Jean Roland Chery/CPJ Haiti consultant

Jean Roland Chery, a Haitain journalist now living in the United States, has served as CPJ’s consultant to Haiti. He wrote extensively on the 2010 earthquake.

Outside their wrecked headquarters, Radio Caraibe's presenters broadcast from a makeshift studio in Port-au-Prince. (Reuters)

Provisional media death toll rising in Haiti

A month after the January 12 earthquake, the death toll for journalists has risen to 26, with two others injured, according to a new provisional tally released by media groups in Haiti. Under the umbrella of International Media Support, a joint mission of press groups (including the Association of Haitian Journalists, SOS Journalistes, and the…

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Newspapers cut staff and are unable to print in Haiti

The two Haitian dailies, Le Nouvelliste and Le Matin, are still coping with the devastating effects of the January earthquake. Though these outlets continue to disseminate news via the Internet, it will take them some time to resume publishing in print.

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A Haitian refugee in a Port-au-Prince camp listens to the radio. (AP)

Internews provides critical news to use in Haiti

Every evening, between 9 and 10 p.m., people in areas affected by the January 12 earthquake listen to the program “Nouvel pou nou Konnen” (News to Know). Huddled in tents or sitting in the open air, men and women cling to their transistor radios to get news on the latest decisions of the Haitian government…

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Radio Metropole’s staff have lost their homes, and the station has lost 80 percent of its advertisers since the quake.

Radio Metropole: A station in Haiti running out of steam

Radio Metropole’s journalists, coping in a tent set up in the garden of the radio station’s office in Port-au-Prince, have not still resumed their normal pace of work because of the trauma caused by the January 12 earthquake. The station resumed its normal programming on February 1, after broadcasting news via the Internet for two…

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Journalist Marcus Garcia pushes onward in Haiti’s chaos

Amid Haiti’s chaos, Marcus Garcia struggles every day to fulfill his duty as journalist. He said he routinely goes up and down the streets of Port-au-Prince in search of fuel for his car. When talking on the phone, the tone of his voice indicates the difficulties he encounters as a journalist willing to keep doing…

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Haiti’s Radio Tele Caraïbes lost its offices, not its mission

Radio Tele Caraïbes is out on the street after losing the use of its offices in the January 12 earthquake, but the Port-au-Prince broadcaster has resumed operations nonetheless. A makeshift newsroom has been set up in a tent in the middle of a street. Staff meetings and discussions are being held under the gaze of…

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Women sell fruit in Jacmel, where Radio Fondwa was completely destroyed along with much of the city’s downtown. (AP)

Community radio stations obliterated, off the air in Haiti

More than two weeks after earthquake that devastated Haiti, several community radio stations are still off the air. In the western and southeastern parts of the country, at least 16 stations are facing serious problems that have suspended their broadcasts, Sony Esteus, executive director of SAKS, a local organization of community radio stations, told CPJ. The earthquake…

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For Haiti’s Michele Montas, trauma and determination

Michele Montas, the Haitian journalist and former spokeswoman for U.N. Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon, has experienced a harrowing time in aftermath of the Haitian earthquake. “Haiti appears to be on doomsday,” said Montas, who said she has been shaken by the number of dead and wounded on the streets of the capital, Port-au-Prince. Her own…

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Destruction in Port-au-Prince. (AP/Rodrigo Abd)

In Haiti, initial media toll is released

The Association of Haitian Journalists has recorded at least three media fatalities and one seriously wounded journalist as a preliminary toll from the earthquake that struck the Caribbean island on January 12. In an interview with CPJ from Port-au-Prince, AJH Secretary General Jacques Desrosiers identified the early victims as Wanel Fils, a reporter with Radio…

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In the studios of Signal FM this week. (AP/Ariana Cubillos)

In Haiti, Signal FM staff keeps station running

Signal FM is the only Haitian radio station to continuously broadcast during and after the powerful 7.0-magnitude earthquake that ravaged the capital, Port-au-Prince, and surrounding areas on January 12. Signal’s online news service kept operating as well. The station’s equipment, located in Petionville (east of Port-au-Prince) remained in service, withstanding, remarkably, tremors to the building…

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