Gunmen shoot at offices of two news outlets in Mexico

Gunmen shot at the offices of the daily El Diario de Juárez and the television station Channel 44 in Ciudad Juárez early in the morning of March 6, 2013, according to news reports. The attacks resulted in slight material damage to the buildings, but no injuries.

Authorities announced they had detained nine men for questioning. News accounts reported that five of the men in custody were security guards who had earlier threatened El Diario journalists in an attempt to prevent them from reporting on a local fire.

Police officials said they had found a stolen van that could have been used in both shootings, news reports said. It was unclear why both outlets were attacked.

Before police announced the detentions, El Diario journalists told CPJ they had held meetings to review security measures and to examine what in the paper’s coverage could have provoked the attack.