Chris Hondros: Images of life and death

April 22, 2011 6:04 PM ET

Photojournalist Chris Hondros, who was killed in Libyaon April 20, captured humanity at its worst and its best, in times of war and despair and at moments of kindness and hope. Here are some of his photos, from some of the world's most treacherous spots, courtesy of Getty Images.


The first image is from Hondros' last assignment in Misurata, where a rebel fighter rolls a burning tire into a room of loyalist troops. The next two images are also from the Libyan conflict, the first an overloaded aid truck and the second at a graveside.

They are followed by a photo from Nigeria, where a child is given a vaccine; from Iraq, where pistol meets prayer; and from Liberia, where a soldier comes under scrutiny.

The final two images are a contrast in war and peace. Hooded Iraqis await interrogation by U.S. Marines; and Kurdish boys play in Turkey, near the Iraqi border.

Please read the CPJ special report on journalists killed in 2011 and visit our database of reporters, editors, photojournalists, and others who have given their lives for their work. Also available is this tribute to Hondros by Nic Bothma. Fellow photojournalist Tim Hetherington, who died in the same attack, was remembered by Dino Mahtani.

UPDATED: We updated this entry on December 20, 2011, to add links to our year-end report on journalists killed. Photographers paid a heavy price during the year.


Very moving.

These murders says that the situation is how difficult in Libya media is there to show the situation in Libya at present but they killed these photographers they couldn't do like that this action tightness the situation.

What can one say except hope for strength to all those around Mr. Hondros! I am a journalist too and by what I read in Mr. Bothma's piece, his conduct and work has made us all proud.

Mr.Hondrs,this type of man rarely come in this world.Why are we becoming too brutal for their truth...??? Please,stop neglecting this type of man..

Reading this post reminds me of my brother! I will forward this write-up to him.

can anyone do peace marketing for the happiness of the world? Hondros: RIP.

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