Chadian editor given six-month suspended jail term

Juda Allahondoum, editor of the private weekly La Une based in the capital, N’Djamena, was convicted of criminal defamation on July 30, 2013, and sentenced to a suspended prison term of six months, Allahondoum and his lawyer told CPJ.

The decision was based on a complaint filed by top officials in connection with an April 16, 2013, story that discussed the findings of a government audit implicating advisers of President Idriss Deby in allegations of embezzlement of funds in the organization of an annual event of the ruling party, according to Allahondoum and news reports.

The government officials have denied the allegations against them, according to local journalists.

Allahondoum’s defense lawyer, Aristide Djastangar, told CPJ the journalist is appealing the sentence.