fashin way. If I'm wrong, where is Meles now? We got to hold the reminants of Woyanne responsible fott their deeds in the court of law. Let's give support to the upcoming, August 28th, 2012 planned rally to be successful. The demise of Woyannes is coming closer from day to day God Willing!

Finally, just let's be patient and we will see at the end of the day things falling in their right orders.

"Beaking News" must be one of the kinds! Ho many innocent Ethiopians did you make to suffer with your felfow murderers? On top of that your math work is wrong. TPLF - Meles doesn't equal TPLF, it exactly equals Zero without any remainders. On the other hand, our brother Dang is very right. People on vactions or breaks never go hiding. Don't worry the time will tell. Let's wait for it! Then, if you are brave enough, we will see you bring up this issue at that time. Okayi!

if melees died its God willing not humans.if it was human wiling he was dead ages ago since we don`t know yet he died or not we will pray for him . even if he died he will die with respect because he was a great man and leader unlike some of you fesamuch we did see you when you ran and you will ran again because you don't have the courage to fight like a man he did fight for 17 years and we will fight again and continue to fight because you don't know the courage we have .it is easy to write and talk on hiding if you are a man enough were have you been all this time .fesam hula

meles is an ethiopian proud. i wish a good recovery to him with a good.

For now we all Ethiopians want the actual news about Meles wether he alive or not ,but all the informations are confusing.What shall better? Not forward the error comment to web. because all the people in Ethiopia are eagerly wants the..........

we ethiopians care about meles if he fall in problem we can not do any thing we do have a lot of meles. i know a little reason why the ghanan gov't is dead and why meles is in trouble it is bc of USA ray makes them to fall in trouble bc these gov't are highly makes relation with china.dani

Wayi pm meles

finally u have all gotten ur answers. but hate him or love him he was still a human being.and it is inhuman of u guys to wish him death. am even embaressed to read this and u say u want peace and love how does a person who wants people dead ever live in peace. i feel sorry. may he rest in peace

oh I'll bet you are so worried about our leader. He might have passed away physically but He will dwell among us as our God given legend for all eternity. All of you who live outside Ethiopia don't know the half of the glory he restored to us......... so shut the hell up! Ethiopians; zip it and continue kissing ass and the rest of ......bud out!

you people suck!! leave him alone!! No man ever created is half the leader he was!!

Well fugitive Ethiopians... now that we have lost our sole guide to actual salvation..... why don't you take over and undo what he's done... what you do best... destroy us.

if you are so concerned about the good of Ethiopia, bring him back... from the dead.. or wherever i don't care..... just bring our leader back!

Know, finally, we have come to know where he was. We are free at last, at least, from his yell.

hey u guys u have no idea what he means to us .so please let him res in peace . u have no right to talk about him and see z news and how we feel .being jurnalist means not ur samart ....

i deeply mourn for PM meles zenawi because he has been doing what he thought would be good for ethiopians.but you know that ethiopiawi hates such a person....may be abebe gelaw may lead the ethiopian people...ki ki..ki!!!

Our PM is LEGEND, But For the dogs there are a lot on the streets

The dictator is finally went to his grave. Thanks to the Almighty God. How many people would have been killed if people want to over throw him from his power? God is good and no one has to day because he is not worth it and took him for punishment. Let this dictator burn in Hell forever

Meles inquan Mote September 4, 2012 12:32:42 AM ET

he was strength but he already died GOD Bess his family by his love

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